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Rate This Lakers Bench Ritual

The scrubs players on the Lakers bench have come up with this cute ritual. What do you think? Does it suck really bad or suck just a little? Let us know in the comments… (Courtesy SI.com/Extra Mustard)... [More]

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Best logo in the NBA

Jared Wade has spent the offseason ranking every logo in the NBA on Both Teams Played Hard. Now that the season is about to start… we've finally come to #1.  And of course… it's ours.  I helped him out by explaining why it's so awesome. Just look at him. He’s laying back, chillin’ in a... [More]

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Lester Hudson is a better 3 point shooter than Ray Allen

Ball Don't Lie has compiled a list of preseason statistical oddities... and among them… Eddie House made nearly five times as many three-pointers as Ray Allen. Hell, something named a "Lester Hudson" made more three-pointers than Allen, who missed 15 of 19 looks from downtown during the preseason. A great non-Celtics one:  Larry Hughes missed... [More]

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Marisa Miller: “Basketball is Sexy… “

Supermodel (and reigning #1 on my list) Marisa Miller was in Chicago recently for some sort of sexy athlete competition…blah…blah…blah. More pictures from the photo shoot after the jump…along with a few from my personal collection.   Need more Marisa? Click here for our photo gallery.... [More]

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Ray Has Finally Stopped Bleeding

All signs point to Ray Allen playing Tuesday night, despite the 7-stitches needed to close a cut over his left eye, courtesy of a Kendrick Perkins elbow. Ray was back at practice Sunday and according to the Herald, he didn't have a concussion exam. “Last night was one of the best nights of sleep I’ve... [More]

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Michael Beasley Worn Out or Passed Out?

TMZ has some pictures of Heat forward Michael Beasley passed out sleeping on a fishing boat. According to one Heat official, this was a team sponsored trip and Michael was simply worn out from an earlier practice. Despite all those empties, the team official claims Beasley, who spent time in a substance-abuse rehab center this... [More]

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“Kings of the Mountain”

One of these days, Rasheed Wallace is going to come out of his shell and tell us what he really thinks about stuff.  C'mon Sheed… get off the fence.  There is definitely an aura in the air that we can definitely go ahead and be the kings of the mountain. It’s just a matter of... [More]

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“Now we know he’s a bleeder…”

The headline is a quote from Rasheed Wallace as he spoke about the cut Ray Allen suffered above his left eye during practice yesterday. The Globe has more details: “You couldn’t see it, then all of a sudden he’s laying down. Then you saw the blood and you’re saying, ‘Oh no, I don’t think he’s... [More]

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The Sad, Sad Story of Antoine Walker

The Globe has an expose on the financial troubles facing former Celtics star Antoine Walker. The Cliffs Notes version: Walker likely squandered most of his $110 million fortune. Aside from the extravagant lifestyle; homes, cars, custom suits, watches, etc, Walker also supported 70 friends and family members. Former teammates say 'Toine always took care of... [More]

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Lazy Saturday evening reading list

It's Saturday evening and I've parked my lazy ass in front of the computer with a Crown & Coke (in a Red's Army "Tommy Points" mug, of course), listening to my Blip.fm stream, and going through a TON of good links that you might have missed.  So if you're similarly lazy and you're looking to... [More]

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