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2006-07 Celtics Were Bad, But Not The Worst

Kelly Dwyer of Ball Don't Lie ranks the 10 worst teams of the past ten years, and fortunately for us, the 2006-07 Celtics did not make the cut. For those don't remember, that Celtics team: finished 24-58 lost a franchise record 18 straight games had Gerald Green, Allen Ray, Michael Olowokandi play major time had... [More]

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Another Reason to Love Alyssa Milano

  Go figure – Alyssa Milano designs NBA apparel for women. More pics of her modeling the gear (and without the gear)…after the jump.  ... [More]

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Daniels To Cover Tats With #7 Jersey

Via the Celtics Twitter page: Jersey update: Marquis Daniels will wear #7 for the Celtics this season… WEEI.com's Jess Camerato spoke with Daniels' former teammate – Stephen Graham. Here's how Graham describes Daniels' game: “Marquis has got a funny odd-type game because he's always been, even since high school when we played against him, he... [More]

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Ricky Rubio is afraid of big boy basketball

You can't blame the Timberwolves now.  David Kahn took Ricky Rubio at his word… that he wanted to come to the NBA.  But when push came to shove… after all the strings were pulled and the hoops jumped-through… Ricky Rubio screwed them. "Going to Minnesota would have just complicated my life a lot. It was... [More]

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Did Daniels Sign for 2 Years?

Via Chad Ford's Twitter page: Great deal for C's on Daniels. 2 years, 4 mil for a guy who can play 30 min a night if healthy. He'll have a bigger impact than Sheed This is the first time I'm hearing about a two year deal. Update: Frank Dell'Apa of the Globe is reporting it's... [More]

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Welcome, Marquis

Marquis Daniels has officially signed.  Welcome to the team.  For those of you waiting for the introductory news conference… don't bother.  We already held one.  Although I think he still needs a number. UPDATE:  From the C's official press release: "We feel that Marquis' ability to play multiple positions will add great versatility and athleticism... [More]

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Doc’s son has serious game

Doc’s son has serious game

That's Austin Rivers… as in Doc Rivers' kid who is currently going INTO his junior year in HIGH SCHOOL.  Yikes.  No wonder Florida wanted to lock him up after his freshman year. (Via Loy's Place)... [More]

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Player Projections: Ray Allen

Ray Allen Last Year's Stats:  36.4 mpg, 18.2 ppg, 3.5 rpg, 2.8 apg, 0.9 spg, fg% 48 (40.9% 3pt), FT% 95.2 Projected Stats: John:  32.1 mpg, 17.4 ppg, 2.0 rpg, 3.0 apg, 0.8 spg, fg% 49 (41.5% 3pt), FT% 95Chuck: 34 mpg, 18.3 ppg, 3.6 rpg, 2.9 apg, 1.0 spg, fg% 49 (41.1% 3 FG),... [More]

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What to do with the open roster spot?

What to do with the open roster spot?

Chuck was holding his newborn son in his arms when news broke that Marquis Daniels was coming to Boston.  Today, as Daniels prepares to sign, Chuck will help his son move into his dorm as he starts his first year at Emerson College.  Get what I'm saying? This has taken a while. And by the... [More]

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Report: Daniels will sign tomorrow

The Herald has the scoop: The long wait for Marquis Daniels is nearing its end. According to sources, the Celtics expect to sign the 6-6 swingman tomorrow to a contract for the biannual exception. The delay in getting Daniels officially into Green was caused by the team trying to work out a sign and trade... [More]

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