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Cs Look to Throw Counter Punch

Cs Look to Throw Counter Punch

1 @ 0 Wednesday, May 6, 2009 8:00 pm ET TD BankNorth Garden (Boston, MA) The outcome of Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals was a tough one to swallow for Celtics supporters. Nothing went right in the first half, and that had everything to do with the intimidation factor of Dwight Howard. The... [More]

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KG, Rondo are Defensive

Kevin Garnett made the NBA All-Defensive First Team, while Rajon Rondo made the second team. Here's the complete list: First Team Dwight Howard Kobe Bryant LeBron James Chris Paul Kevin Garnett Second Team Tim Duncan Dwyane Wade Rajon Rondo Shane Battier Ron Artest Kendrick Perkins got a handful of votes including one for the First... [More]

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Steph on Steph

Slam Online has an extensive interview with Stephon Marbury. Here are some excerpts: This is a squad. Everything they talk about is about winning a championship. It’s about doing one thing and that’s winning. There aren’t any preconceived notions about anything other than that. It’s all about winning a championship. Every day that I’ve been... [More]

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McLovin’ Loves The Celtics

He (real name Christopher Mintz-Plasse) apparently, is a big Celtics fan.  I wonder if people are going to start hating Superbad now.  I don't know why I find this picture so bizarre.  It's just Rondo, his family, and an actor.  But something about it is just funny. from Sports Crackle Pop via Ball Don't Lie... [More]

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We Are What We Are

It's time to embrace what the Boston Celtics are to the rest of the world. They're dirty.  They get away with the things.  They talk too much and foul too hard.  And we Celtics fans… well… we're dirty, arrogant a-holes who illicit eye rolls at the mere hint of complaint.  People even come here to... [More]

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Let’s Not Focus On The Wrong Thing Here

It's very easy for us Celtics fans to focus on the furious second half comeback in which the Celtics.  We're looking for the positive.  We're looking for something to give us hope heading into game 2.  That's what fans do in a game like that.  But let's not make the mistake of focusing on the... [More]

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J.J. Redick Wants Your Best

Via Slam Online: “I just want some creativity, that’s all I want,” Redick said Saturday. “I haven’t heard creative things since college. Like really, I don’t know if it’s the alcohol consumption at NBA games, but there’s nothing remotely creative or funny ever said to me. It’s boring. I’m so conditioned to it now.” You... [More]

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Cruel Joke on Max

Last week on WEEI, Cedric Maxwell shared with the masses a hilarious story from his childhood. Max was 8-years-old when he was sent to the hospital to have his tonsils removed. Or so he thought. Turns out, Max's mom pulled the old bait-and-switch on young Cedric. He was really having a circumcision. "When I'm coming... [More]

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Leon Powe Has Surgery

Marc Spears tweets: Celtics forward Leon Powe underwent successful ACL revision reconstruction with microfracture and cartilage repair at New England Baptist The Microfracture thing is new to me.  Regardless, both the ACL and Microfracture surgeries have recovery times of 4+ months.  I don't know what they're gonna do contract-wise with Leon, but I doubt he'd... [More]

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Start Scal

I swear I started this post at 7 AM with the intent on finishing it later in the morning and posting it for the lunch time web surfers.  Imagine my dismay at 9:30 when I checked in on Celtics blog with the same headline and the same picture.  Oh well… I'll chalk it up to... [More]

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