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“‘I feel like a rookie”

We've had more than a few conversations about Marquis Daniels around here.  My (and many others') take has been that he's this year's equivalent of the James Posey signing… a versatile guy who plays defense and provides a spark off the bench. But Marquis, and the other new guys on the team, seem to be... [More]

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The Week in Review

We learned a lot this week, starting with the fact that Kevin Garnett can play basketball without a limp. We saw a slim-and-trim Kendrick Perkins and deemed this good for his game. It took us 10 minutes of watching Marquis Daniels to realize he can play the point. You can hear all of this analysis... [More]

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Bombs Away

The Celtics and Knicks played some wretched basketball last night at the Garden. Forgive me for bailing at halftime, but I had to watch the Red Sox hit weak groundballs all over Angels stadium. Rasheed Wallace's stat line is the one thing that stands out in the box score: 13 points, 5-12 FG, 3-9 3... [More]

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What's uglier? Amy Winehouse or the basketball being played at the Garden right now? I know it's only the second preseason game, but I am disappointed with the Celtics level of play. We heard nothing but rave reviews from Doc and the guys during training camp, yet they've opened the preseason with 6 quarters of... [More]

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Headed to the game

I'm going to be witnessing the Celtics-Knicks preseason game tonight in person.  So we're going to set this post up as an "open thread" of sorts for those of you die-hards who'll also be choosing the Celtics over the Red Sox tonight. For those of you just dying for some kind of live chat… I... [More]

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I’m Bored….

There's absolutely no Celtics-related news out there. While I guess I could preview tonight's preseason matchup with the Knicks…I've decided to post pictures of the Celtics and Knicks dancers instead. Enjoy…... [More]

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Rumor: Stephen Jackson for Big Z?

Marcus Thompson of the Contra Costa Times is going public with the trade rumor involving Golden State's Stephen Jackson and Cleveland's Zydrunas Ilgauskas. This seems like a move the Warriors would love to make, which leads me to believe Cleveland either isn’t that interested in Jackson (they did sign Anthony Parker and they have Delonte... [More]

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Ray: “this is the best my feet have felt”

A few days ago, we all were slightly taken aback by the Ball Don't Lie preview that included Kelly Dwyer bringing up Ray Allen's ankles again.  Today, we're hearing about Ray's ankles from Ray himself.  “Great,’’ he said about the ankles. “I was telling Marquis [Daniels] earlier, all the drills that we do defensively, when... [More]

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Lamar Odom photographed smoking weed?

Courtesy: Sports By Brooks Could Lamar’s basketball career go up in smoke? At a Labor Day house party in Malibu, the Lakers forward openly lit up and — puffed away! “You could smell it — it was definitely marijuana,” and insider claims. “It was really strong! Lamar was smoking and sharing the joint with other... [More]

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Dwight Howard’s new TNT ad

Dwight Howard’s new TNT ad

It's fun… and isn't that what we're all about? (bonus points to the person who can identify that reference.  Hint: it was said by a current member of the Celtics) (Via BDL)... [More]

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