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Proof Marquis Daniels is coming to Boston

I'd say in this day and age… changing the Twitter background is proof enough for me that Marquis Daniels is going to be a Celtic.  I doubt he'd be tossing a million C's logos and making everything green if there was a problem. Gotta love this new age. (Thanks KWAPT)... [More]

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Report: Odom to Resign with Lakers

Via ESPN.com: Free agent forward Lamar Odom will return to the Los Angeles Lakers, an NBA source said Thursday. One source with knowledge of the talks told ESPN.com the four-year deal is worth $33 million if the Lakers exercise the final season. One source close to the process said Odom will come away with a... [More]

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Jersey ads: much ado about nothing

We really get too attached to things sometimes.  Today, the big buzz around the NBA is mostly about the jerseys guys will be wearing, instead of the guys wearing the jerseys.  That's because the NBA is allowing ads on practice jerseys.  "We are operating a diverse business all around the world," [Deputy commissioner Adam] Silver... [More]

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The most hated people in sports

So Forbes put up a poll about the most hated people in sports.  Here's a look at the list: Michael Vick Manny Ramirez Alex Rodriguez Terrell Owens Kobe Bryant Allen Iverson Isiah Thomas Stephon Marbury Nick Saban John McEnroe Funny.. there are no Celtics on that list.  Just look at this list for a second. ... [More]

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Is Everyone Overrating Lamar Odom?

We've heard/read/blogged about it all off-season. The Lakers need Lamar Odom to win another title. Yahoo! Sports Marc Spears is the latest to support this theory: “If he goes somewhere else, they’re vulnerable,” a Western Conference general manager said Wednesday. “With him, they’re the favorites.”Said one West advance scout: “I definitely would think it’s unanimous... [More]

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I’m sick of waiting for Marquis Daniels

We've been hearing for… what… 8 months now for Marquis Daniels to officially sign with the Celtics and go through the obligatory meet-and-greet.  Well, I'm sick of waiting.  I'm doing the Marquis Daniels introductory news conference… with or with out him. The air at the Celtics' Waltham training facility is thick with anticipation as the... [More]

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Eliza Dushku: A Hot Celtics Fan

I'm proud to reveal our latest photo gallery – Eliza Dushku. Not only is Eliza a hot chick, but she's also a Celtics fan. Eliza and Maria Menounos (we professed our love for Maria here) might be the hottest celebrity Celtics fans on the planet. If you know of any others, please let us know.... [More]

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Report: Celtics Will Open Season in Cleveland

Via the Cleveland Plain Dealer: As of now, the Cavs are penciled in to host the Boston Celtics at The Q on Tuesday, Oct. 27, which is expected to be the first night of the season. Usually those games are on TNT. Nothing like pitting the two top dogs (Sorry Orlando) in the East against... [More]

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Just sittin’ around, waiting for somethin’ to happen

Just sittin’ around, waiting for somethin’ to happen

This video is infinitely more interesting than anything going on right now in Celtics-land.  So enjoy.  I'm just sitting here hoping Jeff Clark is clairvoyant.  No… there's not much going on in the way of news.  Leon Powe apparently talked to the Cavs (via Lex).  Ball Don't Lie has more on Perk's wedding.  Jess Camerato... [More]

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Paul Pierce: The last great Celtic

I wish I knew how to stop time.  If I could, I'd do it right now. But Father Time is a stubborn bastard.  He's not stopping for anyone.  So before we know it, Paul Pierce will be standing at center court at the Garden… tears in his eyes… thanking Boston fans before he, the last... [More]

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