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The End of the J.R. Giddens Era

The End of the J.R. Giddens Era

Via Chad Ford (big hat tip to Celtics Blog): The only other player (besides Joe Alexander) from the first-round class of 2008 to have their third year option declined was the Celtics' J.R. Giddens. Giddens is earning $1.208 million this season. His team option for next year is $1.1 million. Danny obviously believes that Giddens... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… where the Paul/Rondo thing won’t die

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as satisfying a good morning dump. So, here was Rondo surrounded with an embarrassment of point guard riches – K.G., Paul Pierce(notes) and Ray Allen(notes), a championship banner and a fat, new $55 million... [More]

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Stein/Mannix: We $%&!@# Told You So

ESPN's Marc Stein and SI's Chris Mannix have released their updated NBA power rankings. Guess which team sits atop both polls? The Celtics. The team that should have been #1 in every preseason poll. Here's what Mannix has to say about the Celtics: Rasheed Wallace is a pretty good fit in Beantown, isn't he? Wallace,... [More]

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Rondo: “I’m thankful. I’m humble.”

The Celtics new $55 million man spoke today after practice about his new deal: ARE YOU GLAD THE DEAL IS DONE? "It’s not over with yet, I just signed the papers.” HOW DO YOU FEEL? "I'm definitely excited. I'm thankful. I'm humble. I'm very excited to be in this situation." DOES ANYTHING CHANGE? "Nothing changes,... [More]

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Celtics MVP? How about Wyc Grousbeck?

Take a look at great pro sports franchises… and take a look at crappy ones.  Chances are you'll find one common thread:  The success of a franchise usually hinges on good ownership. And good ownership usually means (a) the willingness to spend money and (b) the willingness to hold players accountable for their actions. We've... [More]

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Scal’s the new logo

You call Jerry West "the logo" all you want… I think it fits Scal much better. In case you missed it last week… ESPN.com's Page 2 put out new versions of every team's logo… and here's their take on the C's. Makes perfect sense.  Scal's essentially the team mascot anyway.  Seriously… instead of tossing some... [More]

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Now on TruFan: Rondo/Paul Tale of the Tape

You can never have enough Rondo vs CP3 talk. I compare their size, skills, weaknesses, contracts, achievements and outlook in my new blog on TruFan.com: Size Rondo: 23, 6-1, 175lbs Paul: 24, 6-0, 170lbs Skills Rondo: Lightning quick, able to penetrate and finish, superior passing skills, great ball fakes, excellent defender and rebounder Paul: Very... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… where Rondo ain’t goin nowhere

League sources said the extension is for five years and guarantees Rondo at least $55 million. With the two sides facing a Monday deadline to get a deal done, Duffy said he called Celtics president Danny Ainge on Sunday to inform him Rondo was prepared to play out his contract and become a restricted free... [More]

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That’s Called Poise…

After squandering a 12-point second half lead, the Celtics lead 82-80 with 6 minutes left in the game. Lead by Chris Paul and Peja Stojakovic, the Hornets had all the momentum. Following a Celtics timeout the Cs went on a 15-6 run. Here's the breakdown: Kevin Garnett makes 9-foot two point shot Kevin Garnett makes... [More]

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Rondo: It’s not the end of the world…

Here's what Rondo had to say about his contract status prior to tonight's game: "I'm focused on Chris Paul," said Rondo. "It's not a big deal right now. I'm focused on the season." In fact, Rondo said he hasn't spoken to his agent, Bill Duffy, in two days. "It's not the end of the world,"... [More]

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