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D’Antoni Accepts Knicks Job

Dammit… the Knicks are starting to make good moves.  Now they're getting Mike D'Antoni Mike D'Antoni has accepted an offer to coach the New York Knicks, according to a media reports.  The former Phoenix Suns coach, who was also sought by the Chicago Bulls, has accepted a four-year, $24 million deal to take over the... [More]

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Cavs Favored By 2

For those of you who are inclined to wager…. our sponsor, BetUS.com, currently has the Cavs giving 2 to the C's tonight. I've said all along… if the Cavs win any game in this series… its this one.  I think the 2 might be baiting C's fans to lay some cash on the home team. ... [More]

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Video Break

Video Break

That's Doc Rivers getting custom fitted for suits… and he also talks a little about the style of the other players on the team… which player comments most on his suits… and how dressing up for the game has become a little bit of a competition. Some other videos out there… via Boston.tv Glen 'Big... [More]

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Hey LeBron… Have Some Veal

On Thursday, we hear the "overrated" chant at the Garden.  For anyone not in the know… it came from the last series… when Deshawn Stevenson called LeBron overrated.  Jay Z responded by recording a song dissing DeShawn.  Another rapper, Proverb, responded with a diss track of his own. And now the Celtics are involved… with... [More]

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Hostile Environment

This seems to be the common theme (besides "LeBron blows") of this series. LBJ and KG both have used it frequently when describing home court advantage. As far as I see it, there are two forces colliding in Game 3. Let's start with the obvious: The Cavs will feed off their crowd, benefit from their "home" rims and... [More]

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Wallace Out, Sideshow Andy In

Ben Wallace could very well be out for tomorrow night's game 3. Cavaliers starting forward Ben Wallace is doubtful for Game 3 of Cleveland's playoff series against the Boston Celtics because of allergies and a left inner ear infection. Wallace underwent a series of tests at the Cleveland Clinic on Friday. The team said the... [More]

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Crazy Lakers Fan Takes On KG

Crazy Lakers Fan Takes On KG

You remember this whack-job… he did the "Prince" Kobe song.  Its a take-off on those Volkswagen ads.  If you haven't seen them… here's the one with Heidi Klum.  There's also one where Bob Knight throws a chair. Seriously though… I know we've still got, like, 8 series left to play before we get to the... [More]

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We’ve Broken Their Spirit

We've had some fun with the other bloggers out there covering the Cavs.  We'll continue to do that… but I wanted to share what the WFNY crew is feeling… and it ain't good. The saying goes “Fool me once, shame on you….fool me twice, shame on me.” Well, the Wizards blowout was the first one.... [More]

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Don’t Change A Thing

Boston fans are great.  LeBron has a bad night?  No problem… have a seat in our front row and we'll make sure there's at least one happy ending to your night.  Welcome to Massachusetts, buddy. LeBron James WILL hit his shots again.  We all know that.  Right now.. they're backing off of him… daring him to... [More]

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LeBron’s Our Bitch

The Celtics defense against LeBron James is downright Belichick-ian. Simply put: They are in this guy's head. The King followed up his 2-18 FG, 10 TO masterpiece in Game 1 with a 6-24 FG, 7 TO beauty in Game 2. I doubt he's ever had a worse two game stretch in his life. Ray Allen came... [More]

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