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Which Team Signed the Biggest Troublemaker?

Randy Hill of examines the big name additions made by the league's elite teams; Lakers – Ron Artest, Magic – Vince Carter, Cavaliers – Shaq, Celtics – Rasheed Wallace. Individually, these baggage-haulin' hotshots may be capable of altering the imbalance of power that resulted in a Lakers title a couple months ago. Or, as... [More]

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Flashback: A Player for the Ages

From Frank Deford's Sports Illustrated article back in 1988: Championships mean ever more to Bird—"His mission,' Auerbach calls them. "That's why I play," Bird says. "I'm just greedy on them things. Winning the championship—I've never felt that way any other time no matter how big some other game was. I remember the first time we... [More]

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HoopsWorld Better Have This Bowen Story All Wrong

Wendell Maxey of HoopsWorld says Boston and Cleveland are the two teams gunning for the services of Bruce Bowen. I'm all for addding Bowen to the roster, but not at the expense of Marquis Daniels. According to published reports, a return to the Spurs appears "unlikely", while the Celtics are said to be holding off... [More]

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NBA title now awarded in early August

At least… according to the OC Register. Without Odom, the Lakers were still going to win the Western Conference and make the NBA Finals for a third consecutive season. Then they would be crash-test dummies for Eastern powers who have buffed up: Cleveland with Shaquille O'Neal, Boston with Rasheed Wallace, Orlando with Vince Carter and... [More]

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Hmmm… Yi looks different

 The Nets are one of the teams the Celtics are rumored to be talking to about a trade involving Big Baby.  One of the pieces rumored to be in the deal is Yi Jianlian… who has undergone a bit of a… ummmm…. transformation. (NetsAreScorching has before and after photos). Now… I don't want to start... [More]

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Grizzlies challening Clippers for most embarrassing team

The Clippers have been embarrassing the NBA for a long time now.  I mean, they've been the go-to butt of jokes for decades.  But they're going to have to work harder if they want to hold off the Memphis Grizzlies.  Memphis is a team that is going to depend on young talent for quite some... [More]

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Well… at least SCAL approves

I was reading this piece about how only about 9 or 10 NBA teams consider themselves potential title contenders this year… and have approached this season this way… when I was hit with Brian Scalabrine's assessment of the offseason. “I’m loving Rasheed Wallace,’’ Scalabrine said last week at a State House presentation for the team’s... [More]

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These Anti-Celtics Leon Posts Are Ridiculous

Via Ball Don't Lie: Then there's Leon Powe, who apparently is "way ahead of recovery" while coming back from another torn ACL, and could be off to Cleveland. There's your perfect fit. Powe can play, and while I don't really want to touch too much on the Celtics refusing to even offer the guy a... [More]

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The Week in Review

We started the week with John trying to capitalize monetarily on Stephon Marbury's insanity. But that was kind compared to the butcher job Yahoo! Sports did on Steph. The Bruce Bowen to Boston rumors surfaced, as did the news that the Marquis Daniels sign-and-trade hit a snag. Growing a bit impatient with the Daniels situation,... [More]

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Might as well stockpile the hate

We all know the Celtics are disliked, hated, despised, reviled with a white-hot passion of a thousand suns. But that's because everyone who isn't a C's fan is a neanderthal douche with genital warts. Anyway… as part of my "embrace the hate" campaign… I will now start openly campaigning for the signing of the recently... [More]

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