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We’re Number 2!!

Ball Don't Lie has been putting out the top 3 blogs that cover each NBA team.  Today… it's the Boston Celtics. Aaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnd…………. WE'RE NUMBER 2!! I'd like to lodge an official protest, however, about CelticsBlog being #1 (again).  These rankings are always biased.  They always skew towards well-written blogs that understand the game of basketball…... [More]

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A Week Away… Time To Limit Ray

It's amazing how short the offseason is when you win a championship.  I'm used to trying to come up with another month's worth of stuff to tide you readers over.  But the Celtics will open up training camp in 8 days.  8 DAYS!!! So now it's time to start looking at how we can properly... [More]

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Miles Suspended For Diet Drug

Over the past few months there has been several reports claiming Darius Miles would be suspended 10-games for violating the NBA's drug policy. It's official, Miles has been suspended…for using phentermine. Say what? A diet drug can get you suspended in the NBA? Yup, because it's an amphetamine. Meanwhile, the Celtics spent some time at the... [More]

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Trophy Tour Hits Conn., White House Next

Ray Allen, Tony Allen, Rajon Rondo and a few Celtics dancers took the championship trophy into Hartford yesterday. Ray might be a God in those parts, but I give props to Dwight Hooker: Want dedication? Hooker, 59, recently had reconstructive surgery on both knees. Wearing Celtics gear, he moved slowly through the line, then gingerly down... [More]

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Announcing: The RedsArmy.com Suite

Yep…. that'll be the headline when we can actually afford to buy these seats in 2051. Until then… this is what 5 new Premium Club seating areas will look like at the Boston Garden. Located at the east end of the garden's Level 6, the area that underwent renovation was formerly known as Banners Restaurant, and... [More]

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There Go The Lakers… Ruining Things Again

I swear… sometimes I think professional sports teams are trying to price out average, every day fans. At a time where all you see on the news is financial doom-and-gloom… the Lakers saw fit to announce a "variable pricing plan".  That means fans who want to see the good teams have to pay more.  "This... [More]

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Celtics Might Not Face Arenas ‘Till ’09

Gilbert Arenas had surgery on his left knee… which will keep him out until at least December.  The Celtics are in Washington on December 11th… and beating Gilbert Arenas is a roarin' good time.  So we'll have to wait and see if the D-bag is ready to go.  I actually hope he doesn't play… because... [More]

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Josh Howard Hates America*

Josh Howard Hates America*

*UPDATE: In the original post I mistakenly identified Josh Howard as Josh Smith. I apologize to Smith. Josh Howard – our favorite pot smoking player – is making headlines again, for all the wrong reasons. In the above YouTube video (scroll to the 1:40 mark), Smith says he doesn't celebrate the national anthem. Here's the... [More]

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Hitting the Gym

Last month I blasted Paul Pierce for his extended celebration of the NBA title. It's good to see the Truth and company working out in Waltham several weeks before the start of training camp. "This is the same commitment we had a year ago when everyone got in early," Pierce said. "Just because we won... [More]

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Gotta Go To Mo’s… Say… Around 3 PM

Do you need sneakers?  Maybe a hat?  Some socks? It might be worth your while to purchase said items at the Modell's on Alewife Brook Parkway in Cambridge.  I'd say head down there around… oh…. 3pm or so.  Word is… someone we all know is going to be there today. And let me just say... [More]

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