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Ray’s a pretty good golfer

If you follow Ray Allen on Twitter, you know he's a pretty avid golfer.  In fact, that picture of him and Kevin Na is from his twitpic account.  But Charles Barkley is an avid golfer… and we know what that looks like.  So just playing a lot doesn't make you good.  So how good is... [More]

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NBA Scouts like LA… barely

I was having a highly classified discussion with someone recently who had a highly classified conversation with an advance scout.  He got a chance to look at all of the stuff that goes into being an advanced scout… including all of the minute details that are logged about every player this person sees. So I... [More]

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Rajon Rondo’s awesomeness extends beyond the court

Rajon Rondo’s awesomeness extends beyond the court

That's Rajon Rondo making a trip to Germany to visit wounded soldiers (h/t CelticsBlog).  He's awesome.  As usual, I'll point your attention to the mitts…which, when he shakes someone's hand, wrap around the recipient's hand about 4 or 5 times like an octopus tentacle.  Other things that will distract you from your workday. I explain... [More]

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Jalen, Vegas, and why it matters to you

I'm not going to bore you with everything I did and said at Blogs with Balls 2.0 in Las Vegas… partly because the alcohol has conspired to erase a lot of those memories. And partly because I don't want to turn this blog into some kind of Anthony Bourdain travel excursion space. If you really... [More]

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As If Our Egos Weren’t Big Enough…

Yup, former Fab Five member and ESPN analyst Jalen Rose is now following us on Twitter (There's no truth to the rumor that John stole Jalen's Blackberry in Vegas and hacked into his Twitter account). And the Boston Globe, one of the most esteemed newspapers in the country, is linking to our web site. I... [More]

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Big, Bigger, Biggest

Here's the big lineup Doc Rivers had on the court during the 1st quarter of yesterday's game: Ray Allen – 6-5 Marquis Daniels – 6-6 Paul Pierce – 6-7 Kevin Garnett – 6-11 Rasheed Wallace – 6-11 It's a lineup we might see more of during the regular season, albeit in short stints: “It was... [More]

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Chamillionaire Says MJ Is One Rude Bastard

Hip-hop artist/rapper Chamillionaire was a huge Michael Jordan fan, until he met up with his Airness at a recent party. Let's just say Jordan wasn't kind to Chamillionaire's request for a photo. According to Chamillionaire, Paul Pierce and Ray Allen witnessed the incident and took some pictures with him after the Jordan bitch-slapping. For the... [More]

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Different perspectives on KG’s performance

I love how people can look at the same thing and see something different. Perspective #1:  HE'S BACK! KG dropped 11 points in the first quarter.  He only missed two shots.  He was quarterbacking that D and he rebounding.  Oh yeah… he's back, baby.  This was the kind of KG performance that will make it... [More]

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That was our “competition” in the Atlantic

If the Raptors are going to carry themselves this season like they're a playoff contender, they're gonna have to come stronger than they did tonight.  They were soft on D (The C's scored 33 first quarter points, 101 for the game, and shot 50%) and they were sloppy on offense (21 turnovers/19 assists).  That ain't... [More]

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Quis to Get Time With Paul, Ray

The Celtics have a 3pm tip-off against the Raptors. According to the Herald, Doc will be experimenting with a new combination: Today’s game will feature a new combination of Pierce, Allen and Marquis Daniels on the floor at the same time. Daniels will be the point guard in this configuration. It will be fun to... [More]

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