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Pierce On ESPN Radio

So Paul was on the radio today.  He did an OK job (slow start… but he got better by the end).  Among the little revelations in the show: Wyc Grousebeck has 6 ring prototypes at his house right now… and Paul's invited over to help pick which one will be the ring. Wyc may or... [More]

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Two Legends and a Baby

As he sat on a "Trophy Talk" panel with Ray Bourque and Curt Schilling yesterday, you think Glen "Big Baby" Davis thought to himself, "How the hell did I get here?" While it would have been sweeter to see, maybe Paul Pierce, KG or Ray Allen take part in the charity event, I give credit to Baby for... [More]

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What Did China Do To Spain?

Those are members of the Spanish tennis team back in April… and according to the Telegraph, this was on the team's official website.  According to me… here it is… with the caption "we're prepared for China."  Obviously, this follows this mess involving the Spanish basketball team.  Man… Spaniards must really hate Chinese people.... [More]

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Giddens Signs

It took long enough…. JR Giddens is in the fold.  It's a 2 year guaranteed deal with a team option for a 3rd.  Next up:  Signing Bill Walker.... [More]

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Pierce To Co-Host ‘Mike & Mike’

Paul Pierce will spend 4 hours tomorrow morning co-hosting "Mike & Mike In The Morning" with Mike Greenberg.  He'll be filling in for Mike Golic. AwfulAnnouncing says he'll bring Wyc Grousebeck at 7:40 a.m., Doc Rivers at 8:10, and Danny Ainge at 9:40 a.m.  'Mike & Mike' is on from 6 to 10 on ESPN Radio and on TV on ESPN... [More]

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Take Your Souvlaki, Your Olives, And Your Feta… And Go Home

The first quarter  of this game was a little closer than people expected. Then Dwyane Wade came in… and made plays like that one.  How someone throws a perfect alley-oop while running full speed to track down a ball going out of bounds is beyond me.  But he did it… and everything else, too.  Between... [More]

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This Could Get Ugly

One of the problems with Team USA over the years has been their blase' attitude… even when they were getting beat.  They were just way too cocky for their own good. Not this team… at least… not for this game.  They're actually fired up for Greece.  These guys want to win… bad… to get revenge... [More]

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Wanna Bet She Could Knock Out Pau Gasol?

If you've been paying attention to the Olympics, you know that gymnast, and Winchester, Massachusetts native Alicia Sacramone choked yesterday and cost Team USA gold. And I don't care. Because she can throw a punch.  That's pretty good form.  Elbow tight… good trunk rotation… full body weight behind it… nice follow through.  Just a thing of... [More]

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Wanna Bet She Could Box Out Pau Gasol?

A woman known as the world’s tallest female has died in Indiana. Sandy Allen was 7 feet, 7 inches tall. She was 53 years old. Allen was proud of her height and used her size to inspire young people to accept others who are different. She weighed 6 and a-half pounds when she was born. By... [More]

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He’s BACK!

Rajon Rondo has emerged from this blogging cocoon.  He's been pretty busy since the championship… and he's only just started working out again: Last week, I was in Boston. I went to Boston after I left Houston and stayed for a week. I mainly went to work out. I hadn't picked up a ball since... [More]

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