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Bibby Says We’re Bandwagon Fans

After getting embarassed by Rajon Rondo Sunday night, Mike Bibby decided to take his frustration out on the Celtics fans. They were kind of loud at the beginning," he said. "But a lot of these fans are bandwagon jumpers trying to get on this now. I played here last year, too. And I didn't see... [More]

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Defensive Player Of The Year!

Thanks to BostonSportz for giving me the heads up.  KG has won the Defensive Player of the Year Award!  Congrats KG!! Celtics forward Kevin Garnett became the first Boston player to be voted as the league's Defensive Player of the Year today. Garnett earned 493 points (90 first place votes, 12 second place, seven third... [More]

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Stop Blaming The Floppers

Stop Blaming The Floppers

Getting pissed off at guys like Manu Ginobili or Anderson Varejao for flopping is de rigeur in the blog world.  We're supposed to get all haughty and make fun of how they look like they were shot by a sniper. But not me.  I say leave the floppers alone. This conversation is hot today because Andrei... [More]

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What’s Washington’s Problem?

First… Washington came out trash talking like crazy… apparently trying to bait LeBron James into excluding his teammates in an effort to shut everyone up.  Now… they've switched to trying to kill him.  This is bad news for Brendan Haywood.  You almost just maimed the face of the NBA.  You think you're getting away with just... [More]

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KG’s Commercial

KG’s Commercial

I love the way they use the stills and make them look 3 dimensional.  And yes, 'O Fortuna' might be a little on the cliche side when it comes to dramatic music… but you know what?  It still makes me want to fight someone.  In fact… that's why Massachusetts made playing that song in public... [More]

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Leon’s Dunk… Now With Video Goodness

Leon’s Dunk… Now With Video Goodness

Thanks to Leon Powe Fan Site for the video Love this exchange… as documented in today's Globe As he lay on the floor, Powe looked up to find the chattering presence of Kevin Garnett in his face. And I mean in his face. Not only that, Garnett was pummeling his teammate with a series of... [More]

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Yes… Yes… IN THE FACE!!

We've only played one game… and the Celtics already have one of the defining moments of the playoffs.  Its right there with the Tim Duncan 3… and the alley-oop to LeBron (and the subsequent 'fight').  The Powe dunk on everyone… followed by KG's maniacal outburst is absolutely going to live on forever in the "2008 NBA... [More]

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Is it possible to sleepwalk your way to a blowout win? The answer is yes. The Celtics smoked the Hawks 104-81 tonight in Game 1 of their playoff series without impressing me. The Hawks shot 38% but the defensive intensity wasn't really there. The C's shot 46% from the field (8-15 3 FG) but were extremely streaky... [More]

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WhatIfSports.com simulated the NBA playoffs 10,000 times…. and they came up with a less than desirable result Utah has the highest chance of winning the tournament at 21.2%.  After the Jazz, four other teams, Boston (12.8%), Phoenix (10.9%), Orlando (10.2%) and Denver (10.0%) are in the double-digit percentages for championship likelihood. The top-seeded Lakers win... [More]

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Just Play Ball

We hear it all the time.  'The playoffs are different.'  And yes, that's true.  The playoffs ARE different.  The specter 'of lose and go home' rattles the nerves of previously unflappable men.  Add to that pressure the fact that you are wearing the uniform of basketball's most storied franchise… which just so happens to be trying... [More]

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