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Shaq Is Twittering… Maybe

Shaq Is Twittering… Maybe

Shaquille O'Neal is on Twitter.  I don't know what can possibly be said about that other than you're insane if you're not following him (providing, of course, that it's really him).  Not doing so could cost you such gems as… Guys know if they need an instant bucket, they can come to me. As the... [More]

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MVB: Most Valuable Bench

When is the last time you heard someone talking about James Posey around here?  I haven't heard it since the preseason, when the loss of PoZ was supposed to signal the demise of the defending champs.  But no one is talking much about him because our bench has been awesome.  And it's not just one... [More]

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Wow. Now that was embarassing. Allen Iverson makes his debut in Detroit and the Pistons get their asses smacked by the Celtics. At what point do Pistons fans realize this team is going nowhere? We know Joe Dumars waved the white flag on this season with the Billups/Iverson trade, but does most of Detroit know... [More]

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Schedule Gauntlet #1

I know I've been dying for a story line… and finally… the schedule maker has given us one. The Celtics start a stretch tonight of 5 games in 7 days.  They go back-to-back with Detroit and Toronto tonight and tomorrow.  They finish with a back-to-back against Denver and Milwaukee on Friday and Saturday.  In the... [More]

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KG Dunks On The Bucks

KG Dunks On The Bucks

Couple of awesome moments from last night's game.  The first dunk really got the crowd going, because we had all just seen a very crappy first quarter.  This gave them a lead, and was really the beginning of the end for Milwaukee.... [More]

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No Dice?

The Globe's Marc Spears remains excited with the notion the Celtics might sign Antonio McDyess. According to the Rocky Mountain News, the buyout is complete with McDyess receiving just $6 million of the $15 million owed to him over the next two years. By buyout standards, that's a steal for Denver. So what's next for... [More]

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Got in after a crazy night out (Madagascar 2), flipped on the TV and watched one beauty of a 2nd quarter. Rondo was dishing (8 assists), KG was dunking (18 pts, 7-13 FG) and Perk was swatting (career-high 7 blocks). The Celtics were putting on a clinic. The C's had their lulls tonight (1st &... [More]

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Heading To The Game

Scored seats for tonight's game… so I'm heading in.  I'm actually down in section 10, but I can also be seen at fine beer stands everywhere. I'll be paying attention to the game, but I'll also try to throw a few notes on our Twitter page throughout the night.... [More]

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McDyess, Marbury or Neither?

There continues to be an awful lot of chatter about the Celtics reaching out and acquiring Antonio McDyess and (god forbid) Stephon Marbury. Putting a Celtics uniform on Starbury doesn't make sense to anyone except the out-of-touch Charlie Pierce who apparently has taken a liking to the crazed point guard because of his cheap sneakers... [More]

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Ray Allen is NOT a Captain

Here's the official word from the Celtics media relations team: Hi Chuck, To our knowledge right now, Paul remains the sole captain of the team. Thanks, Brian As for the web page in question, Brian says: It's actually a typo, the only two pages on our site that we do not control are the roster... [More]

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