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We’ve Broken Their Spirit

We've had some fun with the other bloggers out there covering the Cavs.  We'll continue to do that… but I wanted to share what the WFNY crew is feeling… and it ain't good. The saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice, shame on me.” Well, the Wizards blowout was the first one.... [More]

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Don’t Change A Thing

Boston fans are great.  LeBron has a bad night?  No problem… have a seat in our front row and we'll make sure there's at least one happy ending to your night.  Welcome to Massachusetts, buddy. LeBron James WILL hit his shots again.  We all know that.  Right now.. they're backing off of him… daring him to... [More]

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LeBron’s Our Bitch

The Celtics defense against LeBron James is downright Belichick-ian. Simply put: They are in this guy's head. The King followed up his 2-18 FG, 10 TO masterpiece in Game 1 with a 6-24 FG, 7 TO beauty in Game 2. I doubt he's ever had a worse two game stretch in his life. Ray Allen came... [More]

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All NBA Team

KG is a first teamer… Pierce is 3rd team: 2007-08 ALL-NBA FIRST TEAM Position Player, Team (1st Team Votes) Points Forward Kevin Garnett, Boston (118) 612 Forward LeBron James, Cleveland (117) 610 Center Dwight Howard, Orlando (86) 546 Guard Kobe Bryant, L.A. Lakers (127) 635 Guard Chris Paul, New Orleans (124) 629 2007-08 ALL-NBA SECOND... [More]

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THe KG Shirt

Order it now… get it in time for game 5… if the series goes that long.  Or.. just go to our store.  We've now got over 100 items, from shirts (men, women, kids)… mousepads… mugs.  Or my favorite… The "I get Tommy Points for chugging" beer stein.  Honestly… I don't know how loyal reader "Jester"... [More]

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Detroit Fans Fear Us

As I was researching the Chauncey Billups injury, I had a startling revelation. Pistons fans don't think their team is good enough to beat the Celtics and win the NBA title. Here are some of the comments I found on the Detroit Free Press web site: Rip's turnovers are maddening. Got to give the Magic... [More]

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Charles Burgundy:  “I’m A Dumbass”

Charles Burgundy: “I’m A Dumbass”

Wanted to start you off with a funny… as usual… provided by Odenized.  So now that we've got that out of the way… its time for more Chatting With The Enemy (dun dun DUNNNNN!) If you missed it the first time around, Rick from the all-things-Cleveland blog WaitingForNextYear.com, and I, have started what will be a... [More]

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Quick Links

Running a bit late.. but here are some links.  Stay tuned for more of our "chatting with the enemy" today.  Plus… Chuck reveals a deep secret from his past, I bench press a Buick, and we force-feed one of the Cleveland Cavaliers week-old egg salad.  I won't say who… but his name rhymes with JeBron... [More]

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Phil Jackson Is Full Of Crap

"I don't know anybody who's ever deserved this trophy more. I don't know anybody who's ever worked as hard to accomplish what he's accomplished." I think its sad that Kobe's ego is so fragile, that Phil feels the need to say things like this.  Hey Phil… there's a Mr. Jordan on line one for you.... [More]

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We Can’t Lose To This Guy

Zydrunas Ilgauskas… who dropped 22 and 12 on the C's last night… shaves his armpits. And you know what?  That bothers me.  Maybe more than it should. But there's is no way I'm going to stand by and let the former Soviet-Bloc version of a metrosexual dominate us on the blocks.  That's a space for... [More]

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