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Doc still beating the humble drum

Doc still beating the humble drum

You gotta love Doc. He's trying to keep the guys honest. Earlier this morning on the Dennis and Callahan show, Doc cited two areas of concern: Rivers said there are areas of the game the Celtics need to improve heading into Saturday night's Game 3. "The [Magic's] dribble penetration is starting to hurt us," he... [More]

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Rondo’s sponsored playoff talk

Rajon Rondo just pulled random clothing out of his closet that… shocker of shockers… just so happened to have the Red Bull logo plastered all over it.  So he did some things… and they shot it… and now we're showing it to you.  What else you gonna do?  Work?  HA! (H/T MrTrpleDouble10)... [More]

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You want us?  Come get us!

You want us? Come get us!

Be careful what you wish for Lakers, fans… cuz you just might get it.... [More]

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The Rest Of The Results

The NBA is notorious for its rather quirky scheduling decisions at times.  The playoffs just happen to be the period of time that always draws the ire of fans, players and coaches.  During the regular season the complaining is typically centered around having too many stretches of four games in five nights.  Sometimes it's in... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… The Celtics need to stay hungry

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. "I wish we could take them to Alcatraz for four days and be on the island all by ourselves," Rivers said. "That's not going to happen. Going... [More]

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Boston & That Sports Babe with Eric Pincus at 8pm!

We're moving our show up to 8pm tonight to make it a sort of Lakers-Suns pre-game.  Eric Pincus of HoopsWorld will join us from Staples to talk Lakers-Suns and a little C's-Magic.  Plus, we'll tackle refs who throw balls at fans, coaches who may or may not be hand-picked by free-agents,  and tweets that may... [More]

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No suspension for Dwight

According to WEEI, the Flagrant 1 will stand, and it will not be upgraded to a flagrant 2… which would have resulted in a 1-game suspension for Dwight Howard. Makes sense.  Flagrant 2 might have been a little too much.  I'm ok with no suspension… but I'm sure some of you are not.  So allow... [More]

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Marquis Daniels’ stepfather got tasered last night

Via According to an arrest report, Willie Lorenzo Buie was being escorted out of the arena by security when he began tensing up and resisting. When another officer tried to help escort Buie out, Buie said, "I'm not going. (Expletive) you!" the arrest report said. Several officers tried to restrain Buie, but the arrest... [More]

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Admit it, you’re craving a mock draft

With the Eastern Conference Finals essentially over, I figure now is a good time to start looking ahead to the draft. ESPN's Chad Ford has the Celtics picking Kansas swingman Xavier Henry at 19. Analysis: If Henry falls this far, it will be a pretty dramatic development since he was once considered a lottery pick.... [More]

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Possible Suspension For Dwight Howard?

Possible Suspension For Dwight Howard?

File this post under the "In Case You Missed It" folder.  Kevin Arnovitz of' fantastic TrueHoop basketball blog, makes the point that all flagrant fouls are subject to league review.  Within this post, he outlines how a Dwight Howard suspension is possible (though unlikely).  He also cites the elbow to Samuel Dalembert during the... [More]

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