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Fire… BAD!

David Stern doesn't like the pregame pyrotechnics.  "It may be that these are the maniacal rantings of a fan from a different era, and I recognize that, but you know I'm sitting there waiting for the next cannon to go off, and then the fire heats up the arena so the temperature in the arena... [More]

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Now Just Hold On One Minute

I will take umbrage with Ian Thomsen's assessment of the Celtics: To state the obvious: These Boston Celtics are not a championship team. It's a huge surprise after their dominance of the regular season, but under the defensive pressure of the playoffs their three stars have lost all feeling for how to play off one... [More]

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Your Biggest Strength Is Your Biggest Weakness

Your Biggest Strength Is Your Biggest Weakness

When you look at these Boston Celtics… especially our 'Big 3'… you realize how true that saying is.  And when you're under stress… like on the road in a playoff series… those weaknesses show themselves.  When you're comfortable… like when you're home… those strengths carry you. Kevin Garnett:  Emotion Few of us have seen anything... [More]

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Plenty Of Blame To Go Around

Everyone wants look for one scapegoat after losing a winnable game on the road… but this one has plenty of them.  Here they are… in no particular order. Doc Rivers:  I've said in the past that we got Sam Cassell…. because we needed a back up point guard.  But I think its time for everyone... [More]

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All Even

Not much to say after this one, except we witnessed another crappy effort by the Celtics. The Cavaliers played great defense, got exceptional bench play and made clutch baskets in their 88-77 victory in Game 4. Let's get right to the analysis criticism: -Ray Allen looks 55 years old. Not only is he shooting poorly (4-10... [More]

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How To Win On The Road

With all this talk about the Celtics forgetting how to win on the road… I figured I'd take the opportunity to remind them.  Do what you always do You've heard me say it before… but it bears repeating… and it extends to off-the-court.  Do the things you always to do keep you relaxed and focused. ... [More]

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Must Win

I know it.  You know it.  The Celtics know it. Tonight is a "Must Win."  Forget that a loss will only make it 2-all series.  Forget that we have home court.  Forget all of that.  The Celtics have left themselves no choice but to come out tonight, lay the hammer down, and win game 4.  Because... [More]

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Tickets Available Today

From the Celtics: A limited amount of playoff tickets for Game 5 (Round 2, Home Game 3) vs. Cleveland Cavaliers, to be played on Wednesday, May 14 at the TD Banknorth Garden, will go on sale Monday, May 12 at 11 a.m. There is a two (2) ticket limit per customer and seats start at just... [More]

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See… This Road Thing Is Tough

We'll wait until tomorrow night's game to talk further about the Celtics road woes in the playoffs… but I hope that the rest of the playoffs make people realize that winning playoff games in someone else's house is hard.  Exhibit A:  Utah's 123-115 game 4 win.  (Holy crap… 123 points.  Nice D, Lakers).  Now that... [More]

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The Point Guard Question

The big question out there today has to do with Rajon Rondo and Sam Cassell.  I touched on it this morning… but let's go into it a little more.  Here's the theory: "Doc Rivers is breaking Rajon's confidence by sitting him extended minutes in favor of a veteran point guard he trusts too much." So... [More]

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