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Everyone Wants In

File this one under "what a difference a year makes." The better part of my adult life has been spent wondering why free agents don't want to come to Boston… and regular readers know that's a long time.  But all of a sudden, everyone wants to wear green.  Danny Ainge is getting calls from all over... [More]

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This one was tough to watch. Has a Celtics blowout win (107-82) ever been more boring? The fact I'm asking that question shows I'm already complacent with this team's success. That's pretty messed up, considering all the crap I've put up with over the past decade. As for this game, the Celtics completely dominated the... [More]

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Ben Wallace Out

Comcast Sportsnet just did an interview with Ben Wallace where he said he was out tonight.  Big Ben had 8 points and 14 boards the last time around… so expect things to get a bit easier in the middle for the C's... [More]

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Return Of The Glove?

One of the subplots that came out of the Detroit game is the Celtics lack of a backup point guard.  I think a lot of people have this same feeling:  Eddie House is doing a great job as a shooter off the bench, but he's not a point guard.  Detroit pulled the old run-and-jump defense…... [More]

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Now On Barstool

One very awesome moment is getting lost since we lost last night's game… Ray Allen's dunk Ray Allen… who by all media accounts is 53 years old and has joints that are held together with bubble gum and twine… ripped off a wrap-around dunk in the fourth quarter that got the Garden crowd into a... [More]

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Bad Time To Be A Bull…

There are plenty of reasons to be both happy and upset after last night's game.  Obviously, we hate to lose.  And that pump fake… ugh… that will probably stick with Tony Allen for a long time.  But we can also look at the game this way:  Chauncey Billups probably did more harm than good to the... [More]

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Not There Yet

I'm eating a big bowl of crow right now. Chauncey Billups (28 pts, 8 assts) absolutely killed the Celtics tonight. With all due respect to Rajon Rondo, who disappeared after a solid first half, Billups lived up to his Mr. Big Shot nickname. He abused anyone and everyone the Celtics threw at him in the... [More]

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Applauding J.A. Adande

JA Adande drops some serious knowledge in his latest piece on the Celtics, and their unwarranted shunning by the black community: Let's just say it: To fans who came of age during the NBA's glory days of the 1980s, the Celtics have long been considered a "white team." They were Larry Bird's team when Magic... [More]

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Doc On The Mic

Doc Rivers will be wearing a mic for tonight's game  Celtics coach Doc Rivers will be mic’d up for tonight’s nationally-televised broadcast. Rivers will be interviewed live during tonight’s game. All coaches will be mic’d up at some point this season, but this is the first time for Rivers. Rivers will also wear a microphone... [More]

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Pistons Hype, Day 3: The Key Matchup

They are the big, bad Pistons.  "Beasts of the East."  Playoff mainstays with guys like Hamilton, Wallace and Billups. We are the sleek, new Celtics.  A collection of talent vying to return glory to the greatest franchise in NBA history…  lead by guys like Garnett, Pierce and Allen. And in the end, it's Rajon Rondo... [More]

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