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Hawks: The Argument Against Tanking

I'd like to thank the Hawks for making my argument (1 year later) as to why tanking is counter-productive.  You tell me what's more productive for the Atlanta Hawks right now… going toe-to-toe and proving they can run with the Celtics in the playoffs… or sitting there hoping they get a lucky bounce with the... [More]

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No Fines or Suspensions

The Celtics will have all hands on deck for Game 5 Wednesday night. The league did not hand down any suspensions or fines following last night's battle royal in Atlanta. Here's the latest from Marc Spears. The Celtics will have no fines or suspensions stemming from a skirmish during Game 4 of their playoff series... [More]

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Stern a Gangbanger?

... [More]

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Suspensions Coming?

Ok… these are the questions we've got to ask after yesterday's "altercation." Question#1:  Did KG push a ref?  It's at the :15 mark.  He certainly struggles to get free… and he's not gentle about it.  It was a big debate today on "Mike & Mike in the Morning." with one vote for a suspension… one... [More]

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These Pretzels Are Making Me Thirsty

All Kramer had to do was deliver a simple line:  "These pretzels are making me thirsty" and he would have had a speaking part in a Woody Allen movie.  But because Kramer is fake… and Seinfeld had to be funny… everyone over-thought the line… and Kramer's chance at fame blew up in his face. Well…... [More]

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Celtic Killer

Joe Johnson single-handledly beat the Celtics tonight. He torched the C's defense for 20 points in the fourth quarter (35 total) as the Hawks overcame a 10 pt deficit and won 97-92. After all the taunting and excessive celebration following Game 3, nearly everyone expected the Celtics to bitch-slap Atlanta tonight. But everytime the Celtics... [More]

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This Cost Pierce $25 K

This sign… the nature of which is up for debate… cost Paul Pierce $25,000.  So what was it?  The folks over at Comcast Sports Net report that its a sign for "blood, sweat and tears".  And really… I wish I could believe them… but does anyone think that in that context, Pierce wants to relay the message "blood sweat and... [More]

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For Old Time’s Sake

In honor of Delonte's big 3 to put the Cavs up 3-1 against Washington.  Here's the video. I still miss that kid around here.... [More]

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What Does This Mean?

This question was brought up by Jesse in the comments… What was that little sign that Paul Pierce threw up at Al Horford?  I hope it means “I’m gonna beat your ass in Game 4.”... [More]

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OK Atlanta, Dial 9-1 Now…

And then 1 again sometime in the second quarter… when Al Horford is in the fetal position and Pierce is running back on D shaking his head and blowing on his fingers, gunslinger style.  You can see the look in the Celtics eyes.  They're pissed.  Honestly… the scariest thing that was said last night after... [More]

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