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Your Morning Dump… featuring the return of the Bulls

It's a new feature here on Red's Army:  Your Morning Dump.  Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline.  Because there's nothing quite as satisfying a good morning dump. "They seemed more like rounds in an Ali-Frazier fight than games in an NBA postseason series, and... [More]

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Pippen Thinks Lakers Can Make Run At Bulls Record

Via Chris Mannix of SI.com: "The Lakers have a chance," Scottie Pippen said. "They have the luxury of a young center like [Andrew] Bynum, a young power like [Pau] Gasol and even Josh Powell is a guy who deserves minutes. They have a lot of depth. If anybody can challenge [the record], it's them." Before... [More]

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“That’s great, but where do I put my weed and candy?”

“That’s great, but where do I put my weed and candy?”

2 Lakers I respect teamed up with one I don't for a funny ESPN commercial. (Via Fanhouse)... [More]

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Doc explains Ray’s minutes

The Boston Celtics have played 96 minutes of basketball so far this season.  Ray Allen has played 80:22 of those minutes.  I started bitching about it yesterday… and then I continued last night on Twitter.  I got a lot of "it's too early to start on this" type of comments… which I understand.  But at... [More]

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“Go ahead, punch me right here… feel how hard these abs are”

Great photo of KG courtesy of Jim Davis at the Boston Globe.... [More]

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Tim Donaghy’s Book Has Great Dirt on NBA Refs

Former NBA referee and infamous gambler Tim Donaghy wrote a book titled, "Blowing the Whistle: The Culture of Fraud in the NBA." It was slated for publication later this month, until the NBA threatened to sue the publisher. The book which you will never read confirms our biggest fears, the league ordered referees to sway... [More]

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Most Absurd Rumor Ever: Rondo for T-Mac

On his Twitter page, ESPN's Ric Bucher commented on a trade rumor that somehow escaped us, Rajon Rondo for Tracy McGrady: About the rumored Rondo-TMac trade: figment from Bos offering Ray and Rajon around this summer. Told Bos wouldn't want TMac. You're damn right Boston wouldn't want McGrady. He's damaged goods. Even when healthy, he's... [More]

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8 points in a row… signed by Rajon Rondo

In the span of about 1:10 in the 3rd quarter last night, Rajon Rondo found Paul Pierce for 8 straight points.  Those three of his 11 assists were in the form of two Pierce 3’s and a Pierce fast break dunk. And check out the :58 mark of this video… as Rajon “autographs” the ball... [More]

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Toyed With & Humiliated

The Celtics outplayed and outclassed the Charlotte Bobcats, 92-59 in their home opener at the Garden. Leading by 11 at the half, the Celtics blew the game open by scoring the first 16 points of the 3rd quarter. Of course, I missed the entire run because I had to go upstairs and put the kids... [More]

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Celtics intro and Pierce speech

From tonight’s home opener.  I highly recommend the Pierce portion.... [More]

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