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24 minutes away from a world championship.... [More]

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Perk Looks Good

According to the Globe's Gary Dzen, Kendrick Perkins looks pretty good during warmups:  Perkins is in uniform and warming up on the parquet. Perkins is taking jump shots over the reach of assistant coach Clifford Ray. He's a righthanded shooter, but his left arm is getting good extension on the jump shots as well. He... [More]

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Perk & Ray Are In

Kendrick Perkins and Ray Allen are both planning to play. "If feels good," said Perkins. I'm going to give it a shot tonight and see how it goes. I plan on playing tonight and I'll see how it goes." Perkins admitted his shoulder probably won't be 100 percent until after the season, but that right... [More]

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If we get any more posts like this one from Matt at Hardwood Paroxysm, someone somewhere is going to require mandatory drug testing for bloggers.  And quite frankly, I'm not sure anyone will pass (Chuck has been mainlining Winstrol for 12 years).  Matt explains the story of the Celtics delayed plane… in screenplay form.  Bonus... [More]

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For Better Or For Worse

Home Rondo is aggressive and gets into the middle of defense to wreak havoc and destroy rotations.  Road Rondo seems nervous and tentative. Home Rondo knocks down baseline jumpers when he's open.  Road Rondo passes up layups to pass out to the three point line.  Home Rondo is the guy that makes Reebok dream up... [More]

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No Excuses

I want Perk to play.  I want Rondo to play well.  I want Ray's son to be OK so he can focus on the game.  I want KG to shut Jason Whitlock the hell up.  I want all those things.  And I want them all tonight.  But if none of those things happen… here's one... [More]

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In Memory Of Del

11 years ago, in June of 1997, I got the worst news of my life.  My best friend was gone.  He had taken his own life.  Del and I were pretty much the same person.  We loved the same music (I remember drinking beers in the studio… while he was doing his '88.9 at night' show on WERS in Boston.)... [More]

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Jet Lag, Vegas & Jemele

As if a cross-country flight isn't bad enough, we've learned the Celtics flight out of L.A. was delayed some 6 hours today due to mechanical issues with the plane. So instead of them landing around 5pm EST, they won't get back until 11pm EST. On the bright side, the Globe's Marc Spears reports that Ray... [More]

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Now on Barstool

On Barstool today, I'm making the case for Eddie House to start Game 6: This "comeback" thing is getting old. Aside from the obvious notion of playing better 1st quarter defense, Doc Rivers should shuffle up the starting line-up for Game 6. Play Eddie House. Rajon Rondo (ankle injury or not) has become completely ineffective on the... [More]

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The Machine

These things are just hysterical.  Of course… I find them hysterical because we're up 3-2 and I have every confidence in the world that 'Celtics in 6' will come true.  More "machine" videos can be found here.  The Machine vs. Spurs is my favorite one… because it includes a song.  ... [More]

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