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Get a Clue

Dan Shaughnessy is the latest media member to "call-out" Kevin Garnett for his inability to take over games. Here's a bit from his column: But it was hard to watch Kevin Garnett at the Palace of Auburn Hills Monday. The Celtics were struggling in the fourth quarter of a game that was still winnable .... [More]

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At Least They’re Loose

These pictures show two things:  (1)  Leon Powe still exists… and (2) the mood at practice seems to be loose. I think Poze was checking out Leon's butt in the first picture.  Then that might be him doing 'The Robot.'  Nice to see Leon still keeping sharp.  You never know when Doc might pull a... [More]

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Positive Outlook

Positive Outlook

The frustration over Game 4's missed opportunity is a thing of the past.  Everything that needed to be said… has been said.  Now, I'm hopping on board with the others (like Chuck) who accurately noted that the Pistons played a great game 4 while the Celts looked like crap… and we STILL had a chance to... [More]

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No Freakin’ Way

J.A. Adande makes an asburd case for Robert Horry making the Hall of Fame. Just know this: The NBA hasn't seen a winner like Horry in three decades. John Havlicek retired in 1978, the last member of the Boston Celtics' 1960s dynasty to check out, and one of only six players in NBA history with a... [More]

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Now on Barstool

This has been building for a while, I just had to unleash on Barstool Sports today: The Celtics are tied with the Detroit Pistons 2-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Two of the final three games are in Boston. The Celtics are a good team. I'm stating the obvious because it's something overlooked by the local... [More]

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Where Was Eddie?

The Celtics seemed lifeless out there at times last night.  Part of it was the Pistons defense… part of it was a flat out lack of energy and execution.  And while I understand that Sam Cassell's experience allows him to handle the pressure well… We really could have used Eddie House's energy for a few... [More]

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Kendrick Perkins: Intense

Kendrick Perkins: Intense

At the :20 mark, Perk drops some language that will earn ESPN a call from the FCC.  The question being raised today on Odenized is… Does Perk act with too much cockiness or is his confidence his greatest strength?... [More]

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Where Was KG??

Kevin Garnett has been awesome all year for us… and he's been great all series too.  But when he's got no energy out on the floor… then the Celtics don't have any energy.  He's that important.  One play typifies what KG gave us last night. 8:18 in the 2nd quarter… Sam Cassell shoots a 3... [More]

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Max Effort

Make no mistake about it, the Pistons manhandled the Celtics. They put forth one fierce defensive effort. Despite shooting 31% and getting horrendous performances from the Big 2 and Ray Allen (I will no longer consider him an equal to Pierce and Garnett), the C's trailed by only 5 with four minutes left in the game.... [More]

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Dumbest… Argument… Ever

This was brought to my attention by BostonSportz.com… which takes the time to break this entire Jemele Hill column down… and destroy all of her arguments.  However, this is the gist of the column:  A Lakers-Celtics finals will be such fodder for conspiracy theorists who say its exactly what the NBA wanted… that America should be rooting... [More]

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