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“I’m Callin’ Your Ass ‘Dwight'”

The headline is the best line from the new Addidas Commercial called "The Run".  It's just a few guys…. you  know… KG, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan, Tracy McGrady…. and more… getting together to run some ball.  Some of it is canned, commercial stuff.  Some of it is funny.  The KG/Dwight Howard stuff is the best.... [More]

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Welcome To The Bandwagon Flav

That's Flavor Flav and Slick Rick at the VH 1 Hip Hop Awards.  Just wanted to say welcome aboard the bandwagon.  Props to you for at least rockin' the Bird jersey.  After the jump, some classic Public Enemy videos (so we can scrub the "Flava of Love" crap out of our head) and a Slick... [More]

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Tony Allen  >  Posey

Tony Allen > Posey

So says…. Tony Allen. “I truly believe that I am a better player than Pose. I don’t want to toot my own horn and make it sound like that, but that’s how I feel. I mean, I let the coaches evaluate that. That’s just how I feel.” Well… at least he's confident.  All I got to... [More]

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Get Him To San Francisco

Any chance we can excuse Ray Allen for 10 days so he can run the Pats offense? Here's a different thought:  When the 2nd round of the NBA draft comes around next year… all the other GM's in the league should just pull their pants down and bend over… because Danny Ainge keeps boning them... [More]

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“MVP Of This Practice”

Who would Doc Rivers call the MVP of yesterday's practice? Anyone? Anyone? “I told Tony [Allen] that today he was the MVP of this practice,” coach Doc Rivers said yesterday. “Today he really allowed the offense to come to him. “His confidence has always been up and down, but it’s clearly getting better. He was... [More]

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That’s Not The Bynum I Know

This is going to inspire a lot of "If he was here in the Finals, we'd have won" talk from Lakers trolls… but THAT'S not the Bynum that would have shown up.  Someone spent some time in the weight room while rehabbing that hopelessly destroyed knee. Ball Don't Lie has the "before" photo for comparison's... [More]

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Wicked Early Preview

Training camp is one day old… which means it's a perfect time for predictions! Actually… this is part of a massive effort in the NBA blogosphere to put together previews for every team.  It's coordinated by Jeff at CelticsBlog and it will feature previews by something like 70 different blogs all month long.  Today, we… along... [More]

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Drills Yes, Contact No

Here's the latest on Kendrick Perkins and his surgically repaired shoulder: "He can run up and down the floor, as long as no one else is running up and down the floor with him," Rivers said. On Tuesday, Perkins ran sprints the width of the court with the rest of the team during the portion... [More]

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Wire To Wire

Just an FYI to everyone else in the league… We're going wire to wire.  We're not alonein thinking that.  Also… here's little video from NECN:  KG on the loss of James Posey (and more if you look at the links to the right). Ball Don't Lie has a big write-up (and photos) from KG's big NBA 2K9... [More]

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Brace Yourselves…

Tony Allen has finally taken off the knee brace.  He could have taken it off last year… but he didn't.  He didn't take it off because it was his binky.  Yeah… it's easy for me to say… because I didn't tear MY knee to shreds in the prior season.  But we all know where his head was at. ... [More]

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