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Add Leon to the List

Leon Powe suffered a bruised right knee in the first quarter and – according to Greg Dickerson – will not return in this game. Yes, that was J.R. Giddens on the court.... [More]

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Ugh… Now Pierce Is Sick

According to the Herald. CHICAGO — Eddie House went through the morning shootaround and pronounced himself fit for tonight’s game against the Bulls. He had missed Monday’s practice after twisting his left ankle in Milwaukee Sunday. … Paul Pierce also went through this morning’s session, but he’s battling a sore throat. Pierce plans to spend... [More]

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Chuck’s Ad With KG

This is a big day for Chuck… who starred in an ad with Kevin Garnett.  They called us up and said "do you have a dumpy guy with a pathetic story?"… and well… you see the result. Alright… this is actually Kevin Garnett's new G2 ad with some other guy named Kevin who had some... [More]

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“Not Ready to Push the Panic Button”

The Truth on the state of the Celtics: “You know what? My attitude is that wherever we fall, that’s where it’s going to be,” Paul Pierce [stats] said after yesterday’s practice at Moody Bible Institute. “Regardless of how hard the road may look from whatever seed we get, it’s going to be hard anyway to... [More]

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Fine, Hate Us Then

I've said it before, and I'll say it again… people love to hate Boston… and that's fine with me. The latest example:  The Celtics have three players on a most hated players list compiled by a gaggle of bloggers. 9. Paul Pierce.  Perennial loser in Boston until Danny Ainge made a deal with the Devil... [More]

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This Is A New One

Charlie Villanueva is apparently a Twitter addict.  So much so, that it seems he snuck back into the locker room before the half ended yesterday to update everyone. In da locker room, snuck to post my twitt. We're playing the Celtics, tie ball game at da half. Coach wants more toughness. I gotta step up.10:17... [More]

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House Skips Practice

According to the Globe Ten Celtics players scrimmaged hard this morning without subs, getting some rare work in at this point in the season. Point guard Eddie House (ankle) sat out of practice but is expected to play Tuesday night against Chicago.... [More]

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Power Rankings

The Celtics recent play has forced me to break out the Grim Reaper's cape. The March 6th win over Cleveland was the only thing that kept me from jumping off the Tobin. Here's my top 5: 1. Lakers: Bynum on track to return in 3-4 weeks, but Lakers really haven't missed him. Here's hoping he... [More]

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The Negativity In This Town Sucks

Jesus Christ… one bad game out of the Celtics and I see a deluge of "oh, we'll never repeat with all these turnovers" comments. Well, I'm gonna keep this short and sweet. 2007-2008 Celtics:  14.4 turnovers per game. 2008-2009 Celtics:  14.5 turnovers per game. So can it with the "turnovers are gonna kill us" stuff. ... [More]

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This Close

I'm blowing right past yesterday's suck-fest and moving on to good news:  It's looking like Kevin Garnett will come back on Friday. “Obviously, he hasn’t been on the court, but if there was a treadmill Olympics he would be leading the pack right now. He would absolutely be ahead of the game. And he’s been... [More]

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