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Charles Barkley has no regard for FCC rules

Charles Barkley has no regard for FCC rules

This video has been out there, so some of you might have seen it.  But I figured it’d be worth posting on the front page anyway. First, he calls Kenny Smith “numbnuts”… then he calls his producer a “pussy”… all on live TV.  The best part about this video is that I can actually say... [More]

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Definition of a Sore Loser

Here's what LeBron James had to say about abruptly leaving the court following the Game 6 loss to Orlando: "It's hard for me to congratulate somebody after you just lose to them," he said. "I'm a winner. It's not being a poor sport or anything like that. If somebody beats you up, you're not going... [More]

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Thibs not Kings top choice

Wow… for a guy who is supposedly such a lock to be a head coach, Tom Thibodeau sure is striking out this summer.  Word is, the Kings are leaning towards Paul Westphal or Kurt Rambis ahead of Thibs. SacTown Royalty's Tom Ziller is clearly not wowed by this.  I, however, an thrilled.  We've got one... [More]

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The Celtics lied about KG… and I’m OK with it

This most certainly will spark some debate.  Wyc Grousbeck revealed yesterday that the Celtics were being coy… or as he put it… "Belichickian" about KG's injury. “There was no mystery about the problem,” he said. “The only mystery was how (Garnett) was going to be able to do something on it. We just didn’t feel... [More]

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Welcome to “Pat’s Army”

There have been a lot of suggestions about what to call ourselves in our continued war against anything "Lakers."  I appreciate all of them, but I'm going to go a different route.  I'm sticking with the theme of naming the site after a key historical figure.  And who's more key to Orlando's history than Pat... [More]

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No Confidence in the Magic

  While I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Orlando Magic manhandle the Cavaliers, deep down, minus all the talk about x's and o's, I doubt their ability to beat the Lakers on the biggest stage in basketball. You can't underestimate just how bad Kobe Bryant wants to redeem himself after last year's embarrassing performance. As for... [More]

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Denver literally caught a bad break

I'm not so sure this changed much, but it didn't help Denver in last night's shellacking at the hands of the Lakers.  Nene broke his arm in the fourth quarter.  I'll go ahead and make the joke… … hey Nene… if you didn't hack the crap out of everyone every chance you got, maybe you... [More]

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Tony Battie is better than Ray Allen

Tony Battie is better than Ray Allen

I actually love lists like this. It's from the Wages of Wins Journal… and it's a ranking of EVERY Celtic since 1977… according to wins produced with the Celtics (via CelticsBlog).  Wins produced (explained here) is clearly not the be-all end-all statistic on which to rank players.  It can produce some weird results.  But it... [More]

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76’ers pass on Thibs, hire Eddie Jordan

Tom Thibodeau must be a horrible interview, because I think being the architect of a devastating defense that has vastly improved every team he's been with is qualification enough to get a shot at a head job. But the 76'ers were wowed, apparently, by Eddie Jordan.  Eddie checks in with a stellar, great, good, crappy... [More]

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Rajon Rondo’s Look-a-Way Trip?

From Peter Vecsey's column in the NY Post: Attempting to justify his role as a Bruce Lee, er, Bowen clone, Dahntay Jones is demonstrating to Karl that he is prepared to do whatever it takes to stay a starter. As best I can tell, Mr. Donuts is not giving the impression he's unhappy with his... [More]

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