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Crazy Thought: Start Posey

I'm going to trash my own argument before I begin by saying you don't toy with what has worked so far.  Your starting 5 is your starting 5… so we're throwing Rondo, Ray, Pierce, KG and Perk out there against Cleveland. But my counterpoint would be that you are always making minor adjustment as needed… so... [More]

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Cleveland: The Anti-Hawks

Thank GOD that's over.  I'm thrilled that the bandwagon fans of Atlanta, who waited until hours before game 3 to get excited and sell out their building, have a good team to look forward to next year.  They lost (and won) because of their youth and inexperience.  But their athleticism and experience gained in this... [More]

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The Cherry On Top

The Cherry On Top

That 'ZaZa getting in KG's face' thing was the Hawks defining moment early in the series.  This, then, is what we would call "coming full circle." via Odenized... [More]

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Dethrone the King

Now that we're done with those pesky Hawks, it's time to beat up on LeBron and the Cavs. I like the C's in 6. Sorry Cavs fans, but I'd rather play against Wally Szczberiak, Ben Wallace and Delonte West than Mike Bibby, Josh Smith and Al Horford. Game 1(Boston): Tuesday, May 6, 8 p.m. – TNT Game... [More]

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"Atlanta wanted it, this is what you get." – KG Box Score | Recap Editor's Note: This post has been cut short due to strict company policy prohibiting blogging while drunk.  ... [More]

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Game 7!

Game 7!

Lets GO!!!!!... [More]

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No Pressure

So here we are… game 7.  The pressure is palpable.  Its stifling.  'There's no way this can be happening.'  We all feel it.  Except the players. Players don't think like fans do… and fans will never be able to grasp that.  NBA players are supremely confident.  I'll guarantee you that while the fans are fretting all... [More]

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PreGame Call In Show

Game 7 starts at 1pm… and we're having a pre-game call-in show. As always… visit our show page for the show.  The call-in number is (718 ) 508-9841.  We'll be going for half an hour… 12:30 to 1:00… before tip off. ... [More]

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It Ain’t Happenin’ Folks

Red's Army loyal occasional infrequent reader and good friend Rob Gill offers the following opinion on the Celtics. Every so often, he's motivated to chime in (usually with some negative, worn out argument). Consider him our Dan Shaughnessy. Enjoy…. I’m getting older at a frightening pace, but I’m still a relatively young man I guess.  I’ll always be... [More]

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I Want to Blame the Refs But….

  I just can't. And spare me any and all statistics. My eyes tell me the Celtics are playing like crap. Where's the killer instinct, the eye of the tiger? The Celtics took the lead 89-86 with about 8 minutes left, but what transpired over the final minutes left me embarassed to have believed this was/is a championship caliber team.... [More]

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