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Perk In, Powe Out?

From Marc Spears: Celtics center Kendrick Perkins had a strong workout during shootaround this morning at the Petersen Event Center in Pittsburgh in preparation for tonight's preseason game against Cleveland. It will be the exhibition debut for Perkins, who had offseason shoulder surgery. And according to Greg Dickerson, Leon Powe is questionable for tonight's game... [More]

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Oh Boo Hoo

We love Bill "You Tube" Walker.  He's a scrappy, aggressive, and he takes no crap from anyone. Is that the view of him through green glasses?  It is if you ask Brett Edwards at FanHouse.  Dude, it's pre-season, and you're a rookie. Stop starting brawls in the first quarter and show a little respect, my... [More]

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Last Night’s Sox Highlights

Last Night’s Sox Highlights

Not good. Hey… The Celtics are playing tonight at 7:30.  Depending on how Wakefield looks tonight… maybe it might be time to check in and see how Perk's shoulder is holding up.  He might play.... [More]

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The Beast Returns

Frank Dell'Apa reports Kendrick Perkins was back at practice today.  In a related story, Doc Rivers just delivered the quote of the year so far: "I thought he gave and lot of good hits. I don't know if they were intentional but two or three people went down and Perk was standing near them, so... [More]

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NBA Layoffs

Remember when I questioned how the economy might affect ticket sales and sports as a whole? Here's one way:  The NBA is laying 80 people off.  Oh… and season ticket sales are dropping league wide: LONDON — The NBA is laying off 9 percent of its work force over worries about the U.S. economy, commissioner... [More]

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Big Improvements

One of the question marks going into the preseason was our low post play.  How will Perk's shoulder be?  What's Patrick O'Bryant going to really do for us?  Will Glen Davis and Leon Powe continue their surprising progression? We'll start finding out about Perk's shoulder later this week… and Leon is making the most of... [More]

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Scal Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

There is a growing sentiment out there that the Celtics should cut Brian Scalabrine.  And no matter what you say about Scal… he's not getting cut. Marc Spears mentions this at the end of his piece on James Posey today.  The point, simply, is that the Celtics are not going to eat the remaining $6.6... [More]

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Pruitt’s Time To Shine

The of the few times preseason wins and losses really matter is when a team has an opportunity to win a game in its final possession.  Last night, the Celtics had that opportunity, and it fell to Gabe Pruitt to make things happen. And he did.  What we're seeing is the first evidence that his... [More]

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It didn't take Crazy Ron Artest long to influence the entire Rockets team. Artest continues to embarass himself with his "defensive play." He brutalized Paul Pierce and Ray Allen tonight in NH. The always soft and playoff gag-master Tracy McGrady got into the mix by shoving Bill Walker to the ground and then mixing it... [More]

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Pierce Leaves Game With Neck Injury

Paul Pierce was mugged by Ron Artest on the way to the hole in the first quarter… and ended up leaving the game with some sort of neck injury.  It didn't look horrible… but it was enough to send him to the locker room. Artest followed that up by hip-checking Ray Allen out of bounds... [More]

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