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Celtics Don’t Care What Stern Thinks

David Stern "suggested" that teams cut out all the fireworks.  The Celtics, much to my delight, don't seem to care much about what he's suggesting. “We’re going to do our usual show, get the fans fired up, get the energy behind our players,” [Celtics team president Rich] Gotham said.  "It’s been working out pretty well... [More]

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KG Feels Up LeBron, Is Impressed

We take a break from basketball talk to bring you childish dick jokes. KG… looks like you got a handful of something there… we've got some women who read Red's Army… care to help them with any details? Thanks KG.  Its times like this that I'm proud I spent $100,000 on a prestigious journalism degree.... [More]

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What Can Brown Do For You?

  These would be what you call "Playoff fouls." Don't underestimate how important fouls like this are in the playoffs.  It tells everyone that it won't be easy… so your jumper had better be on.... [More]

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One to Go

Exhale. Take deep breaths. Think happy thoughts. I was doing all those things in final two minutes of this one. The Celtics beat the Cavs 96-89 to take a 3-2 series lead. This was one helluva rollercoaster ride. Cleveland jumped out to a 14 point lead thanks in part to LeBron's 23 first half points. But... [More]

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Not Looking Good

LeBron went off in the first half. He dropped 23 points as the Cavs lead 46-43 at the break. On the plus side, the Celtics have played like absolute garbage and only trail by 3. Ray Allen continues to suck, making us long for Brian Scalabrine in his place. And here's hoping Danny Ainge tells... [More]

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More Chatting With The Enemy

We've taken time from some back and forth with Rick from WaitingForNextYear.com.  If you missed it… here's our first conversation (pre-series) and our second conversation (after game 1). Rick (WFNY):  Well, it's best of three series, you have home court. How confident are you right now? John (Red's Army):  Not as confident as I was... [More]

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How Do We Distract LeBron?

This is a comment from 'MA' in our last post: I’ll be there – 1 row behind Mommy’s Boy LeBron – screaming my brains out. I wonder what I can do to distract him? I think that's an excellent question.  Let's get some ideas. ... [More]

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If It’s Up To Us… Then So Be It

Fans always refer to their teams in inclusive terms. "We can't win on the road."  "We'll get them in Game 5" "Our offense can look so bad some times" We've seen the Celtics suck on the road.  We've heard them say how much they're affected by the crowd.  So I say forget all the going... [More]

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Opening For Eddie

We have been asking for it… and Doc Rivers may be seeing it as well.  If all Sam Cassell is doing off the bench is shooting rather than running our offense… then we might as well have Eddie House in there. “As a coach you always have the Sam-and-Eddie question. If Sam is playing well,... [More]

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Lip Readers Beware

Lip Readers Beware

Every replay of Kevin Garnett includes an f-bomb.  In fact… you're lucky if you only got one.  I once counted 3 mother f-bombs in a 10 second replay.  But… these are the playoffs… and everything is magnified.  So this clip (via Odenized) is one of about a bazillion of KG out there saying something unsavory. ... [More]

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