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How to get away with fouls in basketball

How many times have you seen one team knocking the crap out of another the entire game… and get away with it?  Turns out, there's a reason.  Human nature. A study done by Indiana University finds that teams are knocking you around early can get away with doing it later in the game. "The team... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… Where Perk is calling out his teammates

“I think our energy’s been high, [but] these past few practices haven’t been good, I don’t think,’’ Perkins said after yesterday’s workout. “They haven’t been our best practices. We’ve been turning over the ball, just being sloppy the last two practices. “I thought as far as Doc and the coaching staff, they had the right... [More]

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Pierce Practices on Sprained Knee

Via the Boston Herald: So much for Doctor (Rivers’) orders. Though the Celtics coach said yesterday that Paul Pierce would miss the two days of practice leading up to tomorrow night’s game against Golden State, the Celtics captain walked onto the floor today anyway. “I got a good response from my last couple of days... [More]

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Your KG Face of the Day

Tuesday, November 17The "Dear God, I don't ask for much… but PLEASE don't let the Danny sign Allen Iverson"... [More]

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Paul Pierce Throws Strikes for Charity

WEEI.com's Kristine Leahy recaps Paul Pierce's 2nd annual Truth Strikes bowling fundraiser held last night in Dedham. I believe that's Rasheed Wallace with his sweatpants rolled into his socks. The bigger question is… who the hell is Kristine Leahy and why is she hiding out on WEEI.com? Pictures, courtesy the Red's Army Investigative Unit, after... [More]

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CSNNE: Nocioni Deal Highly Unlikely

Via A. Sherrod Blakely of CSNNE.com: However, two league sources contacted Tuesday said Boston is unlikely to get involved in such a deal. The deal, according to ESPN, would sent Philadelphia's Samuel Dalembert to Sacramento, with Brian Scalabrine, Tony Allen and Sacramento's Kenny Thomas all going to Philadelphia while the Celtics would land Nocioni. If... [More]

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New shirt: Quisy Does It

We're finally around to getting new shirts in our store.  This one is our Marquis Daniels shirt… "Quisy Does It"… on sale now for just $19.99.  Don't like the look of that shirt?  We've got that design on other styles in the Red's Army store.  We've also got dozens and dozens of other designs and... [More]

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How about we create the “Joey Crawford” rule?

The Globe had an item in its blog about the Celtics hoping the NBA rescinds two technical fouls from Joey Crawford on Saturday night.  The NBA reviews all technical fouls and flagrant fouls, so they will examine Kendrick Perkins' bizarre technical foul Saturday against Indiana, called by Joey Crawford. And they will also look at... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… featuring more Nocioni trade rumors

Sources told ESPN.com that the Philadelphia 76ers and Sacramento Kings, in considering the feasibility of a Samuel Dalembert-for-Kenny Thomas swap, have discussed expanding that concept with Boston by trying to draw in the Celtics on a potential three-way deal that would land Andres Nocioni with the Celts. Sources further stressed over the past 48 hours... [More]

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Memphis will waive Iverson

That didn't take long "The Grizzlies and Allen Iverson have come to a mutual agreement that because of personal matters that forced him to leave the team on Nov. 7, Allen will step away from the game at this time, allowing him to focus on those matters," Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace said in a statement.... [More]

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