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KG and Perk hobbled

Via Chris Forsberg: Perkins suffered a strained right knee — the same knee he battled tendinitis in late in the season — during the morning shootaround before Monday's Game 2 triumph over the Cleveland Cavaliers, while Garnett suffered a strained right midfoot in the fourth quarter of that same game. … "Kevin hurt his ankle... [More]

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3 Reasons Why Celtics Should Foul Early And Hard

by DRJ Some of us have wondered about the disparity in the foul count between the Cavs and Celtics in their first two playoff games. Specifically Game 2, which the Celtics won even though they took only 18 FTs to Cleveland’s 38. Turns out the Celtics fouled the Cavs on purpose, right from tipoff, usually... [More]

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Is LeBron’s injury legit?

If you're like me, the mere mention of anything "elbow" makes you nauseous at this point. But there's at least one report out there that claims LeBron is suffering from a legitimate injury.  It comes from Ball in Europe, which is an ESPN TrueHoop Network blog. The bombshell: A source close to the Cleveland Cavaliers... [More]

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On my signal… Unleash HELL!

So Friday night is gonna be "Green Hell," huh? Great!  Then let's wear that proudly with our newest shirt.  If you like the one you see, just click on the photo.  If you want a different style… just go to the Red's Army store.  Here's a closer look at the design: We have it on... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… Where KG is in the Cavs’ heads

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. Rivers wants Garnett to look for his own offense more, which runs counter to his nature. “He’s got to stay on that,” Rivers said between games. “He... [More]

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Danny Ainge Proves He Will Do ANYTHING To Win

Danny Ainge Proves He Will Do ANYTHING To Win

Danny Ainge was always known as a player that never threw in the towel.  He would always do what he could to win.  Boston fans loved him, but around the league he was probably one of the most hated Celtics of all time.  He's also been on the receiving end of having the towel thrown... [More]

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Rondo Reminds Varejao Where His “Air Sideshow Bobs” Went

Rondo Reminds Varejao Where His “Air Sideshow Bobs” Went

By now we have all “been witnesses” to the beautiful artwork of one Rajon Rondo during these 2010 NBA Playoffs.  Last night against the Cavs, he executed his signature magic trick by faking Anthony Parker and Anderson Varejao out of their shoes.  There are a couple of subtle points to view here along with the... [More]

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KG calls out Sheed… in the shower

Via After the first game, I went to him in the shower… Sheed doesn't listen to a lot of people, Sheed sorta goes by his own tune and he only respects a few. I'm one of the very few he listens too. I said, 'If you give us 10 and 10, we are not... [More]

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Charles Oakley Calls KG a “Phony Tough Guy”

Yesterday's Chris Sheridan held a chat session for NBA fans to submit their questions to him.  While most of the questions centered around where Chris Bosh would sign as a free agent this summer, there were a couple of Celtic nuggets towards the end of the chat session.  Apparently, for no reason at all,... [More]

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So maybe it wasn’t a travel

So maybe it wasn’t a travel

Everyone went nuts over LeBron's crazy jump stop last night.  I sure as hell thought it was a travel… as did everyone outside of the metro-Cleveland area. But Hardwood Paroxysm has a great breakdown that not only explains that it's a legal jump stop… it's set to a funky little beat and has short words... [More]

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