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Red’s Army on Gang Green

Red’s Army on Gang Green

The folks at Gang Green TV interrupted my watching of the Celtics-Magic game this week to have me join their show.  We were supposed to talk Celtics… and in our 15 minute conversation… I think we managed to get about 45 seconds of good Celtics talk in there.  I was also challenged to an NBA... [More]

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KG Laughs at Lakers

From Mark Murphy's notebook in the Herald: In hindsight, Garnett still laughs to himself about the pressure the Lakers put on themselves leading up to that Christmas Day win. “The Lakers felt like that game was the championship,” he said. “Some of the comments those guys made were incredible, and it was just the regular... [More]

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Who had the better Johnson?

This isn't another John vs. Chuck thing.  I think the ladies of Emerson College circa 1994 know that I'm the clear winner there… although it was hard to hear what they really thought of Chuck over all the laughing. No, this is about Vinnie "The Microwave" Johnson… and our own Dennis Johnson.  Pete Marasmitch did... [More]

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Feelin’ Fine

Feelin’ Fine

Chuck was so excited after last night's win, he just had to dance.  Lucky for you guys, Red's Army headquarters is under surveillance 24/7… so we all get to share in the dancy bliss. Chuck's junk-jiggling celebration is understandable now that the Celtics have broken out of their doldrums.  They're in a percentage-tie with the... [More]

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Vintage Footage, Part II

Vintage Footage, Part II

Look what I found in the attic – more vintage basketball footage from our past. Unlike the first video (which showed me embarrassing John by using his larynx as a launching point for a thunderous dunk), this video exemplifies team work. In case you are wondering, I'm the dude who finishes the play. No, John... [More]

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Contender vs. Pretender

The Celtics slapped Orlando back to reality last night by doing one simple thing:  Playing playoff basketball. Keep this in mind:  The Magic had 7 offensive rebounds in the first quarter.  They had 5 the rest of the way.  They were held to 38% shooting, and to season lows in points and points in a... [More]

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Big Baby!!

Who thought Glen Davis was going to outplay Dwight Howard? Well it happened. Not only did Baby do a heckuva job guarding Howard, but he dropped 12 of his 16 points in the fourth quarter. Howard (11 pts, 11 reb, 3 blks) was a non-factor. He fouled out after committing a stupid offensive foul with... [More]

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“Vote Yi” Campaign Fails

Marc Spears of the Globe reports Kevin Garnett will be an All Star starter Even with the backing of his homeland of China, New Jersey’s Yi Jianlian couldn’t beat out Boston’s Kevin Garnett for the final Eastern Conference All-Star spot. According to an NBA source, The Boston Globe has learned that Garnett was named one... [More]

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Why The Magic Are a Playoff Flop Waiting to Happen

I've been saying this for a few years now – Dwight Howard needs a signature move if the Magic are ever going to be legitimate championship contenders.  Yes, I realize he's only 23 years old and his game will surely develop in the coming years. But what about this year? The Magic may be tearing... [More]

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Alonzo Mourning Retires

Cross him off the list The Miami Heat announced Thursday that former NBA All-Star center Alonzo Mourning will retire from the league. Mourning hasn't played at all this season and played in only 25 games during the 2007-2008 season due to major leg injuries We're running out of big man options.... [More]

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