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Lebron Honors Jordan, Disses Bill Russell

Via Yahoo! Sports: Michael Jordan apparently was in the house when LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Miami Heat down in Florida. His presence has apparently inspired James to give up the number he wears, No. 23, out of respect for Jordan, according to the Cleveland Plain Dealer. James will be wearing No.... [More]

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I’m lovin’ Rondo’s new move

Rajon Rondo has unveiled a new move this season: the quick change of direction.  It's a simple move, but it's so nasty.  He busted it out twice against the Jazz. Very simply… he slows down and makes it look like he's going to take the ball out and set the play and then BAM…. he... [More]

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The Morning Dump… Where Shelden Williams Lies about the Hawks

Does he have something to prove to the Hawks? “Not anymore,’’ Williams said. “The first couple times I played against them, I would tell you so. But now, I approach them just like another team. “I don’t need those type of things to get me going. I have other personal things that get me going.’’... [More]

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‘Sheed Explains the Prosthetic Leg Story

A few months back, a story surfaced about Rasheed Wallace playing catch with a prosthetic leg. 'Sheed finally gave an explanation today during an appearance on WEEI: A friend of mine, he's handicapped, and at times, when he's had one too many beers, he takes his leg off and throws it around, tries to scare... [More]

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Scal Knocks Around Pierce, Giddens at Practice

Via WEEI.com: Paul Pierce was sporting a bandage on the right side of his face after getting hit by an inadvertent elbow from Brian Scalabrine during Thursday's practice. Pierce wasn't the only victim of Scalabrine's physicality in practice as J.R. Giddens got hit on the top of the head. "It went great," coach Doc Rivers... [More]

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Your KG Face of the Day

Thursday, November 12, 2009 The "The burritos I had for dinner aren't agreeing with me"... [More]

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Chuck called it: Byron Scott is the first coach canned

New Orleans has fired Byron Scott.  Chuck called it in our preview.  Great… now I owe him a shoulder rub.... [More]

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“He’s been wonderful”

Doc went on Dennis & Callahan this morning and talked about a lot of things… but we wanted to highlight what he said about Shelden Williams… just cuz the guy deserves a little love around here. I’ll tell you Shelden, he’s been absolutely wonderful. Obviously when he scores points everyone sees that, but what they... [More]

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Our Belated Veterans Day Tribute

To all the veterans out there – we salute you! And so do the Orlando Magic dancers.... [More]

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The Ray Allen shirt that fights diabetes

Those of you who could watch the game saw this last night so Greg Dickerson talking about this TShirt.  It's the charity shirt specifically made for Ray Allen. The latest design release from Muze Clothing is a symbolic approach that maps Ray Allen's career journey by tracing the contours of basketball seams from the beginning... [More]

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