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Let's blame this ass-whooping on the fact the Celtics didn't check-in to their hotel until 4:15am. They sure played like a team half-asleep.  Box Score | Recap Hot cheerleader pic after the jump….... [More]

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I’m Getting Sick Of This

It seemed like every time Rajon Rondo went to the hole last night, he ended up on the deck.  For a short stretch there, it seemed like it was happening every other play.  And it's not like he popped right back up, either.  One one play, he landed, literally, right on his butt.  Not one... [More]

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Good Defense or Bad Offense or Both?

  I wanna give the Celtics defense full credit for tonight's manhandling of the Chicago Bulls. When you see stats like 80 pts, 30% FG and 21 TOs – you gotta cite the defense right? Yes, but the Bulls were absolutely hideous on their own. As Mike and Tommy pointed out numerous times, shot selection was... [More]

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Da Bulls

The Celtics beat up on the Bulls pretty badly last year, but I'm expecting a (mildly) competitive game tonight. Remember Luol Deng gives Paul Pierce fits. I wish I could back that statement up with facts, but I'm not so good with research on this internet thingy. New Bulls coach Vinny Del Negro has shaken up the... [More]

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Shank 4 Months Late On Pierce Tribute

The Celtics won the title in June.  You know… when the leaves that just fell off the trees we just little buds?  So even if you wanted to let the taste of cigar and champagne sink in for a little while, the time to finally acknowledge that Paul Pierce has entered the pantheon of all-time... [More]

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More Awards for the Truth

Courtesy: Bostonsportz.com Our friends at Bostonsportz.com have named Paul Pierce their Bostonian of the Week. Paul's play in the season opening win over the Cavs has been overshadowed by his weepy appearance during the ring/banner ceremony. Not only did the Truth drop 27 pts (10-19FG) on LBJ, but he did so without much help from his... [More]

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Thank You Mr. D.

He's the guy that bailed us out against Cleveland. In the second half, Mr. D took the court.  Suddenly, there were no easy baskets.  Cleveland's shots were challenged.  They weren't given second chances.  The boys in white had their best buddy back, and they were all shutting LeBron and the Cavs down.  Mr. Defense smacked the Celtics... [More]

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Hey Lakers…

(Via ColtMonday.com)... [More]

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It's back! (Via Ball Don't Lie)... [More]

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Last Night’s Fan Videos

Last Night’s Fan Videos

Just a sampling of the videos from last night's banner raising that some fans have posted on YouTube.  If you have a video or photos, pass them along.... [More]

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