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The Streak Reaches 12….

It wasn't pretty…but tonight's 122-117 overtime victory over the Pacers pushed the Celtics record to 20-2, the best start in franchise history. Box Score | Recap Killer Ray was the man tonight: 35 pts,  7-12 3FG including a back-breaking bomb with 42 seconds left in OT that sealed this one. Oh yeah…the Truth's 3-pointer with... [More]

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The Talking Is Still An Issue

It might be because teams are sick of hearing about how their asses are getting kicked while said ass-kicking is in progress.  It might also be the refs sick of hearing how every call they make is wrong.  All I know is all the talking the Celtics are doing on the court is about to... [More]

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Remember… We’re Pacquiao Fans

Remember… We’re Pacquiao Fans

Over the summer, it was revealed that Manny Pacquiao… who many call the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world right now… is a huge Celtics fan.  That video is him in Vegas, partying with the freshly crowned NBA champions after destroying David Diaz. Tonight, Pac-man takes on Oscar De La Hoya, who might be a... [More]

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Superimposing Rondo

Superimposing Rondo

Chuck mentioned the whole Rondo/team photo thing earlier.  The Hoop Doctors have the ESPN video of Rondo sitting alone… so he can be superimposed later.... [More]

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Why Boo Oden?

It was one of the most peculiar things I've seen in a while at the Garden.  I was sitting in the section directly behind the basket near the Blazers' bench.  So when they were introduced… Greg Oden was right there. And when Oden was introduced… he was booed.  Then we he sat after fouling out…... [More]

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Because Big Baby Cares

Glen Davis is one goofy bastard. Guys like him help keep a team loose. But after watching his emotional outburst last night, you also have to say – he takes this game seriously. I'm not going to get on his case for letting some tears flow after KG ripped apart the entire second unit for... [More]

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Not Ready for Primetime

The standings told us Portland was the second best team in the West, which made us believe this was going to be a game tonight. That was not the case….not at all. The Celtics overwhelmed the young Blazers tonight. The defense was suffocating. Portland shot 42%. They had 36 points at the half, 51 after... [More]

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Where’s Rondo?

Notice the empty seat next to Ray Allen. Rajon Rondo got caught up in traffic and was late for the team photo. But when you see the official photograph, Rondo will be there. His picture was taken afterwards and will be superimposed in the final version.... [More]

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The Only Thing Good About The Lakers

That is Bonnie-Jill Laflin.  She is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader… and current SCOUT FOR THE LA LAKERS! She's also the only female scout in the NBA… and the only redeeming quality in the Lakers organization.  And, being a scout for the Lakers, news about her is completely relevant to post on a Celtics site. ... [More]

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Go To The Truth

This came courtesy of Red's Army reader "Above The Rim", who says… and I quote… holy sh!t Red, check out the matchups for tonight but get a load of the picture of Nicolas Batum who’s matching up against the Truth tonight. It looks like he’s in junior high!! This guy clearly can’t handle the Truth.... [More]

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