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Christmas Kicks

It looked like everyone was wearing clown shoes on Christmas.  I'm all for limited edition shoes… but I think they took the green & red Christmas thing a hair too far. Nevertheless… NiceKicks.com has a full rundown of all the shoes both the Laker and Celtics were wearing on Christmas day. Here are a couple... [More]

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What the Hell Happened?

Sorry to dump a load on you this morning while you're eating your breakfast. Just felt the above photo was the best way to represent the Celtics loss to the Warriors. Everything seemed fine in the first half (what I witnessed before passing out falling asleep), but apparently Doc knew his team wasn't going to... [More]

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Perkins Will Not Play Tonight

Perk will not play against the Warriors. According to Comcast's Greg Dickerson, he's got some type of muscle problem with his left shoulder. If you missed it, he injured himself in the first half of the Lakers game but it didn't keep him from playing the rest of the game.  Dickerson said Doc didn't find... [More]

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The Full Kevin Garnett Piece

Here's the whole piece on Kevin Garnett from halftime of the Suns/Spurs game. Thanks to LD2K for the video. FYI to Celtics fans, this isn't the LD2K that has acted like an ass in the comments.  He's actually cool… for a Lakers fan.... [More]

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Time To Move On

So it wasn't the best ending to Christmas.  The C's didn't look great, and it's giving C's haters plenty of ammunition.  That's fine.  They can talk all they want in December.  I'm more concerned with June.  But I'm officially bored with the Lakers trolls now. The C's are in Oakland, and they won't be seeing... [More]

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Sasha Vujacic is a Fool

My Sasha Vujacic annoyance level reached an all-time high when I stumbled upon this photo. Dude – it was a regular season game. Stop acting like you went 15-rounds with Ivan Drago. Now that was a Christmas day battle that meant something. I prefer to remember you this way:... [More]

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Part Of The Garnett Piece on ABC

Part Of The Garnett Piece on ABC

Here's a brief part of the piece ABC ran on Kevin Garnett last night.  This is the one that ran during countdown.  I'm still looking for the one from halftime. After the jump, the Rondo to KG alley oop from last night.... [More]

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You Know, We Still Get To Keep These

Consider this just a memo to the Lakers trolls who think last night's game was anything more than a win.  The Celtics are still wearing rings.  And the Finals are 6 months away. There's not much that can be said about last night's game.  In my opinion, the game was right there for the Celtics... [More]

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The Streak is Over

I want to blame the bench for this loss (13 total points, Powe and House combined for 3 pts), but that's hard to do when the game is tied at 81 with 3 minutes left. Pau Gasol (yes – PAU GASOL) dominated crunch time with 7 points and 1 huge blocked shot. The Lakers were... [More]

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Merry Christmas

It's finally here!!  Christmas.  You know what I love?  The fact that the best Christmas gift for Celtics fans is merely the arrival of Christmas itself. And later, we'll get another Christmas gift:  A win in LA that will be easier than a lot of people expect.  LA is too outwardly hyped for this game. ... [More]

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