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Pre Game: Eddie’s Focused, Team Is Loose

The Globe is at the Garden… and has provided us with a couple of interesting tidbits.  First… Sam Cassell is acting like he's expecting another DNP Not sure how much to read into this, but Eddie House stayed on the court after the Celtics' walkthrough and took jumpers (he looks locked-in). Sam Cassell stood on... [More]

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Today’s Crew

Your officiating crew this afternoon… since it seems to matter.  Click on the name for the gambling stats of game in which they've officiated.  Click on the photo for their National Basketball Referees Association bio Bennett Salvatore: Ken Mauer: Eddie F. Rush:... [More]

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More Of The Same

A lot of people are looking for something big to happen this afternoon. LeBron's big break-out game… Ray Allen's big break-out game… something. But its been 6 games now.  So you can expect today to be more of the same:  Pierce and LeBron knocking the crap out of one another… Ray Allen struggling to get... [More]

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Add A 4th Referee

In the NBA, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett are all considered on the back 9 of their careers… because they're over 30.  I mean… who the hell can expect them to keep up with phenoms like LeBron James… Chris Paul… Dwight Howard… and so on? Yet… 50 year-old Joe Derosa, 63 year-old Joe Forte,... [More]

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Can They Beat Us?

Can we really lose to LeBron James and his band of role players (I got physically ill watching Wally drain that 25-footer with 2 minutes left last night) in a Game 7 at the Garden? Put a gun to my head and force me to make decision, I'm going with the Celtics. There's no denying this... [More]

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Game 7, Part II

Classic bag job. Dick Bavetta and Co. gift-wrapped this one for the Cavs. Joe Forte gets credit for the worst call of the night: a charge on Paul Pierce with :49 left (Watch it here) which should have been called a block or reach on  LeBron James. See you Sunday. Box Score | Recap  ... [More]

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Be Road Warriors

(via BostonSportz)... [More]

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Understanding Home Court Advantage

Home teams are 20-1 in the 2nd round of the playoffs… so the Celtics aren't alone in having issues away from home.  The Garbage Time All-Stars have tackled that in their usual Friday NBA Comic on Ball Don't Lie .   I'm a Tim Duncan fan… but the shot they take at him is hysterical.  Also included in the comic:  LeBron... [More]

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One thing we know… basketball will be played in Boston on Sunday.  The only thing we need to figure out is if we'll be playing Cleveland… or Detroit.  The Celtics fans I've been talking to are feeling confident about tonight.  Part of it is because we've seen Rondo step up… Paul Pierce go to the... [More]

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The Chuck Wagon May Lose Thumbs

Chuck and I are both avid purveyors in… ahem… 'games of chance'.  So I feel like I must specify that this post is about Charles Barkley… not our own resident degenerate gambler Chuck McKenney.  The rich Chuck may not be as rich as we thought. Wynn Las Vegas filed a lawsuit in District Court on... [More]

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