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Call in show Wednesday with Jess Camerato!

Call in show Wednesday with Jess Camerato!

This video has nothing to do with anything other than it's cute, it's relevant, and it was passed along to us by KWAPT.  The real purpose of this post is to let everyone know that we'll be doing a call in show Wednesday night at 9pm… and WEEI's Jess Camerato will be our guest.  How... [More]

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Rumor: Ray Allen to Minny for Mike Miller, Randy Foye & Ryan Gomes

Via the Minneapolis Star Tribune (courtesy Celticsblog): There’s another trade rumor floating out there seemingly even more far-fetched than the Al and No. 6 to Phoenix for Amare: This one says the Wolves send Mike Miller, Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes to Boston for Ray Allen. Since Kahn (T-Wolves president David Kahn) lamented Friday how... [More]

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Old Big Men Who Blew It, Yet Still Want To Play

Old friend Vin Baker is still playing professional basketball, I think. According to Marca.com, he's signed with Marinos de Anzoategui of Puerto Rico. I wish I could share more details but I can't read Spanish. I'm guessing Baker is doing this for money and not for the love of the game. His $2.5 million dollar... [More]

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My Father’s Day Wish List

Since it's Father's Day, I'm feeling a bit entitled. So after cracking a Labatts with my eggs and giving my kid a chocolate bar for breakfast, I've decided to write up my "dream" Celtics roster for the upcoming season. This is a realistic wish list. In other words, if Danny builds this team for next... [More]

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More ‘Blogs With Balls’ fun

More ‘Blogs With Balls’ fun

I've already mentioned that I met some really cool bloggers at Blogs With Balls last weekend in NYC.  During the week, a bunch of us reunited for a mega-podcast we called "The Flagrant Five"… where we BS'd about the weekend. Also from that weekend, an epic drinking contest between Michael DeLeon of ProjectSpurs.com, and Jimmy... [More]

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Another reason to love Eddie House

Every so often, we find some great non-basketball reasons to love our guys.  This is one of those days.  Eddie House sat down for an interview about a new show with his son… which is part of a collaboration between the NBA and the Cartoon Network.  In it, you see that beyond Eddie being a... [More]

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Report: Ray Wants to Return, C’s Not Interested

Via Yahoo!: Celtics guard Ray Allen has expressed a desire for a contract extension, league executives say, but that isn’t happening in Boston. … Stephon Marbury is telling friends he believes that the Celtics want to re-sign him. … I'm really gonna miss Ray. The guy has been more clutch and tougher than I ever... [More]

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Rondo: “I can be stubborn…great players are going to be stubborn at times.”

Ok…I was able to ignore my sick children for 20 minutes and listen to the Rondo interview on WEEI.com. Three things I learned; Rondo is extremely confident in his game, he isn't fazed by the trade rumors and John Dennis asks ridiculously long questions. On the Magic series: Orlando just outplayed us in Game 7.... [More]

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Holy Crap It’s Quiet….

I can't find any Celtics news…no rumors, no speculation, no nothing. In fact, the big headline around the league is that Mark Jackson might be the next coach of the Timberwolves. I will miss his analysis and Kobe foot rubs on ABC. While every purple-and-gold fan west of the Massachusetts border continues to bash us... [More]

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RedsArmy.com has arrived!

You know, when you start a web site, you have a couple of ways of figuring out if you're hitting it big.  The most obvious is readership.  And we thank everyone out there who reads our site. Another way… is when sites like this pop up: I present to you:  RedsArmyIsAJoke.wordpress.com one of the reasons... [More]

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