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Is it possible to sleepwalk your way to a blowout win? The answer is yes. The Celtics smoked the Hawks 104-81 tonight in Game 1 of their playoff series without impressing me. The Hawks shot 38% but the defensive intensity wasn't really there. The C's shot 46% from the field (8-15 3 FG) but were extremely streaky... [More]

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WhatIfSports.com simulated the NBA playoffs 10,000 times…. and they came up with a less than desirable result Utah has the highest chance of winning the tournament at 21.2%.  After the Jazz, four other teams, Boston (12.8%), Phoenix (10.9%), Orlando (10.2%) and Denver (10.0%) are in the double-digit percentages for championship likelihood. The top-seeded Lakers win... [More]

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Just Play Ball

We hear it all the time.  'The playoffs are different.'  And yes, that's true.  The playoffs ARE different.  The specter 'of lose and go home' rattles the nerves of previously unflappable men.  Add to that pressure the fact that you are wearing the uniform of basketball's most storied franchise… which just so happens to be trying... [More]

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Can Rondo Handle It?

He's been a stud all season, shutting up the critics who questioned his ability to lead this veteran team. But as I've heard 2.3 billion times over the past two weeks, the playoffs are different. It's a new game. Can this 22-year-old  carry over his superb play from regular season to post-season? As the Globe's... [More]

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KG Misses Practice Again

KG missed his second straight practice today… a marathon 2 hour long session.  We've been hearing that his wife is expecting their child.  The Celtics are only saying KG's absence is because of "family matters." Here's hoping all is well in the Garnett household.  The Celtics, by the way, have not given any indication that... [More]

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New Celtics Anthem

Boston's own Akrobatik put together a Celtics Anthem for Celtics TV on TV38 in Boston this season.  It's pretty good.  Click the photo for the link.  If you're too lazy to do that… then click here.  Jeez… do I have to do everything for everyone around here.  Congratulations are apparently in order for Kevin Garnett… who may or... [More]

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Ronja Rondo??

If anyone has see those Sullivan Tire ads… you know Paul Sullivan looks like Monty Burns with longer hair.  And just like ol' Monty… it looks like good ol' Mr. Sullivan likes to hit the ether every once and again (and again… and again). You don't need anything more than those ads to figure that... [More]

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Quick Links

Just a quick note here before the links.  While the Celtics were dusting off New Jersey… essentially with the bench… the Hawks were losing to the Miami Heat.  I don't know how much that means… but I wouldn't like it if I were in Atlanta.  I mean… the Brockton School of the Blind beat Miami by... [More]

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Playoff Schedule Is Out

We've gotten our grubby little hands on the NBA playoff schedule… I guess this qualifies as an exclusive (until the morning… but since its 1:30 am eastern… you folks out west get an early look) Game 1 – Atlanta @ Boston:  Sunday, April 20  8:30 PM (TNT) Game 2 – Atlanta @ Boston:  Wednesday, April... [More]

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Oh Yeah

Courtesy of Ajay (a Lakers fan here to antagonize us) in the comments:... [More]

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