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The Gambler

Former Boston Globe basketball guru turned Hoopshype blogger Peter May breaks down the genius that is Danny Ainge. May hails Ainge as a ballsy risk-taker, smart enough to cut his losses and creative enough to move them out of town. What stood out to me in this blog, was the negative aura surrounding Rajon Rondo prior... [More]

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Re-Live the Glory, on Blu-ray

Watching the Celtics win the championship was amazing. Watching in HD was even better. Now we'll get to experience the domination on Blu-ray. Warner Home Video has announced NBA Champions 2007-2008: Boston Celtics is coming to Blu-ray Disc on November 4, marking the first-ever Blu-ray release from a major sports league. Nothing beats a clear,... [More]

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… And On The 8th Day… Bloggers Will Rise Up And Smite Their Enemies!

Think owners don't pay attention to blogs? Then talk to the owner of SaveOurSonics who was served a subpoena by now Oklahoma City owner Clay Bennet. I got hit yesterday sitting in a meeting with my insurance company when a guy in a bright yellow shirt started hanging out, and eventually knocking on my conference room... [More]

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The Mighty Atlantic

With the Olympics over, tumbleweeds are blowing through the NBA. The Celtics "officially" signed J.R. Giddens yesterday, but that's something we knew a week ago. Fortunately, Marty Burns over at SI.com threw together some off-season report cards for the teams in the much-improved Atlantic Division. He gives the defending champs credit for resigning Eddie House... [More]

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Excuses Excuses

I hate people who make excuses.  Now we're hearing them from a couple of guys who felt the need to make them after the US won gold in Beijing. First up:  Larry Brown explaining why HIS team didn't win gold. "The thing is they got guys that are willing to make a three-year commitment, which... [More]

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Jason Kidd Going Overseas

Ok… so he's not playing overseas… but he IS hawking Chinese shoes.  The Sporting News brings us word that Jason Kidd has dumped Nike to wear Peak shoes.  If you want to see more photos… including close ups of his shoes and a lot of things you can't read… go here. So Kidd joins Shane... [More]

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RedsArmy.com Team Photo

The thing about being a blogger… you tend to be anonymous.  Well.. Chuck and I just got our new team picture done… and I wanted to share.  I'm the hot one with the mustache.... [More]

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Questions… Questions… Questions…

Welcome to the part of the off-season where we forget the Celtics are defending champions and those seeds of doubt and anxiety start creeping in.  It kinda goes something like this: "OH MY GOD!!! THE ROSTER IS FULL AND I STILL DON'T REALLY KNOW WHO'LL REPLACE JAMES POSEY!!!  AAAAARRRRRGH!!!!!" To that I say… relax Chuck. ... [More]

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Well… That’s Over. Now What?

This one wasn't easy, but the US got the job done… beating Spain 118-107 to win the gold medal.  DWade had 27, Kobe had 20.  Spain had the game to 4 with a few minutes left.  But the US held on… and now we're out of actual basketball to talk about.  For the next month or so… it's going to be a... [More]

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Blazers Rooting Against Miles

We all know the signing of Darius Miles carries very little risk with the potential of a huge reward. But if the following is true, the Portland Trail Blazers management has 18 million reasons to hope he fails: The signing has little monetary risk for the Celtics, given that Miles is already assured of making... [More]

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