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David Stern Has Amnesia

Earlier this week, David Stern cited the Celtics as a good example of how franchises can be turned around quickly. “It’s been a spectacular story for us, obviously with the Celtics having an extraordinary one-season improvement; the best in NBA history,” Stern said Monday. “That’s a big issue,” he said. “That’s about management. In some... [More]

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Its Already Over?

Its Already Over?

Didn't the Celtics just get back from Rome like 3 weeks ago?  Wasn't All Star Weekend like 3 days ago??   What the hell happened to the regular season???  The Celtics will wrap up the 82 game portion of their schedule tonight, hopefully by making Vince Carter cry (which is possible… since he is a bit... [More]

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These Things Are Stupid

I'm officially sick of those "shooting sleeves" that everyone wears now.  They don't make you shoot better.  They only make you look like a giant douche.  "Hey… look at me… I've got a cut up piece of pantyhose on my arm.  I'm cool."  No… you're not.                   ... [More]

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This Is Not Entirely Fair

This thing you see here is a chart of local NBA TV announcer "homerism".  That little blob way at the bottom… at the convergence of "Homerism" and "Lack of NBA Knowledge" is our own Tommy Heinsohn. (click here for the full image).  I don't know who put it together… nor do I really care.  What... [More]

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Dear Atlanta, Keep Dreaming

I have no general animosity towards the Atlanta Hawks.  I like most of the players on their team.  I've been to Atlanta a few times and managed to thoroughly enjoy myself while somehow avoiding arrest.  I even think they've got a bright future ahead of them.  But business is business… so without further ado… [The... [More]

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All Suited Up (Except KG)

Kevin Garnett, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce did not play in tonight's game against the Knicks. While it appears Doc Rivers is just resting his superstars, there is some concern about Pierce's left wrist. Here's the latest from Peter May: Pierce, however, was wearing an ace bandage on his left wrist, which was covered with an ice... [More]

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As the Nuggets as battling for the final playoff spot in the West, Carmelo Anthony figured it would be a good time to get arrested for DUI. How's that for focus?... [More]

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Oh Man… What If This Is It??

I just had a horrifying thought. This could be the last time Isiah Thomas coaches against the Celtics.  My go-to guy for blogtastic comedy is about to get canned… or at least demoted.  But is it fair?  No… no its not (not to me anyway). Can Donnie Walsh cost James Dolan at least $187 million over... [More]

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Its All About Sam

It's all about Sam Cassell today in the local papers… with the Herald and the Globe both writing about how comfortable Sam is getting with our offense.  Its also given us a couple of very awkward pictures.  This is from the Herald.  I think that trainer is a little too excited to be… um… positioned... [More]

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Just Shut Up

I just love when someone doesn't start calling for change… until HE is getting screwed. Last year… when the Golden State Warriors were barely above .500… Don Nelson didn't cry foul about the way the playoffs were set up.  But now that the Warriors could be a 50 win team that misses the playoffs… suddenly... [More]

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