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Paul Pierce Commercials

Paul Pierce Commercials

My blatant attempts to get free stuff from big corporations by posting their commercials haven't gone well… but I think that's because I'm not trying hard enough. So this isn't just one Paul Pierce commercials… its an entire Paul Pierce Nike ad campaign.  Its all set on the outdoor courts of Inglewood.  The end of... [More]

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Follow Detroit’s Lead

The Pistons have been there before… this Celtics team hasn't.  That's a simple statement of fact.  So there are things that we, the fans and the players, can learn from them.  The lesson for the fans:  Don't panic next time The Celtics were never down in this series against the Hawks.  Detroit was down 0-1... [More]

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Now Do You Remember…. ?

…. why Tony Allen doesn't play anymore? One of the loudest calls (used in support of the "fire Doc now" argument") after game 4 was "where was Tony Allen?  Isn't he supposed to our defensive specialist?" I'm just curious… after seeing him airball a 3… and then seconds later foul Joe Johnson while taking a... [More]

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Pierce Is Pissed

  For basketball players… the court can be a sanctuary.  Distractions of the outside world melt away when the ball goes up… and few players have had to deal with more of a distraction than Paul Pierce… with all the hand-jive lunacy of the past few days.  Making it worse was the fact that Paul was... [More]

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$25 K Please… Mr. Mayor

Either Boston Mayor Tom Menino has run off to Inglewood to join the Bloods (along with all the Bostonians in that picture)… or the NBA owes Paul Pierce a refund.  This 2005 photo comes from the Boston Herald: The mayor was snapped doing the three-finger salute at the 2005 Boston Hip-Hop festival with the guys... [More]

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Now That’s More Like It

Sorry for the late post-game recap… but Chuck and I were immersed in the luxury suite experience.  Free food… free beer… great game… it was very nice.  And I must say… the concubines were a nice touch.  They're really stepping up their customer service efforts.  I hope everyone can calm the hell down now that the Celtics... [More]

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There Is A God…

We've all had those life-changing phone calls: "I'm pregnant!" or "The test came back negative." Today I received a call worthy of this category: Hey Chuck, it's John. I got free luxury-suite tickets to tonight's game. You in? That's right….the blue-collar boys of Red's Army will be hobnobbing with the suits tonight! And we'll be wearing these... [More]

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Pressure’s On, Doc

This is completely wild speculation based on a scenario that I don't believe will transpire…. But…. I'm a jerk… so here goes…. IF the Celtics happen to lose to the Hawks here…. would anyone be the least bit surprised to see Mike D'Antoni coaching the Celtics next year?  I mean… there's no way Doc would... [More]

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Not Dead Yet

What the HELL is going on in Boston???  Last I checked… this series is tied… although you wouldn't believe it if you read Gerry Callahan today.  You don’t need cryptic hand gestures to understand what they’re up against: If they do not win two of their next three games, all of the above will be forgotten... [More]

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Hawks: The Argument Against Tanking

I'd like to thank the Hawks for making my argument (1 year later) as to why tanking is counter-productive.  You tell me what's more productive for the Atlanta Hawks right now… going toe-to-toe and proving they can run with the Celtics in the playoffs… or sitting there hoping they get a lucky bounce with the... [More]

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