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No Limp

From what I'm seeing on Comcast and reading on Boston.com, Rondo looks good: Rajon Rondo walked onto the Staples Center floor at 6:27 p.m., EDT. He had both ankles taped, his injured left ankle no more heavily wrapped than his right. The Celtics point guard did some light shooting. He got good elevation on his... [More]

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Enough Already… KG Gets It

You can't hear anything about the Celtics now without getting a "and KG needs to get into the post!" sort of comment. Valid point… now we can all stop making it.  KG gets it.  He's answered the "aggressiveness" question about a thousand times since Game 3.  He answered it again yesterday (at the 1:20 mark…... [More]

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Oh That Doc… He So Crazy

For the second time this series… a perimeter has gone down… and Doc Rivers has mentioned Tony Allen as a potential starter to replace him if he can't go.  A totally freaked out BostonSportz has the proof.  If the Celtics get up by 15 or so… I could see bringing Tony Allen in for a... [More]

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The Donaghy Effect?

A couple of weeks ago, the NBA decided it wanted to get $1 million from Tim Donaghy as reimbursement for their investigation into his gambling (and also a little something… you know… for the effort).  Donaghy's lawyers responded by dropping a bombshell that refs fixed past playoff games… and they did it right before the biggest game… of... [More]

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We Really Want This One

A win in Game 3 would have been nice…. but its not exactly critical to the Celtics chances of winning it all.  Game 4 isn't really "critical" either… but this is the one we all should REEEEEEEEEEEALLY want.  Going up 3-1 in the series would make all of our lives so much easier (like "what... [More]

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“Get Your Rest”

All day Wednesday, ESPN was including in its Finals coverage a clip of Doc Rivers after the game telling his guys to "Get your rest."  I thought it was an interesting point for him to be stressing, but I figured he just wanted to make sure the guys got his message.  What I didn't know is... [More]

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“I Think I’ll Play”

X-Rays are negative… nobody's 100%… and Rajon Rondo says he' thinks he's gonna play.  The video of him talking after practice (which he sat out) is here. What Rondo actually has is a bone bruise, and not a sprained ankle.  We'll see how he does.  Here's some other post-practice videofrom Posey, Powe, Ray and Sam.... [More]

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Rondo Just 50%?

I'm really concerned about Rondo's ankle. In his blog, our speedy point guard talks about how the injury  happened and how he's feeling: If you were watching the game you know that I injured my ankle in the third quarter. It happened on a fast break and I rolled it. I think I may have... [More]

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Win Rajon’s Headband

Rondo's putting up trivia questions on his blog… and handing out autographed headbands to people who get the right answer.  Here's the first one: We'll start with a high school question. I went to Oak Hill Academy and 2004 I set the school record for most assists in a game with 31. Who's record did... [More]

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Bad News, Good News

The bad news for me is that just about every team in the NBA is now being run or coached by a player I grew up watching.  The hirings of Terry Porter, Vinny Del Negro and Michael Curry (all hired by players of the same era) just add to the list.  Its bad news for Tom Thibodeau… who, we... [More]

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