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Who’s More Clutch: Pierce, Kobe or LeBron?

Anyone with an ounce of basketball knowledge knows the answer is Paul Pierce. But what do the guys on Pardon the Interruption think? Have a listen: Pardon the Interruption Podcast (Scroll about 3/4 of the way through the podcast….the clutch debate comes after the toss to Sportscenter and before the Big Finish – it's 21:55... [More]

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Rajon Rondo Droppin’ Dimes

Nothing but Rajon Rondo highlights from last night.  He made some sick passes.  That first oop to KG was awesome.... [More]

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Doc Rivers Drew It Up Perfectly

Last year, the Celtics KILLED everyone out of time outs because the Celtics executed their plays to perfection.  Last night, Doc Rivers drew one up that gave the Hawks absolutely no choice but to play everyone straight up… because doubling Paul Pierce would have left a great scoring option wide open. In #3, you could... [More]

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The Paul Pierce Buzzer Beater

The Paul Pierce Buzzer Beater

(via The Sports Dollar)... [More]

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The Mother-Fffin Truth, Part II

Nothin' like a Paul Pierce 20-foot jumper with .5 seconds left to beat the Hawks. This game was so intense, it could've been Game 8 of last year's playoff series. The Hawks three-point shooting (13-22) was absolutely a killer tonight. Maurice Evans (who?) and Marvin Williams shot a combined 7-9 from three…and both hit huge... [More]

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Bowl with The Truth

Paul Pierce has some openings at his "The Truth Strikes Again" celebrity bowling event next Monday night. $100 Ticket includes: Access to event (no bowling access); Complimentary beverages and hors d'oeuvres; Gift bag with Nike merchandise and other complimentary items; Access to live and silent auction and raffle. Or if you have real deep pockets:... [More]

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Don’t Forget How Much We Hate The Hawks

I'm sure the Celtics don't need any motivation to beat the 6-0 Hawks tonight, but I think a refresher on last year's 7-game playoff series will do us all some good. Mike Bibby got things started by calling us fair-weather fans. Red's Army responded by calling for the "Rondo's Better" chant and the fans delivered.... [More]

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36 Minutes Won’t Be Enough Forever

Alright Celtics… a lot of us are getting together today to send you a message:  playing 36 minutes a night has been fine so far… but it ain't gonna work all season long.  And since I'm just some jagoff who mashes his fists into a keyboard hoping the result will be coherent, I'm going to... [More]

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Garnett + Calderon=Return Of Matty G

Regular readers know Matty G was once a regular contributor.  Circumstances have drawn him away from Red's Army, but KG coaxed him out of semi-retirement with that finger-waving thing he did to Jose Calderon.  Please enjoy the return, however temporary, of Matty G.  Video of the KG/Calderon moment and daily links after the jump. For anyone... [More]

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Post For The West Coast: Celtics Leapfrog Lakers

I don't give a crap about power rankings… but this one is going to piss off Lakers fans… so I had to put it up. The Celtics have jumped past the Lakers in ESPN's rankings.  That is all.... [More]

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