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Ray was Doc’s first call at 12:01

  Via the Globe: "I can't go into who but I can tell you we started at 12:01 last night like everybody else did," he said. "The first call we called Ray. We sat around and we have these names on the list and we said hey guys our most important guy is Ray. We... [More]

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The 2 Man Game with Chris Forsberg at 9

Holy crap has this been a wild day… but not much of it has been about the C's. But we'll try to make sense of it all tonight (you can stop laughing now) with ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg… and maybe another special guest. Listen in and join the show right at 9pm by visiting our... [More]

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Crappy GM’s are effing up Danny’s flow

The Celtics are over the cap.  They're going to be over the cap.  And with Doc coming back, they damn well BETTER be over the cap… cuz we ain't rebuilding just yet.  But when guys like David Kahn in Minnesota give Darko Milicic 4 years, $20 million… and 2008 second round pick Nikola Pekovic 3... [More]

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Happenings in the NBA while you slept…

Man… folks in the NBA ain't playin' around.  If you actually slept last night, you missed a few things. – The Milwaukee Bucks agreed to a 5 year, $32 million deal with Drew Gooden.  $32 mil. is a lot, but $6 million a year isn't too bad.  Kelly Dwyer explains it pretty well.  As he... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… Where J.J. Redick is an option

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge is trying to use Rasheed Wallace’s contract in trade talks, a move that would allow the Celtics to keep their midlevel exception,... [More]

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C’s expect to re-sign Pierce, and LeBron called Ray?

Chris Forsberg tweets: Multiple sources close to the Celtics told's Andy Katz that the team expects to re-sign Paul Pierce… And According to the sources, the Celtics expect the Pierce deal to be wrapped up sooner than later but Ray Allen could take longer into summer. Weird.  I would think the Ray thing would... [More]

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Paul Pierce To Sign With Nets, Clippers?

With all of the madness and uncertainly surrounding the NBA free agent clock that strikes at midnight, Paul Pierce has joined the fray by opting out of his contract.  Speculation has already been running rampant including this gem from an Q & A with their "experts."  Check out the screen shot below for their... [More]

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Herald: Doc Rivers is staying

Via Steve Bulpett of the Herald: Doc Rivers is not opting out. The Celtic coach will be returning to the club for at least the remaining season on his contract, a source close to Rivers indicated moments ago. The fact Rivers is staying on would seem to be an encouraging sign that the Celtics’ main... [More]

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Danny: “We would like [Pierce] to come back”

Via Mark Murphy: Should Pierce sign elsewhere, Ainge said that doesn’t mean the Celtics’ chances at another NBA title over the next two years would necessarily be aborted. “There’s too many other things that factor in right now,’’ said Ainge. “Who else can we get? But it’s not all dependent on getting Paul back. I... [More]

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Doc: “This past year… I feel almost reinvogorated in some ways”

Doc: “This past year… I feel almost reinvogorated in some ways”

I'll admit, that headline sounds more hopeful than the entire tone of this interview Doc gave in San Antonio yesterday.  He's still solidly, if his words are taken at face value, on the fence.  He genuinely seems conflicted between the pull of family and the pull of his team.  He says flat out that the... [More]

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