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Where Was KG??

Kevin Garnett has been awesome all year for us… and he's been great all series too.  But when he's got no energy out on the floor… then the Celtics don't have any energy.  He's that important.  One play typifies what KG gave us last night. 8:18 in the 2nd quarter… Sam Cassell shoots a 3... [More]

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Max Effort

Make no mistake about it, the Pistons manhandled the Celtics. They put forth one fierce defensive effort. Despite shooting 31% and getting horrendous performances from the Big 2 and Ray Allen (I will no longer consider him an equal to Pierce and Garnett), the C's trailed by only 5 with four minutes left in the game.... [More]

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Dumbest… Argument… Ever

This was brought to my attention by BostonSportz.com… which takes the time to break this entire Jemele Hill column down… and destroy all of her arguments.  However, this is the gist of the column:  A Lakers-Celtics finals will be such fodder for conspiracy theorists who say its exactly what the NBA wanted… that America should be rooting... [More]

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Can We Please Repeat The Effort?

Auburn Hills Pistons fans must be out of their minds with their teams inconsistent play.  Its like the Pistons enjoy long, drawn-out series in which they take full games off.  Unfortunately, the Celtics appear to be teetering on the verge of a similar strategy… coming out great one game… and then looking like crap in... [More]

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“Run The Play”

“Run The Play”

So there we were… 3 and a half minutes to go in the first quarter… and here comes Sam Cassell.  We all knew Doc was going to go to Sam in this spot… and a lot of us feared what would happen.  12 seconds later…. Sam got a shot blocked by Rip Hamilton as he forced... [More]

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KG’s Dunk

KG’s Dunk

Nasty... [More]

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Do It Again!

Alright Celtics… I think we've found out that it's really not THAT hard to win on the road.  So the message we're sending today is simple:  Do it again.  You no longer have the "we can just win our home games" security blanket… because this team has beaten you at home.  So get out there... [More]

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We’ll Just Take That Back, Thanks

We hope the Auburn Hills Pistons enjoyed home court advantage… for all of 1 game.  The Celtics came out hot… withstood runs… and ended all the talk about "they can't win on the road" by beating the Pistons 94-80.  And shocker of shockers… it was agressive play that got the job done.  Kendrick Perkins showed... [More]

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Hey… That’s RED’S Trick!

The Celtics are in "Detroit"… and the Pistons are playing Red's old tricks on the visiting team. You know you are on a road game when you walk into the Celtics' visiting locker room. It is very 12 wide by 20 feet long. It is also was very steamy in the room. Cramped, hot locker... [More]

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Feelin’ Good

The Celts are hours away from Game 3… and everyone is feelin' good.  On his team's health, Rivers joked: "Pretty good. (Bill) Belichick told us not to talk about injuries any more." And now that Ray Allen has (hopefully) become Ray Allen again… Doc would like to move on "The whole Ray thing… Are you... [More]

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