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Your Parade Photos

Oh no… is Danny throwing gang signs now?  Remember when that was a controversy like 3 years ago?   Thanks to all of you who sent in parade photos.  These are awesome.  Maybe now it will start to sink in that we're fans of the WORLD CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS!  We've broken down your parade photos into 3... [More]

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More New Designs

We've added a few dozen new shirts to the championship gear section of our shop.  They all have "Banner 17" on the front pocket… and you have your choice of "Truth", "Jesus" or "Certified" designs on the back.  We've got all sorts of stuff for men and women… so check it out.   ... [More]

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What Now?

It's nice to see Red still gets some action. Anyways….the Celtics are going to play another series right? Maybe the Spurs? Or there's a second parade this week. Something…give me something. I can't spend another Friday night watching movies like "Juno" with the wife. And I'm certainly not ready for the tedious pace of a... [More]

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Having Some Fun

You know… all sorts of stuff comes out when your team wins the title.  That cartoon is from the latest Garbage Time All Stars comic up on Ball Don't Lie… which also features a Perkins eating contest and now that KG is number 1, all he's thinking about is number 2.  BostonSportz has dug up an old... [More]

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The Parade In Photos, Part 1

This is the professional photo version of parade day.  I'm doing this first, honestly, because it is easier for me.  These are all in one place and they're easy for me to link to.  I've got an inbox, and camera, full of fan photos that I will get to (I swear).  In the meantime, read Rajon... [More]

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Re-Live The Parade

Re-Live The Parade

Ray Allen might have gotten home from the parade before I did.  I stayed behind to bask in the afterglow for a while.  I also basked in a few Sam Adams Summer Brews and a victory cigar (and then a few more Sams).  For the fans who were there… these videos will be a fun... [More]

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Back To Business

Gotta say… that Lakers funeral was awesome yesterday.  Yes, Red's Army was there.  And yes, that's us much closer to the bar entrance than the parade.  Lucky for me and Chuck, we're both tall enough to stay virtually tethered to the bar… while still getting a fantastic view of the parade. I've got a TON of pictures to go through from the... [More]

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It's 4:30pm.  I saw the parade go by me at noon.  I'm just getting home. Wow. That was an indescribable experience.  All I know is I'm drained… but I'm happy.  What a day.  We have many offseason issues to get to  (Posey's contract… the draft… can we repeat)… and we'll get to them tomorrow. Email... [More]

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Great Day For A Parade!

Chuck and I will be down at the "Rolling Rally" today.  I'm hoping to take a lot of pictures… and I've recruited others to do the same.  I'll put together a flickr page when its all said and done… but don't expect it today.  I'm expecting to either be trashed, exhausted… or both.  So you'll... [More]

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Way To Go C’s Fans

This is Quinn.  She is hot.  And despite the shirt, she's actually a Boston fan working for Boston.tv… trying to see if Celtics fans would still hit on her, during the game, despite her get up.  And to your credit… most of you refused.  Then again… its easy to refuse that with a camera in your face knowing... [More]

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