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Gotta say… that Lakers funeral was awesome yesterday.  Yes, Red's Army was there.  And yes, that's us much closer to the bar entrance than the parade.  Lucky for me and Chuck, we're both tall enough to stay virtually tethered to the bar… while still getting a fantastic view of the parade. I've got a TON of pictures to go through from the... [More]

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It's 4:30pm.  I saw the parade go by me at noon.  I'm just getting home. Wow. That was an indescribable experience.  All I know is I'm drained… but I'm happy.  What a day.  We have many offseason issues to get to  (Posey's contract… the draft… can we repeat)… and we'll get to them tomorrow. Email... [More]

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Great Day For A Parade!

Chuck and I will be down at the "Rolling Rally" today.  I'm hoping to take a lot of pictures… and I've recruited others to do the same.  I'll put together a flickr page when its all said and done… but don't expect it today.  I'm expecting to either be trashed, exhausted… or both.  So you'll... [More]

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Way To Go C’s Fans

This is Quinn.  She is hot.  And despite the shirt, she's actually a Boston fan working for Boston.tv… trying to see if Celtics fans would still hit on her, during the game, despite her get up.  And to your credit… most of you refused.  Then again… its easy to refuse that with a camera in your face knowing... [More]

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Tony Allen’s Dunk

Tony Allen’s Dunk

I'm watching the rebroadcast of Game 6 on NBA TV right now (10:00 pm ET).  I hope they win again. ... [More]

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Lakers Are Favored Next Year

It's never too early to start thinking about next season. According to BetExpress.com (sorry BetUS.com I couldn't find next seasons odds on your site), the extremely soft Los Angeles Lakers are 2-1 favorites to win the NBA championship. The mighty Celtics are second at 4-1. Say what? Is Andrew Bynum really enough to turn a series between... [More]

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Thanking The Celtics

Thanking The Celtics

My ongoing, blatantly overt effort to get free things from major corporations continues in the afterglow of the NBA Championships.  This is Reebok thanking Red.  I will say… the effect of making that statue move was cool.  (Crossing fingers… hoping for XLT Celtics jogging suit) One day… some shoe company is going to sign a... [More]

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“My Best Opportunity Of Winning Them Rings”

“My Best Opportunity Of Winning Them Rings”

Thanks to reader I Bleed Green in LA (Note:  How much are YOU loving life right now???) for bringing up this video again.  He's right… it really means something now.  I remember getting tingles when I saw that ad the first time (although, that's actually the first minute-long version I've seen).  This time… I got... [More]

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Best… Interview… Ever

Here we are… celebrating the 17th Celtics championship.  We're listening to KG, Pierce, and Doc all breaking down and getting emotional.  And then comes Brian Scalabrine… and oh… was it ever awesome. The highlights: He was NOT on the schedule to speak.  He just walked up onto the stage.  Even BETTER:  It forced Kobe, who... [More]

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That Vaunted Lakers Defense, The Conclusion

Ah… who would we be without a parting shot at the hated Lakers.  Yes Lakers… we still hate you.  Beating you for the title makes it so much sweeter.  Watching that purple and gold skulk off the court was as sweet as watching KG speak in tongues and Paul Pierce stand on that table like... [More]

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