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What Happened to the Muscle Strain?

What Happened to the Muscle Strain?

ESPN's Chris Sheridan has some specifics on KG's knee injury. He cites Garnett's agent Andy Miller as the source: "He said the injury is status quo. He's got a strained tendon behind his knee, got some loose cartilage in there, it's causing soreness…" Whoa, wait a minute. Wasn't the initial diagnosis a muscle strain? This... [More]

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“KG Would Play If the Playoffs Were Today”

In a further attempt to douse the flames that followed the news about KG sitting out a couple more weeks…. Danny Ainge taped a segment for Celtics Now and declared that KG would play if the playoffs were today. So it looks like the C's are just being cautious.  Please everyone… step back from the... [More]

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Relax, Paul’s Got It Covered

Man, I cannot believe how crazy people are going over KG's knee.  He's gonna be OK.  And no matter what, we can lean on The Truth: Looks KG gonna b out another week or two but have no fear 34 is still here Damn right.... [More]

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“Our goal is the last 3 games”

Doc had this on KG after practice today. (click here for video link) "After watching him today we're just gonna shut him down until the soreness goes away. Our goal is the last three games." That's not going to put anyone's mind at ease.  Neither is what Perk said: "I could tell he's not 100%,... [More]

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Dancer Madness: The Elite 8

It took a couple of nail-biters (both votes finished 53% to 47%), but our last two dancers have moved into the Elite 8. Alicia of the Wizards and Kayla of the Suns have advanced. So now we're down to 8 dancers.  4 on each side.  Here's where it gets really tough.  Top seed, and local... [More]

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Via the Patriot Ledger: Ray Allen, who has made 95.4 percent of his free throws, is on the way to breaking the mark set by Bill Sharman (93.2 percent in the 1958-59 season). Another team shooting record – 3-point accuracy – is being threatened by Eddie House, and Rajon Rondo is bidding to become the... [More]

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Some Late Night Links

Some Late Night Links

We've been knee deep in Twitter and dancers… which is kinda the product of a Celtics off-day.  But there are a few lingering things out there worth passing along. Jeff Clark has a look at the decision the Celtics will have to make about Leon Powe and Glen Davis this offseason.  Each could command $3-$5... [More]

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Bynum Clearly Focused on Rehab, Playoffs

Andrew Bynum is working his ass off, rehabbing that knee with the goal of being in top shape for the Lakers playoff run. His sole focus is a championship. Or not: While the Lakers were in Atlanta preparing for what would be an 86-76 loss to the Hawks on Sunday, Bynum was in Los Angeles... [More]

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Red’s Army vs. Marc Cuban

I'm gonna totally blow this out of proportion with that headline… because I want to.  Actually only because a Twitter conversation I was having with Marc Cuban about Tweets being copyrighted became fodder for a post on With Leather. RedsArmy: @mcuban Unless you’re set to “private”, anyone can go to your twitter page and see... [More]

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Yep, That’s Paul Pierce On Twitter

There was some question of whether Paul Pierce was really on Twitter.  Well, he is.   He offered up free tickets to the OKC game on Twitter… and one of the guys who got a ticket to yesterday's game is the proof. When I arrived there was already a group of five fans, which quickly grew... [More]

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