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B-B-Bye Bye, Dee-troit

I must admit, after Detroit dropped 31 on the Celtics in the 3rd quarter and Bennett Salvatore robbed Paul Pierce of a 4-point play by calling the worst offensive foul in the history of the NBA, I started preparing some negative rants for this blog. While I may have quit, the Celtics surely didn't. A 23-6... [More]

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KG and Russell

The Garbage Time All Stars have done it again… with their cartoon take on KG's conversations with Bill Russel.  It's currently up on Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie Blog.... [More]

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Red Hated Flopping

This is one of the greatest clips you'll ever see… and it comes to us courtesy of BulletsForever. Here is Red Auerbach… lamenting the new practice of flopping in the NBA.  Let me tell you… he doesn't like it one bit.  My favorite part is when he brings in Mendy Rudolph… former Dean of NBA... [More]

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Stephen A. Smith Makes Me Want To Vomit

I know… what is it this time?? One year ago today, Kobe Bryant pulled his big douchebag move and demanded a trade from the Lakers.  Now, one year later, the Lakers are in the finals.  Now everyone's blowing Kobe because he led his team to the finals… including Stephen A. Smith on ESPN Radio's Mike... [More]

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Hamilton Will Play

Rip Hamilton says he's a go for Game 6 "I have no choice. This is do or die," Hamilton, who suffered a strained right elbow near the conclusion of the Pistons' Game 5 loss in Boston, said after the team's shootaround Friday. "Once I get out there and the adrenaline is going, I'll be fine,"... [More]

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Pistons Perception

It's always good to peek outside your own bubble, and by bubble I mean the Boston sports media scene. Fans of New England teams are generally beaten over the head with negativity and tales of curses – even during the good years. While admitting the Celtics have been anything but a juggernaut this postseason, I... [More]

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Let’s Blow It Up

A win tonight could do more than just put the Celtics in the NBA Finals.  It could blow the team up. After six consecutive trips to the Eastern Conference finals, Detroit only has two trips to the NBA Finals and one NBA title to show for it. So many close calls, year after year, may... [More]

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It Is Our Destiny

Maybe its time to face it… greater forces are at work here.  The Celtics and Lakers have no choice… we must face each other in one, epic final battle... [More]

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Order Now… You Know… Just In Case

We have some unfinished business with the Pistons… but unfortunately… UPS doesn't have a teleporter.  So you should get your orders in now for our "Beat LA" and "Anti-Kobe" shirts. Economy shipping (7-9 days for delivery) costs $5.  Standard shipping (4-6 days) is $7.  If you are so afraid of jinxes that you want to... [More]

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How to Break the Trap

Everyone knows the Celtics are struggling with the Pistons trapping defense. Fortunately for Doc Rivers and the guys, I've dug up some secrets to beating these types of defenses: -Never pick up your dribble without knowing where you will pass the ball. -Encourage, or draw, the double team and then pass before they can set it up.... [More]

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