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Your Morning Dump… Where that might have been it for Sheed

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. “You know, I don’t know if Rasheed will ever play again,” Rivers said. “You know, he’s one of them. I think he took that out on the... [More]

June 18, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 27

So close…

Credit to the Lakers for winning a hard-fought, hideously played Game 7, 83-79. Crazy Ron Artest (who thanked his psychiatrist in the post game interview) was the hero for Los Angeles. Ron had 20 points and 5 steals while playing lock down defense on Paul Pierce (18 points, 5-15 FG). His three-pointer with one minute... [More]

June 17, 2010 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 153
NBA Finals Game 7 Open Game Thread

NBA Finals Game 7 Open Game Thread

(Mildly NSFW printed language in video) This is it folks.  Scal's the secret weapon. And these guys are right… this is exactly like having sex with a supermodel on the death star while eating ice cream.  It's that awesome. Meanwhile, those assholes in LA think having Christina Aguilera sing the national anthem again will bring... [More]

June 17, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 58

Game 7 Motivation: Part 5

It ain't about how hard you're hit… it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward… how much you can take and keep moving forward.  That's how winning is done.... [More]

June 17, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 4

I trust Rasheed Wallace

I trust Rasheed Wallace. There, I said it.  I know damn well what he did this regular season.  I know damn well how much he's coasted and how old he is and how he's not what he used to be. But dammit, I trust him tonight. Here's the thing about Rasheed Wallace.  He knows damn... [More]

June 17, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 2

We’re gaining momentum!

When we showed you this sports nation poll yesterday, Vermont, Connecticut and the rest of the country were showing Lakers.   But New Englanders have stepped up… as have the Rondo-lovers in Kentucky and the Derek Fisher-haters in Utah.   So thanks, New England, for showing up to the party.  I'll just randomly assume Red's... [More]

June 17, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 11
Game 7 Motivation: Part 4

Game 7 Motivation: Part 4

I so want to see Doc giving the pregame speech on ABC's "wired" segment and see Kevin Garnett do the slow clap thing.  That would be awesome.... [More]

June 17, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 3

The 2 Man Game live at 8!

We're banging out a quick pre-game show tonight at 8 PM… with Chuck manning the controls at the studio and me roaming the streets of Boston looking to talk to fans.  We're only going for half an hour… so be ready to call in and get pumped.  This show is all about you guys.  This... [More]

June 17, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 1

Game 7 Motivation: Part 3

I feel like I could run to LA right now and make it in time for the game.  I didn't realize this much adrenaline was possible.... [More]

June 17, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 5

Perk on Baby: “He’s the most important guy right now”

Via ESPN Boston "He's an instinctive player and I think he has to get back to playing with the energy and the instincts instead of thinking what [Davis] need to do. That happens. We predicted that a little bit for him." Perkins went so far as to suggest that Davis will be the most important... [More]

June 17, 2010 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 4