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So THAT’S what Bill Walker sounds like

I'm sure Bill Walker has given interviews before, but I'll be damned if I've heard one.  But for 7 minutes, Bill talked to New England Cable News about everything from how the C's are the team to beat to how he still watches cartoons, to how he's working with kids to help them make healthy... [More]

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Anyone Worried About KG’s Knee or Rondo’s Head?

Via TrueHoop's Ten Summer Stories to Watch: When healthy, the Celtics of Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett are essentially unbeatable. They won a championship their one full season together and almost beat the Eastern Conference champion Magic without Garnett a few months ago. Garnett has been out of sight all summer.... [More]

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Celtics Lowball Glen Davis

Via the Boston Herald: A league source also confirmed that the Celtics finally started discussing numbers with Davis over the last week, and made an offer that was considered disappointing by the Davis camp. Davis started free agency with the hope of earning mid-level ($5.8 million) money, but has yet to draw any offers beyond... [More]

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Remember: Two Man Game tonight at 9

One more friendly reminder that the latest edition of The Two Man Game goes live tonight at 9pm.  We've also added another guest to tonight's lineup. At 9pm, Tom Ziller of NBA Fanhouse and Sactown Royalty will join us.  He's really one of the biggest names in blogging today…so it will be a good time.... [More]

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Will Dwight Howard Finally Have a Go-To Move?

Via the Orlando Sentinel: "Hakeem Olajuwon had the Dream Shake, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar had the Sky Hook, and we're working on a go-to move for Dwight," McCray said. "He has an unbelievable work ethic. He's Superman in Orlando. He's Superman in the NBA. But he works to be Superman. He just doesn't wake up and put... [More]

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Meeting Mrs. Shelden Williams

The Celtics are signing a power forward who isn't as good a player as his wife. Yup, Shelden Williams is married to the best women's basketball player on the planet – Candace Parker. Shelden isn't even the 2nd best baller in the family – that goes to Candace's brother – Cavalier guard Anthony Parker. But... [More]

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Updates on BBD and Marquis Daniels (Kinda, Not Really)

Here's what the Indy Star has to say about the Daniels sign-and-trade: There's been little progress made between the Pacers and Celtics on a possible sign-and-trade deal for Marquis Daniels. The Pacers aren't interested in guard Tony Allen, who the Celtics are willing to move. The Pacers don't want TA – I can't imagine why.... [More]

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Wyc Is Supremely Confident

Via Ken Berger of CBS Sports: "I think we should be the favorites in the conference, hands down," Grousbeck said after emerging from a 3 1-2 hour bargaining session between the NBA owners and the players' union. "And we’re going to start proving that Oct. 27." How can you not love an owner with balls? It's one thing... [More]

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Reminder: Call-In Show Tomorrow Night

 Lots going on. We got the Shelden Williams signing, the Big Baby saga, the never-ending Marquis Daniels sign-and-trade speculation, the Bruce Bowen rumors and the newly released schedule. If you've never listened, now is a good time to start. You can also go back and listen to past shows by visiting this page. Wednesday at... [More]

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Bask in Delonte West’s freestyle glory

Bask in Delonte West’s freestyle glory

I wish I could write up something better than the description on the YouTube page:  "This is what happens when u gotta wait 18 minutes for your chicken @ the KFC" Beware, the lyrics are hysterically NSFW. ... [More]

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