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Welcome to Massachusetts, Sheed

Despite my attempts to shrug off his reporting, Comcast SportsNet's Gary Tanguay continues to lead the way on the Rasheed Wallace story. Sources have told me that Wallace will be in Boston tomorrow (Thursday) to meet with the Celtics. The Celtics and 'Sheed must be really close to a dollar figure or else there would... [More]

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Breaking News: Pistons Get Gordon, Villanueva

Via ESPN: Former Bulls guard Gordon will receive a five-year, $55 million deal, while former Bucks forward Villanueva gets a five-year deal for $40 million, sources told's Chris Broussard. Why am I thrilled? Because this means we don't have to worry about Villanueva playing for the Cavs.... [More]

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Oh yeah… Lester Hudson was in town today

So we've been going nuts today with the Rasheed Wallace/Leon Powe stories… we almost overlooked the fact that Lester Hudson was in town today. He did the whole 'hold up the jersey' thing (he'll wear #26)… he took (and made) a lot of jumpers in a few shooting drills… and he said all the right... [More]

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C’s dispatch Big 3 to woo Sheed

If it's not obvious by now who offseason target #1 is for the Celtics… it should be now.  The Celtics are going to send Doc Rivers and the Big 3 to try to convince Rasheed Wallace to come to Boston. Coach Doc Rivers and the Big Three were planning a recruiting trip to woo him,... [More]

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C’s to Powe: “‘Good luck with another team”

I still say that when it comes to pure business… not offering Powe a qualifying offer was the right move.  But man… it's getting really hard to defend anything besides that.  Today… Leon gave his side of the story to the Herald: “Of course I was disappointed, because I want to come back,” Powe said... [More]

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C’s playing waiting game on Baby

Scott Souza reports. The Celtics appear willing to let the market value of Glen Davis come down to them rather than drive the Davis market. Those hoping for a quick resolution to the Davis free agent situation – perhaps Big Baby included – might have to be prepared to hunker down for the long run... [More]

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C’s pursuing ‘Sheed, Anthony Parker

So says Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo Sports. Sources say Boston Celtics GM Danny Ainge and assistant director of basketball operations Leo Papile showed up on Rasheed Wallace’s doorstep just after midnight Wednesday to make their recruiting push. “I know he is definitely considering playing for them,” one league source said. The Celtics also have expressed... [More]

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The sad reality about the Leon Powe decision

I hate that Leon Powe was not offered a contract.  Hate it.  But I get it. Had the Celtics offered, and Powe accepted, the qualifying offer from the Celtics… they would have been on the hook for about $1.6 million dollars when you combine the contract and luxury tax.  It's just too much to pay... [More]

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Determining Rajon Rondo’s Worth

It appears Danny Ainge and Rajon Rondo's agent are having a tough time determining just how much the young point guard is worth. Here's a look at what other point guards, statistically better and worse, are making (I'm excluding Derrick Rose and Rodney Stuckey since they're still trapped in rookie contracts): Chris Paul: $4.5 million... [More]

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Need for Sheed?

Via Marc Stein of Boston has emerged as the hot new entrant in the race for 'Sheed, with my colleague Ric Bucher from ESPN The Magazine crediting Kevin Garnett for not only convincing Celtics personnel chief Danny Ainge to enter the bidding but leading the Celtics' lobbying efforts. Orlando, San Antonio and Dallas all... [More]

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