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Dear Mr. Stern

Aren't I special. I received an email from NBA commissioner David Stern today touting the new All-Access portion of NBA.com. Check it out: I hope you are enjoying this extraordinary season, filled with intense competition and exciting performances by the world's greatest athletes. We are excited to announce the launch of All-Access–the NBA's free, official membership program–and... [More]

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The “Rondo’d” Ads

The “Rondo’d” Ads

The "You got Rondo'd" ads will officially be released Thursday… but thanks to Chris over The Sporting Blog… we've got the early look.  This one is JoJo White sticking it to two Hummer drivers… and walking away like a total badass.  The Vince Wilfork and Dee Brown ads are after the jump Vince Wilfork: Dee... [More]

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Now put your hands in the air and wave 'em like you just don't care: Sadly, this ranks about 5th on Kobe's list of most embarassing moments. Thanks to Tim for the heads up. For more laughs, check out this link for the lyrics.... [More]

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Breaking News: Adande, Smith Still Blowing Kobe

Kobe Bryant is more than a basketball player, he's an American hero. At least that's what ESPN wants us to believe. Our favorite ball-washers continue to fawn over Mr. Bryant. Here are some excerpts from their latest blowjobs columns. He has rebounded from the sexual assault charges of 2003, his role in the departures of... [More]

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Flip Saunders Fired

Flip Saunders was fired as Detroit Pistons coach Tuesday, four days after his team was eliminated by the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals. President of basketball operations Joe Dumars said it's "time for a new voice to lead our team." Saunders had a year left on a four-year deal he signed in 2005. The decision... [More]

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Why The Celtics Will Win

Defense wins championships, or so I've heard. This is the number one reason why the Celtics will beat the Lakers in the NBA Finals. And then there's the Big 3. Throughout the playoffs, the C's have proven they can win with 2 of the 3 playing well. If Kobe struggles, the Lakers lose. If Pierce... [More]

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Pierce Needs Some Sleep

Is it me or does Paul Pierce look a bit odd in this photo from practice? He looks like a wax figurine. I guess the pressure of the finals can do that to a man. Does us all a favor Truth and get plenty of rest the next few nights. Check out some more pics... [More]

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5 Reasons Why….

Two guys from USA Today (who I've never heard of) have posted 5 reasons why the Celtics will beat the Lakers and vice versa. Let's have some fun and see what they have to offer, starting with the C's: 1. Battle tested: The Lakers have certainly look like the more dominate team. The Celtics struggled... [More]

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Back to Work

After two days off, the Celtics return to practice today. Phil Jackson had his boys on the court yesterday. Everyone's curious about the matchups. Here's something I dug out of the Orange County Register: The Lakers likely will start out with Vladimir Radmanovic on Paul Pierce — with Luke Walton, Trevor Ariza and Odom as other options. But if... [More]

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You Got Rondo’d

Rondo'd (rŏn'dō'd) v.: moving smoothly between larger objects, being able to remove an object quickly and efficiently, or creating a distraction with a swift change of direction That's the Reebok definition anyway. Its part of an ad campaign that Reebok will be debuting online and in The Garden for the Finals.  Reebok filmed three commercials... [More]

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