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Stop This Man

Before I delve into my analysis of Antonio McDyess, I want to make it clear this was my plan before reading Mark Murphy's article in the Herald. Great minds clearly think alike. It's too bad one of us writes for a gossip-fueled, rumor driven, facts don't matter publication – sorry Mark, but it's not often Red's Army... [More]

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The Billups Layup

Every single one of us sat there dumbfounded as Chauncey Billups got an uncontested lay up off an out of bounds play to end the game :20 left. The X's and O's of Basketball does a fantastic job of breakindg down the double stagger curl that sprung Chauncey for the layup.  Of course… the entire... [More]

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What’s Up With Posey?

Charter member Tim (a.k.a 'Fire Doc') posed this in our forums. I'm a big Posey fan, but he has been absolutely horrible the last 5 or 6 games. I can live with him not hitting his shot, but his defense has been atrocious. Lebron shot somethink like 35% with Pierce on him, and near 60%... [More]

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It’s Our Own Damn Fault

Dumb mistakes and offensive rebounds.  That's all that stood between the Celtics and a Game 2 win last night.  Hey Rajon… what the hell were you thinking here?  Its a classic example of the crap the Celtics saddled themselves with last night.  Cheap, dumb fouls… away from the basket… when the guy wasn't a threat... [More]

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Not Enough

There are a million reasons why the Celtics lost tonight's game, but in the end, the Pistons simply made more plays. The C's rallied and cut an 11 point lead to 2, but two offensive rebounds and subsequent scores in the final few minutes gave the Pistons enough breathing room. Other observations: -The Celtics got... [More]

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That was one ugly first half. The Celtics find themselves down 50-43 due to 8 TOs and the inability to do anything on offense. And no one can cover Rip Hamilton. Maybe that's why Doc Rivers has played 11 guys so far. We might see Gabe Pruitt in the second half.... [More]

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I’d Say This Fits

My blatant attempts for free merchandise from companies continues.  My attempts have so far been fruitless… but I have a good feeling this time. We have our fair share of drinkers here on Red's Army (regular readers all just simultaneously thought 'Jester'.  Those who don't know…  will figure it out in the comments soon enough). ... [More]

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Watch Out For This Guy

Watch Out For This Guy

That's one of the plays of the year… and the man behind it is Jason Maxiell.  I think Jason Maxiell should have been 6th man of the year… mainly because Manu Ginobili isn't really a starter. For some reason… he only played 17 minutes against the Celtics in game 1.  Considering the Celtics have obviously,... [More]

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Ray’s Gonna Keep Shooting

I know we all are a little… shall we say "concerned" about Ray Allen's shooting lately.  The Celtics, however, don't seem to be too worried: Paul Pierce:  "I really liked the way he came out yesterday. He was real aggressive from the start. He knocked down some shots. … He was also huge for us... [More]

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Celtics Game 1 Intros

Celtics Game 1 Intros

... [More]

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