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That Was Easy

The Celtics made up for a hideous first half by absolutely dominating the T-Wolves in the 3rd quarter. Did anyone really think this game was in danger? And how can you not feel bad for Al Jefferson? Not only is he stuck in Minnesota, but he has to play with Sebastian Telfair every night. Box... [More]

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Knicks De-Zekeing, Clippers Still Clippering

Ever pull out some old clothesline or rope and find it full of a million knots?  That's pretty much what Donnie Walsh found when he inherited the Knicks from Isiah Thomas.  Donnie undid two of those knots by trading Jamal Crawford and Zach Randolph in separate deals with the Warriors and Clippers.  In return, the... [More]

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Bill Walker Headed to D-League

Walker is joining J.R. Giddens with the Utah Flash: “It’s not a demotion at all. So you have you to get that out your mind,” Walker said before Thursday’s game against the Detroit Pistons. “It’s the reason that why they created the D-League, so that instead of having guys sitting on the bench, not staying... [More]

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Winning the ‘Ship = Swagger

WEEI's Jessica Camerato has a great blog on the Celtics swagger. There are those who understand it … like someone who's been there before and can appreciate the pride of defending a title…. “You're always going to have that [swagger], no matter who it is,” he (Rasheed Wallace) said. “Whenever you win that 'ship, you're... [More]

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Win A Championship Ring

Yes, THE championship ring. And bunch of other cool stuff. The raffle is to benefit the Shamrock Foundation and tickets start at just $2.00 each (minimum purchase of 5 tickets required). Here is what is included in the grand prize package: Winner will receive an authentic Boston Celtics 2008 NBA Championship Ring with the Winners... [More]

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Pistons Got Rondo’d

Rajon Rondo (18 pts, 8 assts) played his game to perfection tonight against the Pistons. He routinely sliced his way through the Detroit defense and either drove to the hoop or passed to an open teammate. He even nailed a 3-pointer. Oh yeah, he also had 3 steals and harassed Allen Iverson. The bench, specifically... [More]

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We Can’t Call Everyone “The Big 3″

My buddy Joe emailed me a rant that I think needs to be shared. I happened to have the ESPN NBA pregame show on tonight and all throughout they kept referring to the big 3… that would be McGrady, Ming, and Artest of the Houston Rockets.  Are you kidding me?  Has this been the case... [More]

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Perk Ain’t Changin’ For No One

Kendrick Perkins is… how do you say… intense.  That intensity leads him to get into some dust-ups and pick up some technical fouls.  Some might consider that problem.  Perk is not one of them. “I love it,” Perkins said of the intensity that fuels him and his team. “I love how we fight and how... [More]

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Classic Celtics Photos

Life Magazine just released a ton of photos to Google images.  A lot of them are awesome, high res, black and white classics from the Bob Cousy era Celtics.  And they're big enough to use as your desktop backgrounds.  I suggest checking them out.... [More]

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Eddy Curry Endorsement Opportunity

Just in case times get tough for Eddy Curry.  We're here to help by passing along a little endorsement opportunity for him. Eddy… I'd go for the one in pink. Fatass. I'd also like to introduce a new member of the Douchebag Hall of Fame.  It's Quentin Richardson, for this gem: "I think a few... [More]

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