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C’s sign Bradley

Whew… you can all rest easy now.  Avery Bradley has been signed.  The rookie scale for the 19th pick is somewhere in the $1.1 million range.  Good thing… cuz in this market he'd probably get 5 years, $38 million on potential alone.... [More]

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Report: Pierce deal not quite done

Whoa… hold the party phone. The two sides have been talking for the past few days, since Pierce opted out of his contact on Tuesday night and they are close to the framework of a four-year contract, but the fourth year could be a sticking point. Pierce walked away from $21.5 million for next season... [More]

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Tony Allen: In demand

Tony Allen started this year essentially as an afterthought.  Then he seemingly accepted who he is and he became a solid contributor.  Now, he's in demand. According to HoopsWorld (scroll down), at least 4 teams are pursuing him. Tony Allen has received interest from many teams in the first day of free agency. Last night,... [More]

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Paul Pierce, C’s reach a deal

UPDATE (via Fox Sports Jeff Goodman) According to a source close to the Celtics, Pierce's new contract is a 4-year, $61 million deal. Source also told that all four of Pierce's years on his new deal will be guaranteed. I think we were all hoping that fourth year wouldn't be guaranteed. But with the... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… Where talks with Ray have begun

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. …the team also expanded its scope and began negotiations with representatives for Ray Allen, who also became an unrestricted free agent yesterday. Unlike most members of this... [More]

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Report: C’s expect Pierce deal within a week

ESPN's Marc Stein reports: The Boston Celtics and captain Paul Pierce's representatives opened talks on a new contract Thursday and are making progress in negotiations, according to sources close to the situation. While Pierce has received introductory inquiries from "a few" other teams, Boston is the only team he's currently engaged with, sources told [More]

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Ray was Doc’s first call at 12:01

  Via the Globe: "I can't go into who but I can tell you we started at 12:01 last night like everybody else did," he said. "The first call we called Ray. We sat around and we have these names on the list and we said hey guys our most important guy is Ray. We... [More]

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The 2 Man Game with Chris Forsberg at 9

Holy crap has this been a wild day… but not much of it has been about the C's. But we'll try to make sense of it all tonight (you can stop laughing now) with ESPN Boston's Chris Forsberg… and maybe another special guest. Listen in and join the show right at 9pm by visiting our... [More]

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Crappy GM’s are effing up Danny’s flow

The Celtics are over the cap.  They're going to be over the cap.  And with Doc coming back, they damn well BETTER be over the cap… cuz we ain't rebuilding just yet.  But when guys like David Kahn in Minnesota give Darko Milicic 4 years, $20 million… and 2008 second round pick Nikola Pekovic 3... [More]

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Happenings in the NBA while you slept…

Man… folks in the NBA ain't playin' around.  If you actually slept last night, you missed a few things. – The Milwaukee Bucks agreed to a 5 year, $32 million deal with Drew Gooden.  $32 mil. is a lot, but $6 million a year isn't too bad.  Kelly Dwyer explains it pretty well.  As he... [More]

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