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The awesomness that is Stephon Marbury

At 9pm last night, I logged on to check out Stephon Marbury's live broadcast… and it was one of the most entertaining couple of hours I've witnessed in a while. The first 45 minutes or so was a hysterical train-wreck of Steph trying to get his camera to work.  He must have asked "Can... [More]

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LeBron video hitting the web tonight!

Here's more proof that LeBron and Nike are idiots for confiscating that tape of him getting dunked on. There's one video of the dunk… and it's going to go up on just before 7pm.  That's right… TMZ.  So instead of it living on somewhere as a funny little YouTube moment… TMZ is now involved. ... [More]

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Nets’ Baby Talk A Lot of Babble

Via the New York Post: Glen "Big Baby" Davis? Yup, the Nets have inquired. Same with Lamar Odom and Marvin Williams and Drew Gooden and just about every other frontcourt free agent. But, of course, asking about and acquiring are in two vastly different arenas. Several Nets sources confirmed the team's interest in Davis, but... [More]

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Thank You Celtics, It’s Gonna Be a Wild Night

The wife has uncorked my bottle of Celtics wine (courtesy Comcast and the Boston Winery). Upon hearing that she actually likes it, I've decided to alert the masses that I will be indisposed for the rest of the evening. When you are married with kids and the wife decides to get drunk, you don't let... [More]

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Watch Marbury live… and new Two Man Game

Just an FYI for those of you waiting for word on Stephon Marbury.  He's doing a live UStream show at 9pm.  Check it out to see if he breaks any news. And if he breaks any news, we'll be talking about on a new edition of The Two Man Game.  We're live at 9pm tomorrow…... [More]

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Rumor: Marbury Will Resign With Celtics

Via NES247: A source tells NES247 that Stephon Marbury will be returning to Boston, possibly for the bi-annual exception, before the end of August. Marbury is still playing the waiting game to see what other teams have to offer, but he intends on returning to Boston and Ainge has already given him a contract offer.... [More]

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Chris Paul teases sneaker heads

I'm sure Nike is going to take notice of how leaked material catches fire and spreads through the internet faster than any ad or attempt at viral marketing.  Chris Paul snuck a picture of those kicks… apparently a special version of the Air Jordan XI's… during a trip to the Nike HQ.  Now I'm seeing... [More]

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Ainge to coach Maine Red Claws

Ok… that was an admittedly deceptive headline aimed at grabbing your attention.  But it's not false.  Danny's son Austin will officially be named head coach of the Maine Red Claws today. Ainge is a 2007 graduate from BYU, and played in three NCAA Tournaments for the Cougars. He was an assistant coach at Southern Utah... [More]

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Celtics Offered BBD, Pruitt & Giddens for Maxiell

Celtics Offered BBD, Pruitt & Giddens for Maxiell

Via Marc Spears: The Celtics have said they would match any reasonable offer for Davis. The Detroit Pistons, New Orleans Hornets and Portland Trail Blazers, league sources said, tried to work a sign-and-trade deal for Davis only to be rebuffed by the Celtics. Boston did offer Davis and guards J.R. Giddens and Gabe Pruitt to... [More]

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Marbury continues to love Boston

Stephon Marbury has taken to Twitter to show Boston some love before… and he's doing it again.  In fact, he mentions Boston almost every time he's on Twitter.  This time, he's defending us against the haters. From @mokalus@starburymarbury just forget the haters.. 99% of those haters are from boston, and 99% of boston don't really... [More]

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