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Exhibit B

Exhibit B

This is the play on which Paul Pierce fouled out.  It happens right at the beginning of the clip, at the other side of the lane.  I think the best part is… I'm not sure Pachulia even realized he drew the foul.  Horrible… horrible call.  I'm willing to bet that happens on every play in... [More]

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Exhibit A

Exhibit A

NBA referees are the worst officials in sports… even worse than MLB umpires and their magically shifting strike zones.  When you watch this video… please explain to me what the hell Sam Cassell did to get a technical.  The "double tech" rule in the NBA is horsecrap. For more of my anti-referee rantings… go to... [More]

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Game 7

The Celtics choked in the 4th quarter. Period. KG, Ray Allen and everyone in green is to blame. They played like a bunch of bitches in the last 5 minutes. I need to step away from my computer before I smash something… Box Score | Recap... [More]

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What’s Wrong With The NBA?

The NBA spends the first 5 games of the playoffs making sure I can only watch one game at a time… And now… when I actually want to watch the Cavs and Wizards… they schedule two games at the same time. So its ok if I have to flip between the most important, later games... [More]

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Peter Vecsey Sucks

Peter Vecsey is the Isiah Thomas of sports journalism. Today… he ran a story about Derrick Coleman needing a heart transplant.  It sent the internet abuzz.  People were starting to almost write eulogies for the guy.  But here's the thing. The story isn't true. Which makes story 1,398 that Vescey as gotten wrong.  Yet… he... [More]

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Ray Allen’s OCD

We posted this like a few days ago from the Globe… but in case you missed it… I'd like to highlight the wild OCD that comes with being Ray Allen.  I'd also like to sum it up… but I'm already 10 mint juleps into my day (I'm practicing for the Derby.  5 more and I'm laying my... [More]

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Bibby Sucks

Thanks to Kevin for emailing this in.  I agree. Kevin… for making my life a little easier… you'll get no money.  But… on your death bed… you'll receive total conciousness.... [More]

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Paul Pierce Commercials

Paul Pierce Commercials

My blatant attempts to get free stuff from big corporations by posting their commercials haven't gone well… but I think that's because I'm not trying hard enough. So this isn't just one Paul Pierce commercials… its an entire Paul Pierce Nike ad campaign.  Its all set on the outdoor courts of Inglewood.  The end of... [More]

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Follow Detroit’s Lead

The Pistons have been there before… this Celtics team hasn't.  That's a simple statement of fact.  So there are things that we, the fans and the players, can learn from them.  The lesson for the fans:  Don't panic next time The Celtics were never down in this series against the Hawks.  Detroit was down 0-1... [More]

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Now Do You Remember…. ?

…. why Tony Allen doesn't play anymore? One of the loudest calls (used in support of the "fire Doc now" argument") after game 4 was "where was Tony Allen?  Isn't he supposed to our defensive specialist?" I'm just curious… after seeing him airball a 3… and then seconds later foul Joe Johnson while taking a... [More]

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