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Offseason Questions: Rajon Rondo

One thing has been made clear on this site for quite some time: We love Rajon Rondo.  We've been saying for quite some time that he belongs in the same sentence with the other elite point guards in the league.  He's in the process of getting the keys to the team from the Big 3…... [More]

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How about we PLAY basketball?

We've been doing this Red's Army thing for a while now.  I know a bunch of you like to play ball as well as watch it.  And I know a bunch of you are actually from the Boston area. I've been thinking of a fun way to get to know a few of you… so... [More]

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Issel’s Army presents: Official Birdman Video

Getty Images Chris "Birdman" Anderson is a sensation. People love the guy.  And guys with this much of a following deserve an introductory video.  We'd like to present our suggestion: Gob and Lindsey's Chicken DanceWhat do you think?... [More]

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“Never question Kevin Garnett”

In light of recent reports that KG was going to play in the Eastern Conference Finals had the C's gotten there… And in light of the recent comments that seem to question KG's toughness… I figured we'd share this from Danny Ainge (via Jess Camerato): “There was some question if KG would be able to... [More]

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Reassessing: Eddie House

John's Take:When you play for 8 teams over an 8 year career, you're a "journeyman." But Eddie House seems to have found a home here. Eddie had a record setting season from beyond the arc. He put on some amazing displays this year.  He can get hot and explode for 30 points off the bench.... [More]

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This is why the Clippers always suck

You gotta feel bad for Blake Griffin… because he's going to join quite possibly the worst organization in all of sports.  The LA Clippers.  They have always sucked, and they probably always will… at least they will if guys like assistant GM Neil Olshey are around. When he was asked when the Clippers decided they'd... [More]

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“Well, what do we do now?”

Those are the words of Doc Rivers as he and his staff figure out what to do in the short term (golfing) and long term (adding some veterans to the roster). “We clearly have to add to our team,” he said. “One regret — the one thing I look back on this year, though you... [More]

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Thibodeau now on Sacramento Kings radar

According to the Philadelphia Daily News (via the Boston Herald) The Sacramento Kings, in the market for a new head coach, have expanded their search to include Celtics assistant coach Tom Thibodeau, according to the Philadelphia Daily News. Philadelphia has already asked for permission to talk to the defensive specialist who, according to Doc Rivers,... [More]

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KG would have played

If the Celtics had beaten Orlando, KG would have played in the Cleveland series.  At least, Gary Tanguay says so. "I was told that he was going to play in the Cleveland series, if they got that far. That was an opinion I was told." I have no reason to doubt Tanguay… but the obvious... [More]

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A Hipster talks about the Lakers

This is just an awesome post from The Blowtorch Why am I a Lakers fan? I'll tell you. When I was a kid, my dad was, like, a HUGE Celtics fan. Like he made me watch all these games with him when I was growing up. He'd always talk about how great Larry Bird was... [More]

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