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Boston & That Sports Babe at 9pm

We're back again tonight at 9pm… Coming up tonight… someone is giving David Kahn a run for his money as dumbest man in the NBA.  Also, the LeBron James theater of the absurd continues.  And… we spread our wings to the world of golf and talk a little Tiger Woods. Our guest tonight?  Well… we're... [More]

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Wafer: “I’m more mature now”

Lost in all the Shaq craziness was the fact that Von Wafer was also milling around Health Point today.  Easy to understand that the world stops spinning when one of the best centers of all time swings by to play out the string… leaving the young kid trying to prove himself all over again to... [More]

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Sheed resolution “sooner rather than later”

So much for the C's using Sheed's contract to bring in some help.  Today, Danny Ainge made it sound like they're just going to let him walk away. "It is probably going to be resolved sooner rather than later," Ainge said on a conference call following Shaquille O'Neal's introduction. "I expect it to be done... [More]

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The 2010-11 schedule is out

Here's the link, now here are the highlights: Tuesday, October 26: (opening night) vs. Miami Friday, November 5:  Tom Thibodeau returns w/Bulls November 7-13:  road trip!  OKC, Dallas, Miami, Memphis.  Big early test. November 17:  Washington & John Wall come to Boston December 25:  @ Orlando (first time playing Orlando this season) January 30: @... [More]

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Shaq: No beef with Perk, KG is young, Pierce is like Nick Van Exel

Shaq and Perk have gone toe to toe a few times… and there's been some tension in those matchups.  And when Shaq didn't mention Perk earlier in one of his quotes… everyone started wondering if there was going to be some sort of beef. Well… Shaq ended all that talk today: "Perkins is a very... [More]

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Shaq doesn’t know who Luke Harangody is

(comcast sports net screen capture) So Shaq is officially a Celtic and everyone has gotten a chance to hear from the Big (insert new nickname here).  We were all waiting for a funny moment from Shaq… and he delivered.  But it wasn't the way we thought he would.  In the middle of the news conference,... [More]

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The Shaq intro live blog

<a href="" >A Shaqadocious live blog</a> Shaq's talking… we're typing… so join in the fun!  If you want to watch the news conference on-line, you can go to CSNNE and then follow along as we goof around over here.... [More]

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We’re live blogging the Shaq intro

Shaquille O'Neal will be officially introduced at 10:30… and we'll be here live blogging it.  So if you can't watch at work, just join us (and put the cover it live thing on mute) and watch the quotes roll in.  You can also keep typing like you're actually working.  It's a win-win. We'll go live... [More]

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Your Morning Dump… Where Jeff Van Gundy gives the Celtics a chance

Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big storyline. Because there's nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump. "Erik Spoelstra is a heck of a coach, so they're going to be motivated to play well defensively, which is about coaching, and offensively they're going to... [More]

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KG’s new basketball kicks

Now we're talking.  Last week, KG's casual shoe was released.  I kinda like it.  Now, thanks to a tip from my buddy Kurt from Gang Green TV, we're getting a look at the sneakers that KG will be wearing on the court.  These come to us from  These kinda have an old school feel... [More]

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