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That was TEN years ago?

Brandi Chastain’s shirt-stripping celebration happened at the Women’s World Cup 10 years ago this past weekend. You might be wondering why we care about Brandi Chastain running around in her sports bra 10 years after the fact.  But for those of you with good memories, it’s an excuse for us to post a classic KG... [More]

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Giddens Summer League interview

Giddens Summer League interview

Watch for the nice flush down the lane at the end. (Via Lex Nihil Novi)... [More]

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Hudson has surgery on broken finger

Lester Hudson is recovering from surgery to repair the finger he broke while bracing himself during a fall in the Orlando Summer League. "I caught myself with that hand, and ended up breaking my finger," Hudson said. "The doctors have been great up here, and said I should be back in about a month." Hudson... [More]

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The Demise of A.I.

At one time, Allen Iverson was the most explosive player in the NBA. Now, he's having a hard time finding a team. The problem? A me-first attitude. Rather than seek a short-term, small money contract with a contending team, the 34-year old Iverson wants to go to a place where he can start and get... [More]

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Peter Vecsey is a Hall of Famer?

Via the NY Post: Peter Vecsey, the ultimate NBA insider, is heading inside the Basketball Hall of Fame. Vecsey, The Post's NBA columnist nationally renowned for his irreverent, always ahead-of-the-curve "Hoop Du Jour," will be inducted during festivities on Sept. 10-11 in Springfield, Mass., after receiving the Curt Gowdy Media Award. I'm guessing Vecsey didn't... [More]

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Tony Parker’s Summer Vacation, Part II

That's Tony Parker holding one giant bottle of champagne at his brother's birthday celebration in Paris. The last time we saw Parker, he was enjoying the warm waters of the Mediterranean with his wife Eva Longoria. (More pics of the wife, after the jump) Meanwhile, I'm sweating my ass off painting my kid's room. (Image... [More]

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A shirt you’re “Guaran-SHEED” to love

Introducing our newest T-shirt. I think it speaks for itself.  I'd love to see a bunch of these out there on opening night.  You can click on the image to check out that particular shirt, or you can go to our store and check out all the other different styles that design is on.  All... [More]

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Paul Pierce Needs His Rest

Marc Spears lays out a very good case for reducing Paul Pierce's minutes this season: During six April games, Pierce averaged 34 minutes, shot 50.5 percent from the field, and made 44.1 percent of his 3-pointers. During 15 games in March, he averaged 39 minutes, shot 47.1 percent from the field, and 37.5 percent from... [More]

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Villanueva, Bosh race to 50K on Twitter

Villanueva, Bosh race to 50K on Twitter

I'll admit it… I'm getting to be a bit of a twitter addict.  I know some of you are too *cough* *cough* KWAPT *cough*. So I'm thoroughly enjoying Chris Bosh and Charlie Villanueva racing to 50,000 followers.  Here's Charlie to explain things: How awesome would it be to see Chris Bosh doing that?  Imagine… Bosh... [More]

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Talkin’ Sheed

I'll be talking Sheed today on  Their live broadcast is on right now (12:30pm) and I'll be on a 1:40 to talk about the Sheed signing.  They're Cleveland guys, so I'm gonna be busting their balls hard about way overpaying Andy Varejao.... [More]

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