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Greeks continue raiding mid-level NBA talent

Olympiakos has stolen Linas Kleiza from Denver with a 2-year, $12.2 million deal… which continues a trend of big Greek teams (and foreign teams as a whole) taking mid-level guys who just can't seem to get the money they're looking for in the US. I'm actually surprised none of them came after Big Baby with... [More]

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Have Your Hemorrhoids Treated By Celtics Docs

In an effort to provide "added value" to certain season ticket holders, the Celtics are now pimping out the team doctors. Here's the scoop (courtesy the Boston Herald): Season-ticket holders will have access to all doctors at New England Baptist – including team physician Dr. Brian McKeon, who recently operated on Garnett’s injured knee. McKeon... [More]

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What will the Celtics do with Tony Allen?

The offseason is starting to wind down.  We know Big Baby is about to sign.  We know Marquis Daniels is about to sign.  And we know that much of what the Celtics have been doing this offseason included an effort to trade Tony Allen. That hasn't gone so well.  Now the Celtics have a decision... [More]

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Reggie Miller is Very Persistent (with engaged women)

According to Deadspin, this banner was flown over beaches in southern California. There's nothing like a little public humiliation. Apparently, Reggie Miller was in hot pursuit of this engaged chick named Ali Kay. He also allegedly harassed her by phone, including sending her 53 text messages over the course of less than four hours. When... [More]

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Celtics 3rd in David Aldridge Offseason Rankings

TNT analyst David Aldridge ranks the off-season moves of all the teams in the league. Among the championship contenders, he puts the Celtics third, behind San Antonio and Los Angeles. Keep in mind, this was done before the Celtics re-signed Big Baby, but I'm not sure it would have altered the rankings. DA's Offseason Rank:... [More]

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Glen Davis Gets 2 Year, $6.3 Million Contract

Via the Boston Herald: Glen Davis could sign a new contract with the Celtics as early as today or tomorrow, according to a source close to negotiations between the restricted free agent and the team. Davis agreed to a two-year contract worth approximately $6.3 million, including a starting point of approximately $3 million next season,... [More]

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The Week in Review

The NBA's free-agent frenzy is winding down, but fortunately for us, the Celtics are still signing and negotiating with players. It looks like Glen Davis will sign a contract with the Celtics next week. I can only hope they are signing the real Glen Davis, not the imposter who tricked us on Twitter. Speaking of... [More]

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C’s close on deal with Daniels

From the Herald: The Celtics also want to wrap up business with free agent swingman Marquis Daniels by the end of the week. They had hoped to arrange a sign-and-trade deal with Indiana – in part to give Daniels a heftier salary, and in part to move guard Tony Allen. But Pacers president Larry Bird,... [More]

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Waiting on Baby details

Last night was a pretty typical summer night for me:  Red Sox on the TV, TweetDeck and my Google reader open on the laptop, and a beer on the table.  Don't tell me I don't live it up. And it's a good thing the Red Sox and Yankees spent forever trying to score runs.  If... [More]

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Looks like Baby is coming back!

Adrian Wojnarowski isn't often wrong… so this is good news. Glen Davis is close to signing a two-year contract to stay with Boston, a source told Y! Sports. Deal should be complete next week. I'm loving this offseason.  I really am.  More details later Saturday morning.... [More]

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