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Noteworthy Games

Minutes after my previous post, I find the entire Celtics schedule. I'm taking a quick scan through the list of games, and here are some of the good matchups: Tuesday, November 4th at Houston – Our Big 3 against the Rockets' Big Three Sunday, 11/9 at Detroit - Rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals Friday 12/12 vs... [More]

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Mark Your Calendar

We've learned the Celtics season kicks off Tuesday, October 28th against the LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. That's the night Banner 17 will be hoisted to the rafters. We're still awaiting the release of the remainder of the schedule. Here's the latest from the Globe: The Celtics will open the defense of their 17th NBA championship with a... [More]

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Blame the Playboy Bunnies

Look, I'm catching a lot of heat around here for "going tabloid" with the Paul Pierce story. I promised myself that I would let the story die, unless some vital information was uncovered. Well, I found that vital information. Some dude named Norm, who writes a gossip column for the Las Vegas Review Journal, has this... [More]

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Pierce Not Talking About Vegas

Not surprisingly, neither Paul Pierce nor the Celtics are willing to talk about the incident in Las Vegas that resulted in the Finals MVP sporting police handcuffs for about 15 minutes.  Here's what the Globe is reporting today: The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department reported that Pierce had been handcuffed after making an illegal lane change in... [More]

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Hey Paul, the Party is Over

For the past six weeks, the Celtics have partied like rock stars. There was the parade in Boston, a weekend of big parties in Vegas (and that four hour massage) and numerous appearances on late night talk shows. But upon hearing that Paul Pierce was pulled over and nearly busted for DUI, it's time to flick on... [More]

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More Pierce Details

So in the midst of the apparently hour long ordeal, Paul Pierce was handcuffed by Las Vegas PD. Though Bill Cassell, Metro’s public information officer, said he didn’t have the exact details about why Pierce was cuffed, he said it often happens when “an individual is loudly hostile.” “You have to remember he’s a big... [More]

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Pierce Pulled Over; TMZ Goes Overboard

Paul Pierce was pulled over in Vegas.  He was given TWO field sobriety tests… AND a breathalyzer.  He passed all three.  Then he decided to take a cab home afterwards.  Yet TMZ.com (and its idiot readers) decides there is still something fishy about it.  So three DUI tests, not cited for erratic driving, decides to take... [More]

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Stick It To Lakers Fans

Sick of Lakers fans who still talk trash even after losing the championship? Then stick it to them… with one of these.  Bonus points for those of you out in Los Angeles who wear one of these around.  As always… photographic proof will make it onto the front page.  If you don't want this shirt... [More]

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The Greeks Want LeBron

Everyone knows LeBron James becomes a free agent in 2010. In fact, some teams (the Nets) are already clearing cap space to make a run at King James. You can add Olympiakos to the mix. According to SI.com's Ian Thomsen, the popular Greek team has interest in LeBron. Before you laugh them off, consider this:... [More]

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JR Giddens Is REALLY Happy To Be Here

JR Giddens hasn't even officially been signed yet… but he's thrilled to be part of the team.  Not only that… he knows what its going to take to make an impact: NBA.com: So what’s the new move coming out for this year? J.R. Giddens: The new one coming out, it’s gonna be called [Here he... [More]

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