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A Lull… Or A Symptom

Seems like a lot of people have a similar reaction to last night's game.  As Chuck was writing the previous post, I was making the point on the Examiner that the "power play dunk" itself didn't cost the Celtics, but the way they handled it did. How many times in sports… all sports… have we... [More]

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Not Mentally Tough Enough?

Turns out that horrible decision by the refs to allow Portland a basket even though they had 6 men on the court cost the Celtics the game. But not because the refs blew it, because the team couldn't move past it: "That was awful," Rivers said. "It absolutely had an affect on our guys. They... [More]

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Blazer Beat Down

Portland absolutely manhandled the Celtics in the paint. Check the box score for the horrific rebounding numbers. There's no excuse for losing to the Blazers when Brandon Roy is sitting on the bench all night. And speaking of the bench, the Celtics subs were awful tonight. Box Score | Recap I'm not going to complain... [More]

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Worst Call Ever

The Blazers came out of a timeout late in the 2nd quarter with 6 players on the court and scored a quick bucket. It wasn't until KG screamed at the officials did they realize the situation. So they huddled and assessed a technical foul to the Blazers. But in a decision that will forever baffle... [More]

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Brandon Roy Misses Shootaround

Marc Spears reports PORTLAND — Blazers guard Brandon Roy (hamstring) did not participate in the team's shootaround this morning, while center Greg Oden (ankle) did participate. Both are still listed as questionable for tonight's game against the Celtics.... [More]

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Mutombo Signs With Houston

Cross him off the list. HOUSTON—The Houston Rockets have re-signed 42-year-old center Dikembe Mutombo for the rest of the season. The move gives the Rockets an emotional leader and a backup to Yao Ming. Mutombo appeared in 39 games for Houston last season, logging most of his minutes after Yao broke his left foot in... [More]

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Kiss our Ass, Geoffrey C. Arnold

Here are some excerpts from Geoffrey C. Arnold's column in the Oregonian: In the Dec. 5 game in Boston, the Celtics punked the Blazers — pushing and shoving them around like annoying pipsqueaks on the playground. To win tonight, Portland will need to find the mental strength to remain focused in the face of relentless... [More]

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Should Pruitt Get More Minutes?

That's the question being asked by Jeff on Celtics Blog For one thing, the guy has paid his dues.  He spent a good portion of last year working the D-League over, learning the pro game and getting a better feel for playing the point at this level.  Then he had an excellent training camp and... [More]

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8 Minutes of Fury

Kevin Garnett has been playing a lot more than usual lately.  And it might have caught up to him out West.  So in an effort to keep the Big Ticket fresh, Doc's got a new plan for KG's minutes:  play him in 8 minute stretches. "Playing less than eight minutes in a row is solid... [More]

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Hate the Lakers, Love the Blazers

Anyone else tired with all the bitching about the Lakers around here? I'm turning over a new leaf and ready to embrace our next opponent, the Blazers. Unlike those goofs at LakerNation (sorry that shot was a reflex), the folks over at BlazeofLove run a damn fine web site. I especially admire the work they... [More]

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