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The Week in Review

Marquis Daniels finally appeared in Waltham holding a Celtics jersey. How can you not like this guy? His game is on the rise, yet he took less money to play for the Celtics. Ray Allen went under our "Player Projections" microscope. While John sees Ray's play slipping a tiny bit, I'm not at all. The... [More]

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Minny hoarding PG’s, others fleeing the country

While it was nice to see Marquis Daniels in town yesterday, the C's still have a hole at back up point guard…. blah blah blah… While we drag this story line out for the last few weeks of this deadly-slow stretch of offseason, Minnesota is hoarding point guards. This time, the Wolves signed Ramon Sessions... [More]

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And you wonder why Alison Preston is our favorite

You're welcome (I've been told the embedded video isn't working for everyone… so here's the link to the video)... [More]

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Daniels: “I’ll Worry About The Money Later.”

  (AP Photo/Bizuayehu Tesfaye – via Celticblog) Via Boston.com: "Not many people get a chance to play with Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Rasheed Wallace," Daniels said at a press conference in Waltham. "It's a good opportunity and I'll worry about the money later. Right now we have to worry about one thing... [More]

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The NBA could decide to ruin Twitter

There was never a chance in hell for me to have any interaction at all with people like Paul Pierce (@PaulPierce34) Ray Allen (@SugarRay20) SheldenWilliams (@SheldenWilliams) or Marquis Daniels (@lambo6) until Twitter came along.  These guys have all taken time to interact with fans at some level. But the NBA is about to come out... [More]

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A call to arms! Defend our honor tonight at 9!!

These are the times that try fans' souls. Our arch enemy has the Holy Grail locked away… defended by a killer ostrich-human hybrid.  The days are dark… and cold.  Tonight…. WE FIGHT! Ok… maybe I'm not the most inspirational speaker.  So just watch this to get fired up: Tonight, we take on the…. ugh…. World... [More]

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Mikki never wanted to come to Boston

Apparently, leaving a last place disaster to come to Boston for a chance at a ring was very difficult for Mikki Moore.  "It was tough," Moore said of the transition. "I had to leave Sac. To this day, I still do feel like they're my brothers. I've never walked out on anyone when the times... [More]

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Bruce Bowen retires

Bruce Bowen has had enough. It is believed that Bowen, who became an unrestricted free agent Aug. 1 when the Milwaukee Bucks bought out the final year of his contract, has decided to step away from the game because of his growing desire to pursue off-court business and community interests as well as a career... [More]

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Just a couple of regular guys… hanging out

Caption this.  What are Ray Allen and Tiger Woods talking about? (Via Ray's twitpic)... [More]

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Lamar Odom is a conspiracy theorist

Aside from raiding Bill Cosby's closet and his addiction to sugar, Lamar Odom believes in wild conspiracies.  This comes directly from the twitter feed of new Celtic, Shelden Williams. come on now yall im in the gym and people r saying michael jackson is still aliveis he the new elvis and tupac? people going to... [More]

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