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Boston & That Sports Babe tonight at 9pm with Lang Whitaker & Greg Anthony

Lang Whitaker of SLAM! Magazine and NBA TV joins us off the top of tonight's edition of Boston & That Sports Babe. We'll be looking at why good teams (Boston, LA, Atlanta) are losing to horrible teams (New Jersey, Charlotte, New York). Also appearing in our show… Allen Iverson's personal issues, Ron Artest's hair issues,... [More]

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Can Nash shed light on C’s problems?

  By MrTrpleDouble10 On a night that Hollywood celebrated the best work within the movie industry, the Celtics nearly provided its fans with a sequel to losing to the New Jersey Nets at home.  Instead, they pulled off an exciting drama that would make Steven Spielberg proud.  For most of the game, this team looked... [More]

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Stephon Marbury is at it again

  From Jess Camerato: Former Celtic Stephon Marbury is demanding an additional $2 million to return to the Chinese team Shanxi Zhongyu, according to The Hoops Market(via Sina). Marbury reportedly is unhappy with the cold weather and is asking for more money, a huge jump from the $25,000 a month he signed for in January.... [More]

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Big Baby’s (almost) star turn

We all know Glen Davis is a character… and it turns out that was almost literally true Back in 2007, Davis was a top candidate for the lead role of Michael Oher in “The Blind Side.” (Bullock won Best Actress for her work in the film Sunday night.) The casting seemed like a perfect fit... [More]

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More C’s fans doing cool things

That's our boy KWAPT hanging out with Marquis Daniels after the big comeback win against Washington.  Those of us who have gotten to know KWAPT have figured out pretty quickly that he might be the most diehard Celtics fan out there.  This dude is committed to this team.  So it's cool that he gets to... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… Doc has figured it out

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. “People talk a lot about this team vs. the team that won it, and there is one difference we’ve found,” Rivers said. “There’s one thing we’re doing... [More]

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Photo Essay: Anatomy of a game winner

Photographs of NBA games unintentionally catch funny or interesting moments.  When we see those kinds of photos, we'll show them to you in a little photo essay of the previous night's game. What's it like to nail a game winning 3?  Ray will let us know. Step 1:  Shoot. Steep 2: Admire   Step 3: The "oooh... [More]

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Celtics/Bucks Game Preview

Celtics (40-21) at Bucks (33-29) Game time: 8pm, Bradley Center. TV – CSN. Radio – WEEI-AM (850). Team Leaders Scoring Bos: Pierce – 17.7                  Bucks: John Salmons – 19.2  ReboundingBos: Perkins – 7.8                  Bucks: Andrew Bogut – 10.3 AssistsBos: Rondo – 9.9                    Bucks: Brandon Jennings – 6.1 Who'll go off:  Ray... [More]

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Matt Barnes vs Kobe Bryant

Matt Barnes vs Kobe Bryant

There was quite a little battle Sunday between the Magic's Matt Barnes and the Lakers Kobe Bryant. Laker-lovers are hailing Kobe for not "flinching" as Barnes faked throwing the ball in his face. Whatever. Anyone over age 13 wouldn't flinch.  Barnes did a great job harassing Bryant who responded by shooting 12-for-30. Cue Red's Army follower... [More]

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My day with the Red Claws

What's it like to get "sent down" to Portland?  I don't know.  But I spent the weekend there to get a taste of what guys like Marcus Landry see and feel playing in the D League. Portland isn't the biggest city in the world… but it's got a decent little night life scene.  So these... [More]

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