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LeBron’s elbow speaks

LeBron’s elbow speaks

That’s LeBron’s elbow giving its first interview (even though it’s on Twitter)… courtesy of the boys at The Basketball Jones. Best line: “I help him with the other thing he likes….”... [More]

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Your LeBron whiny bitch face of the day

... [More]

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Cooz gushes over Rondo

If you don't read this article by Peter May in which Bob Cousy gushes endlessly about Rajon Rondo, we can't be friends anymore.  Here's some of it: "I've been watching the Celtics for the last 50 years,'' said Cousy, who retired in 1963 but made a brief, forgettable comeback as a player-coach with Omaha-Kansas City... [More]

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Thibs makes big coin

Celtics defensive guru Tom Thibodeau is one of the highest paid assistant coaches in the NBA, reportedly pulling in more than $1 million per season, according to Tom Ziller of NBA Fanhouse. And it's this big price tag that might be scaring off teams from hiring Thibs as their head coach. Another strike against Thibs,... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… Where KG isn’t shooting enough

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. “We want Kevin to be more aggressive,” C’s coach Doc Rivers said. “I told him 20 (shots) isn’t enough. I want 25. I just think the more... [More]

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Boston & That Sports Babe with David Aldridge & Marc Spears

TNT's and NBA.com's David Aldridge joins Boston & That Sports Babe tonight at 9pm to help us sort through the latest in the NBA playoffs.  We'll be talking C's/Cavs, of course, but we'll also be talking about the Suns going up 2-0 on the Spurs, whether the Lakers have turned it around, and much more.... [More]

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Measuring Rondo’s impact on the series

Via John Schuhmann of NBA.com: 172 — Rondo has been on the floor for 172 (92 percent) of the Celtics' 186 offensive possessions, leading both teams with 87 minutes played. He played the first 35:28 of Game 2 before coach Doc Rivers took him out for the final 32 seconds of the third quarter. He... [More]

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Ainge fined $25K

Ainge fined $25K

Via Marc Spears on Twitter celtics prez ainge fined $25k for throwing towel up as a distraction during GM2 vs CLE That's a pretty expensive move.  What's he being fined for, really?  This whole thing is a bit silly... [More]

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Sherrod’s Take: Injuries aren’t much to worry about

CSN’s A. Sherrod Blakely joined our show last night, and if you missed it, you missed him saying that the injuries to Kevin Garnett and Kendrick Perkins were no big deal.  He even doubted Doc’s stance that KG wouldn’t have played if the game was last night. Another great point made by Sherrod last night: ... [More]

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What’s the better LeBron chant?

It's very simple… LeBron is coming to town tomorrow night and we want to make things as uncomfortable as possible.  Remember, we're getting ready to unleash green hell. So which is the better chant for LeBron when he's at the free throw line (that is… IF he gets to the free throw line…..  BWAAAA HA... [More]

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