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3 Ball, Corner Pocket

  As the Celtics prepare to take on the Cavs in the Eastern Conference semi-finals, there are plenty of aspects to focus on.  LeBron James, bruised ego (oops, I mean elbow) and all will clearly be the focal point of the Celtics' defensive schemes.  The man is not really a man, he's more of a... [More]

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Fear The Dear

Fear The Dear

This is too funny NOT to share. What makes it funny is that the Bucks are doing to the Hawks what their mascot is doing to the people in this video.  Seriously, Hawks?     Thanks Sports Babe for the video... [More]

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The 2 Man Game got borderline existential last night

The show started innocently enough.  I got a few friends together to do a little roundtable chat in Chuck’s absence this week… we talked a little Miami Heat… we got into a little Cleveland Cavaliers… … and then we went down some wild roads.  We started talking about hard fouls… and then we went down... [More]

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Game 1: 8pm Saturday

Thanks Chris Forsberg for the info.  And thanks NBA for taking your sweet-ass time coming up with a start time.... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… Where the reward is the trophy

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. “It’s the playoffs, man,” KG said, still not raising his voice. “Whatever’s not important goes out the window. I think everybody starts to focus in a little... [More]

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Doc scoffs at the Cavs

Doc scoffs at the Cavs

Every once in a while, Doc drops a hidden gem in his generally innocuous media sessions.  Today, he farted in Cleveland's general direction: “I don’t know if we feel like that,” Doc Rivers said. “I think everyone feels like we are. We’ve been there before. Going into the championship series [against the Lakers], no one... [More]

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The 2 Man Game: Celtics Roundtable at 9pm

We're a man down on The 2 Man game tonight, so we're bringing in a cast of characters to help out.  With Chuck out of action (read: serving community service), we'll be joined by North Station Sports' Nick Gelso, Celtics Superfan KWAPT, and Red's Army's own Jay "MrTrpleDouble10". We're turning this in to a big... [More]

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Cleveland Pretends They Have Some Semblance of History

It's always fun when a franchise, which has been virtually irrelevant for the majority of its existence, finally has a few years in the spotlight. It's an interesting dilemma, for sure.  Do we ignore our embarrassing, virtually non-existent past, or do we pretend that we've been here all along? Well, the folks over at cleveland.com... [More]

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Doc to Sheed: get your ass in the post

Ok… I'm paraphrasing there.  But on Dennis & Callahan today, Doc pointed out what he wants from Sheed: “Three things: He has to be better defensively for us, especially vs. the pick and roll. Offensively he has to be a low-post presence. And then he does have to knock down a couple of shots, because... [More]

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LeBron’s boo boo: Elbow strain/bone bruise

Via Chris Forsberg Now his unexplained boo boo is explained.  Done.  Moving on.... [More]

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