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Nobody Knows What The Hell Grant Hill Is Thinking

Update: Yahoo! Sports is reporting that Hill has resigned with the Suns. Grant Hill wants to come to Boston. No, he she prefers New York. Wait a minute, now he's going to Phoenix. There are 3-4 new stories about Grant Hill and all have him going to a different team. A source tells that... [More]

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Gabe Pruitt really wants to come back

Gabe Pruitt could REEEEALLLLLY help the Celtics out by emerging as a capable back up to Rajon Rondo.  And the Orlando Summer League is pretty much his last chance to be that guy.  And he seems to be taking advantage of it. “Russell Westbrook is the best point guard here, but after that you could... [More]

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Rumor: Boozer to Chicago in 3 team deal

ESPN Reports: Another major multi-team trade might be looming in the NBA with the Portland Trail Blazers, Utah Jazz and Chicago Bulls having discussed a deal that would be headlined by Carlos Boozer and Kirk Hinrich, according to NBA front-office sources. Sources stressed to that no deal was imminent Thursday and that both Portland... [More]

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Rasheed Speaks

Here's what Rasheed Wallace had to say at today's press conference: Why did you come to Boston: "Because I felt it was a good fit. One of the main things the guys do is play defense….the bottom line is just to win. There's a good group of guys…now it will be extra good cuz we... [More]

July 9, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 19

Grant Hill is whipped, will soon be a Knick

It looks like Grant HIll is going to be a Knick… and FanHouse says it's definitely because of his wife. The Knicks, owned by media giant Cablevision, have been aggressively pushing the way it would help his post-basketball aspirations, a more lucrative contract now, and the way it would propel his wife's singing career. "The... [More]

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Sheed likes to Wang Chung

This comes courtesy of last nights guest on "The Two Man Game", Natalie Sitto of Need4Sheed. A reader passed this along to her: "… just ate breakfast at a coney island with 2 police oficers, 3 regulars, and Rasheed Wallace… now that's a morning crew.  Rasheed was whistling to "Everybody Wang Chung Tonight" on the... [More]

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Michael Sweetney’s shot at redemption

Michael Sweetney used to be a promising power forward who could score and rebound.  But he could also eat… and that cost him a spot in the league.  For the past two years, he's been out of basketball… but now the Celtics are giving him a shot to prove to the NBA… and himself… that... [More]

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Rasheed Wallace Might Be a Starter?

We all assumed Rasheed Wallace would be coming off the bench, but Mark Murphy put the question to Doc Rivers: Rivers now gets to contemplate the possibilities. Does he start Wallace or bring him off the bench behind Kendrick Perkins? That matter was actually discussed during last week’s meeting in Detroit. “We did talk about... [More]

July 9, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 19

Sheed’s deal is for 3 years

According to the Globe According to an NBA source Rasheed Wallace was given a three-year deal, earning $5.8 million in the first year with the mid-level exception. The final year of the deal is a player option. Well, it'll be interesting in 2 years when we go through the "is Sheed retiring" dance. ... [More]

July 8, 2009 RedsArmyAdmin Uncategorized 12

No really, Ron Artest is fine

Hey… you can pick whatever number you want, Ron.  But.. uhhhh….    Artest will wear uniform No. 37 in honor of the number of weeks that Michael Jackson's album "Thriller" was No. 1 on the charts. $5 to the first person who can figure out how this guy's mind works.  I'm sure the medical community will... [More]

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