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Congrats Marquis Daniels

This is one hell of a summer for Marquis Daniels.  First, he's… eventually… a member of the Boston Celtics.  Second, he apparently got married… since he tweeted last night from his honeymoon. enjoying my honeymoon with my wife, lifes good im great clap ya hands 2x if u relate…….run tell that blogger…..LOL get a life... [More]

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Why Steve Nash Hates Shaq

TMZ has this video of Shaq sparring with Oscar De La Hoya for Steve Nash's his reality show – Shaq Vs. According to the Arizona Republic, Shaq flat out stole the idea for the show from his former teammate: Shortly after O'Neal was traded to the Suns in February 2008, Nash mentioned to his new... [More]

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“Two Man Game” with Jess Camerato at 9pm

August has been deadly boring… but we're going to break up that boredom with a little call in show tonight.  WEEI's Jess Camerato will be joining us tonight at 9pm for a little Celtics talk on "The Two Man Game".  We'll look at what Marquis Daniels signing for the bi-annual exception rather than a sign-and-trade... [More]

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Ray Allen Will Teach You How to Shoot

The Mark Wahlberg Youth Foundation is auctioning off 30 minutes worth of shooting lessons from Ray Allen: Shoot some hoops with one of the Boston Celtic's most integral and successful players, Ray Allen. Considered to be one of the most accurate 3-point shooters in the history of the NBA, Ray Allen is an extremely accomplished... [More]

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KG’s New Soccer/Basketball Sneaker

Via's Jess Camerato: KG’s favorite club, Chelsea, has partnered with adidas to create a limited edition basketball sneaker that combines his name with the club’s colors and logo . According to EPL Talk: The adidas TS Commander LT will available from August 29, 2009 exclusively from a Boston-based retailer named Bodega. They’ll offer an... [More]

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Finally, a Writer Who Gets It

Via Matt Steinmetz of FanHouse: Still, no team upgraded more this offseason than the Celtics, who added the perfect complementary piece in Rasheed Wallace. Boston also mitigated the damage of losing Leon Powe by re-signing Glen Davis and acquiring Shelden Williams. What makes the Wallace acquisition so good is that it was more a tweak... [More]

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It’s a great day for golf

Chuck and I are going to enjoy a little golf outing this afternoon.  Figure this is a good time to grab a couple of hours of course time.  Besides, I'm sure if anything happens, KWAPT will DM me and I can post something from the course (that's actually possible).  Pray for Chuck.  It's hot out... [More]

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Will the 2010 Cavs Be Better Than 2009 Cavs?

It seemed like the Cavaliers added a new player to their roster every week of the off-season. But will they be able to improve on their 66 win regular season and appearance in the Eastern conference finals? Here's a look at the top ten players from the 2009 roster vs the 2010 roster: 2009                      ... [More]

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Ron Artest Thinks He Signed With 90s Bulls

Via Sports Radio Interviews: “The opportunity was unbelievable.  I get a chance to play with Kobe, Michael Jordan’s my favorite player, Kobe’s probably the closest person to Michael Jordan, so I get to kind of relive that whole Chicago Bulls thing growing up, that was my favorite team.  So, Phil Jackson, you got Kobe Bryant,... [More]

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Brendan Haywood should just worry about trying be good at basketball

… and not about what Stephon Marbury is doing.  This is what he said about Stephon Marbury's live streaming madness. “At first it was cool, but after a while it just became disturbing.  He’s on YouTube crying with no shirt on for no reason, sweating while his boy’s rubbing his shoulders.  What’s that about?  That’s... [More]

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