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Ray Allen does Halloween better than you

Yeah, he could have gone as a Tiger… but Ray as Darth Maul works too.  Now if only he can recreate a fight scene with KG as Mace Windu. One question:  do people as rich as Ray know where to buy actual lightsabers? More, via Ray's twitpic, after the jump... [More]

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Least surprising news ever: Rondo talks continue

Shocker. Although the past few days have been mostly quiet on the contract front for Boston Celtics guard Rajon Rondo, both sides are expected to connect Sunday for one last attempt to come together on a new deal before Monday's deadline for contract extensions for members of the 2006 draft class, according to sources close... [More]

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Shelden vs. Artest… who ya got?

The Celtics signed Shelden Williams for just under $2 million this year.  The Lakers are paying Ron Artest about $7 million per year for 5 years.  So it stand to reason that Ron Artest is coming out of the box hot and showing Lakers fans that he's ready to finally help a team win it... [More]

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Happy Halloween Part 2!

There's only one way to celebrate Halloween on this site, that's with NBA dancers in costume. Enjoy…  ... [More]

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Happy Halloween Part 1!

Brilliant illustration from Boston Dirt Dogs (Via Loscy).  Very fitting for Halloween, wouldn't you say? Why is this post called "part one?"  Because Chuck is putting together "part two" as we speak… and I think you'll like it.... [More]

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The Week in Review

In a week that brought us some much needed regular season basketball, we had just as much off-court news as we did on-court stuff. The biggest event came Tuesday night, when the Celtics stunned the Cavaliers. Despite the win, It took exactly 3 hours for us to start bitching about Ray Allen's minutes. It took... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… featuring Rondo’s 16 dimes

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as satisfying a good morning dump. “We do those (television) interviews in the third quarter, and (the reporter) said that he only took two shots, and I said, ‘Yeah, but he’s the most dominant... [More]

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That really got out of hand fast

The first quarter of tonight's game started to feel like last year's playoffs all over again.  The Celtics looked like they were trying to take control of the game, but the Bulls were doing that thing they do…. flying in for offensive rebounds, flying everywhere on the court…. to stay in the game. Then the... [More]

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Meet Big Baby’s Cast

  That's Glen Davis and his cast moments before taking the official team photo on the floor of the Garden. Big Baby and Danny Ainge faced the media at 7:30pm. "I feel like I let a lot people down and it hurts. It was a stupid mistake. Something I have learned from." Ainge called the incident "unfortunate," and... [More]

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Everyone point and laugh at the Clippers

The Clippers are, well, the Clippers.  And they're bad enough right now that the Onion is decimating them by calling their deaths in a Staples Center collapse a "miracle".  Oh Onion… you so crazy.... [More]

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