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Report: Odom Leaning Towards Heat

Via Yahoo! Sports: Lamar Odom is leaning strongly toward accepting the Miami Heat's contract offer and leaving the Los Angeles Lakers, multiple sources with knowledge of the talks said. Odom has not reached a final decision, the sources said, but there is growing belief he will ultimately return to Heat unless the Lakers improve their... [More]

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Celtics Still Expected to Match BBD Offers

Via the NY Post: All is status quo on the Nets' free-agent front. . . . Though admitting it would be a long shot that "probably won't happen," one Nets source insisted Glen "Big Baby" Davis could return to the Nets radar. The Celtics are expected to match any offer. While it's widely reported the... [More]

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Bask in the glory that is Stephon Marbury

Did you miss the Starbury marathon yesterday?  I’ll admit, I missed a lot of it too… but that’s ok.  Because we can easily re-live the glorious 24 hours that was.  UStream.TV has chopped up a bunch of the stream into videos you can watch whenever you want.  And if that’s too much, you can just... [More]

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The Week in Review

For those not checking the site 10 times daily, here are the high and low points from this week: Stephon Marbury streams 24 hours of his life live on the web. Deep. Really deep. KG is working with General Mills on a super-charged Wheaties and Paul Pierce is flashing the bling and/or gang signs. We... [More]

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How Much Better Does Andre Miller Make Portland?

Via Yahoo! Sports: Andrew Miller will accept a three-year, $22 million offer to sign with the Portland Trail Blazers, a source close to the free-agent guard said on Friday. The first two seasons of the contract are guaranteed while the third year is a team option. Trail Blazers general manager Kevin Pritchard cautioned that “nothing... [More]

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LeBron Becoming a Diva?

Via Phil Taylor of Some diva tendencies are starting to show, first pouting after a big loss and now trying to suppress video that shows him as something less than a superman for about five seconds. It's a little like an actress who won't allow herself to be photographed unless her makeup is on... [More]

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Celtics Dancers in Bikinis

Leave it to Fox to post the best pics/video of the Celtics dancer auditions. I’m the idiot for checking first. Enjoy!... [More]

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Watch Starbury Live

He's on from 6am today to 6am tomorrow.  Now… I was under the impression he was going to be talking for 24 hours with a few breaks.  I tuned in at 9am and saw him just waking up.  As I type this, he's on his knees saying a prayer.  He's on for 24 hours… so... [More]

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Expect Decision on Marquis Daniels Very Soon

Via Marc Spears of Yahoo!: The Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers will likely decide by the end of the week whether guard Marquis Daniels will receive Boston’s $1.99 million biannual exception or come to the team via a sign-and-trade deal. A sign-and-trade would allow the Celtics to save their biannual exception and potentially give Daniels... [More]

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KG Backs New & Improved Wheaties

General Mills Inc. said Thursday it will launch a new version of Wheaties it says is designed for athletes, with input from athletes such as NFL quarterback Peyton Manning and NBA star Kevin Garnett. The Golden Valley-based company says it is testing three types of the new version of Wheaties with athletes and some readers... [More]

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