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Rajon Rondo – Fashion Plate

Rajon Rondo blogged about going to the GQ Gentleman's Ball the other day… here's a photo of Rondo at the event.  He says he's the best dressed guy on the team… and this is a solid entry.  And I know Paul Pierce will say HE is the best dressed.  But I don't know.  The C's... [More]

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This Would Never Happen to the Red Sox

Here's another reason why Boston.com blows. As of 10:30 this morning, the Celtics page hadn't been updated since yesterday. New content was there, but it was buried. Extremely lame for a major media company like the Globe/NY Times.... [More]

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Who Will Get Cut?

Cuts are coming soon… with my best guess being before midweek.  Asking around this weekend, I was told there were 3 or 4 guys Doc is looking at and he wanted to give the guy who gets cut a chance to hook on somewhere else.  In looking at the roster and preseason performance, I'm thinking Doc's "3... [More]

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Depressed Delonte

Despite playing for the enemy, Cavs guard Delonte West is still well liked and admired around here. He always played hurt and wasn't afraid to take and make the tough shots. Now we're learning that D-West is being treated for depression and a mood disorder. Everything came to a boil after West berated a high... [More]

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Not Impressed

I missed the entire first half so I could watch "Chicken Run" with my son. Let's just say I would have rather watched it again then subject myself to the second half of this game. Maybe my expectations were a bit high considering I'd read how the Big 3 were going to get significant court time... [More]

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“Rookies Got To Share Lockers”

Just add this story, courtesy of Jessica Camerato, to the list of reasons why I love the team dynamic. The middle of the Celtics locker room always seems to be cluttered with a mass of rolling chairs, but rookies J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker have learned there aren’t enough to go around. “Honestly I was... [More]

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Garnett Ads Galore

Garnett Ads Galore

This is the first "The Game Happens Here" ad for NBATV, NBA.com and League Pass.  Two words to describe it:  goose bumps. Below the fold, the 6 NBA2K9 ads featuring KG and his crew.  They are also quite enjoyable. I'll be at the game tonight… which is the first Celtics game since the Championship… so that... [More]

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Bring Cousy Back

The folks at Perk Is A Beast have put a petition together to let Comcast know that firing Bob Cousy was a bad idea. It's simple… if you think Comcast was wrong to fire Cousy… the sign the petition. Click here to sign the petition against firing Bob Cousy... [More]

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We Have Lost Our Minds

I'll blame the Red Sox for injecting a dose of deliriousness into the Boston fanbase. Yes, all of the reserves played well, especially Tony Allen,  in last night's win over New Jersey. But when I read a comment (from a respected reader I might add) suggesting TA play with the first stringers and Ray Allen be moved to... [More]

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Here We Go Again

The working title of my previous post was going to be "Red Sox Suck, Celtics Don't."  At that point, the Celtics game was over and the Sox were down 7-zip.  But I thought it would be wise to hold off… because these are the Sox, y'know? And then Papi homered… and so did JD Drew…... [More]

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