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The REAL Reason LeBron & Pierce Were Off

"Hey Paul…. SURPRISE!!" Thanks to Danno for submitting this Herald photo in the comments.... [More]

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Game 1 MVP’s: Pierce / Posey

Let's get one thing straight right away:  KG was a monster that shut a lot of people up.  He carried the team offensively, and he drove hard the hoop for what turned out to be a game winning layup.  Awesome game for KG… and that aggressiveness should scare Cavs fans. But I want to make... [More]

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The Cobra!

There are 3 dozen photographers and probably a dozen TNT television cameras… and THIS is the only shot of KG doing "the Cobra?"  C'mon.  ... [More]

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First and foremost, let me state the Celtics won and in the playoffs that is all that matters. But this was the worst NBA game I've ever watched. Before I delve into the ugliness, props to KG for a monster game (28 pts, 8 reb) including a clutch shot that put the Celtics ahead for... [More]

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Chatting With The Enemy

One of the cool things about blogging is the camaraderie with other blogs.  We're always working on stuff together.  So Rick over at WaitingForNextYear.com, a Cleveland sports blog, have decided to get together for some conversations throughout the series.  Here's what we've come up with today. WFNY:Why don't we start with the front court matchups-... [More]

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Memo To Pierce: Attack LeBron

Sometimes… the best defense is a great offense.  And maybe the best way Paul Pierce can defend LeBron James is by going at him on the offensive end. By attacking LeBron, Paul will do one of 2 things.  He'll either force LeBron to expend more energy than he wants on the defensive end… or LeBron... [More]

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Australia = Awesome

Australia is more than just Dingos eating babies… and bootings of michevious 4th graders.  They have heroes patrolling the streets in classic Celtics jackets and whacky mustaches… belittling similarly mustachioed douchebags LakersFans with what appears to be some sort of Australian, one-finger salute.  This hero is Ryan… who emailed me the photo… andthe circumstances behind... [More]

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Free Advice

The Cavaliers are a desperate team.  Their management has posed as the  'And One' Cavs blog on Cleveland.com (The Cleveland Plain Dealer website)… to solicit our advice.  Well OK Mike Brown "Carolyn"… here are the things Cleveland needs to do… to beat the Celtics. Tip 1:  Avoid KG Conventional wisdom is to go at KG… and... [More]

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The Celtics Speak

A little something for our West Coast readers…. or those of you who are up late out here.  WBZ TV was at practice.  Here are a few clips: Doc Rivers on Posey's Role (wait… did someone ask him about  my crazy idea about starting Pose?) KG on LeBron Ray Allen on team Camaraderie Rondo, Pierce on facing... [More]

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Game 7 Intros

Game 7 Intros

For those of you who didn't make it to game 7… this is the intro that made the Hawks poop themselves before the game – update– video not available right now.  sorry.  I'll see if I can find another one.... [More]

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