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What Bill Simmons Thinks About The Celtics

While I'm always ripping Bill Simmons for writing ridiculously long columns with one too many movie references, I do read the guy's stuff when I can. He does amuse me and I respect his basketball opinion. In the Sport's Guy's basketball preview, he has the 62-win Celtics beating the Cavaliers in the Eastern conference finals, but losing to the San... [More]

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Celtics bring in Tyronn Lue

Tyronn Lue is joining the Celtics… as an assistant WALTHAM —  The Celtics hired NBA former point guard Tyronn Lue as their Director of Basketball Development on Friday. He will assist the coaching staff and observe practices. He made his debut on Friday in Waltham as the Celtics prepare for their season opener on Tuesday in... [More]

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Red’s Army fantasy challenge – second league

Here's how to get in the second league.  Get in fast.  Yesterday's filled up in about half an hour: http://basketball.fantasysports.yahoo.com/click Join a leagueclick Join custom League ID: 294044Password:  Celtics 2 Remember:  PRE-RANK YOUR PLAYERS!!  This will NOT be a live draft.  Both leagues are Auto-drafts because it's impossible to get everyone together at the same... [More]

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Perk’s influences:  KG… Eddy Curry… Kwame Brown. Wait, WHAT???

Perk’s influences: KG… Eddy Curry… Kwame Brown. Wait, WHAT???

Celtics.com recently put up their conversation with Kendrick Perkins… and one of the first questions is "who were some of the guys who were big influences in getting you to the NBA?" His answer is absolutely priceless.  He drops KG's name immediately… which is understandable.  Then he drops this gem: "Believe it or not… Eddy... [More]

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How to Get Courtside Seats

A group called tickets-for-charity is offering a new way to get premium seats for Celtics games. They sell seats at less than or equal to face value, but seek a donation (which appears to be about 20-25% of ticket price). I picked a game at random (2/5/09 vs New Jersey) and found the prices listed... [More]

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Doc: “I’m looking forward to sharpening our tools”

The Globe's Julian Benbow spoke with Doc Rivers about where the Celtics stand following the preseason: After going 6-2 in exhibition games, with no major injuries, the Celtics are comfortable with their preparation, though there are things they still want to work on. Rivers said he has more plays he intends to put in, and... [More]

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The case for, and against extending Rondo now

Last night, while doing the 8th Seed show, I said I was going to do a post imploring Danny Ainge to sign Rajon Rondo now.  And while my stance hasn't changed… I can see the logic for not doing the deal this week, and waiting until next summer. Extend him: We love Rondo.  I think... [More]

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Live 8th Seed from 9-11pm!

This is a first for the 8th Seed…. we're doing a big, 2 hour mega-NBA preview.  Just head on over to SportsTalkCleveland.com right now.  The show should be starting in just a few minutes.  It'll be going on until about 11pm.  Here's the whole crew: Jared Wade of Both Teams Played Hard and eightpointsnineseconds.com Zach... [More]

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See Ya, Sweets

Of course… as soon as I try to read into what the Celtics are thinking with Michael Sweetney… they cut him.  See ya Sweets.  We'll miss ya. Yo… ding dong, man… ding dong The good news is, the Celtics opened up two roster spots by cutting Sweetney.... [More]

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Is the choice Sweetney or Hudson?

Let's start with the Wojo tweet: As much as Mike Sweetney intrigues Celtics, appears "unlikely" organization will eat a guaranteed contract to keep him, sources tell Y! So that means Tony Allen is sticking around.  That means the choice seems to be between the two non-guaranteed deals:  Lester Hudson and Michael Sweetney. This is something... [More]

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