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The Week in Review

The Celtics finally welcomed Glen "Big Baby" Davis back to the team. During the press conference, we saw a slim-and-trim BBD and a graying Danny Ainge. We quickly wondered just how many minutes Davis would get with Rasheed Wallace around. John took the issue one step further and projected minutes for each player – with flashy... [More]

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Cross another PG off the list

Not that there was a ton of discussion about Anthony Carter around here, but his name has come up here and there.  Now his name is coming up again… because he's going back to Denver.  So we're back to bringing up names like Tyronn Lue or Jacque Vaughn or Brevin Knight.  I don't know… none... [More]

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D-Wade challenges Obama to 1-on-1

Dwyane Wade is throwing down the gauntlet… and challenging the leader of the free world to a game of 1-on-1.  And he's doing it publicly on Twitter.  He had to break it up over two tweets. Now I have to officially go on the record and Present this challenge to our president. 2 chicago natives... [More]

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Happy 50th Magic

I respect Magic more than any other Celtics opponent.  Without him, the Lakers-Celtics rivalry wouldn't exist as we know it.  If I was starting an All-Time team… Magic would be the point guard. Happy 50th birthday, Magic.... [More]

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Who’s better: Ray or Redd?

That's the debate going on at Dime Magazine right now.  Here's part of the argument for Ray: He can still take over a game on the offensive end of the floor as the go-to guy, but he can also come in and play a lesser role that forces the defense to constantly be on the... [More]

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This makes you appreciate the Celtics a lot more

This makes you appreciate the Celtics a lot more

Sonicsgate Trailer from sonicsgate on Vimeo. The wounds of the Seattle Sonics leaving town are still VERY fresh in the Pacific Northwest.  In fact, in a couple of months, a full documentary on the departure will be released online.  This is a trailer for that movie.  The saga in Seattle just makes you appreciate what... [More]

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Nets make jumping on & off bandwagon easy

The Nets are going to be an interesting team this year.  They can be a tough matchup on some nights, and they could get destroyed on others.  So the team is making it easy on its fans who don't want to leave the arena in shame.  That's because the Nets are giving away reversible team... [More]

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Hollinger: Giddens is Terrible

Via John Hollinger's chat on I could see Walker getting some minutes, yes. Giddens is terrible, I don't think he can play and have no idea why they picked him. Williams will be the fifth big man and be better than your typical No. 3 center if he's in shape (which he wasn't last... [More]

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David Stern Cannot Be Happy with This Story

Deadspin has the story about a rogue scorekeeper from Vancouver who played god with statistics. Here's a sample: Partly because I disagreed with the blatant stat manipulation (that I did) and partly because I'm a Laker fan, I gave Nick Van Exel like 23 assists one game. If he was vaguely close to a guy... [More]

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Powe, Danny, talk about the split

I think we're just about done with the Leon Powe stories around here.  At least, until the Cavs and C's meet on February 25 (which I assume will be the first time he could play against us). But both sides spoke today, and the Herald has a ton of quotes. “I talked to [Celtics co-owner... [More]

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