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Don’t I Feel Like A Fool

One day after I praise Antoine for giving his $100 travel per diem to interns, the dude gets arrested on suspicion of drunk driving: Former NBA player Antoine Walker was charged with suspicion of drunk driving in Miami Beach early Monday morning, further hurting his chances of playing again this season. Walker was driving a... [More]

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Deja Vu

Lex Nihil Novi (via CelticsBlog) has some much needed perspective today.  It comes in the form of press clippings from the 1985-86 Celtics season.  You know… the best Celtics team ever?  Check it out: Slowly but surely, the Celtic bench is slipping into the Atlantic Ocean. Four starters played 38 or more minutes last night... [More]

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Anatomy Of A 3rd Quarter Collapse

An hour ago, I sat down with my pen and pad, determined to break down last night's 3rd quarter.  The Celtics had a 3 point halftime lead, and they finished the 3rd down 10.  There had to be a special scheme somewhere.  Mike D'Antoni must have come up with some clever offensive wrinkle.  I fired... [More]

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The KG-Injury Play

The KG-Injury Play

This is the play where KG got hurt.  First of all… you can see he took a knee to the calf  (:06 in) when he jumped into David Lee.  That's some charley horse action right there.  If this is what it looks to be… it's just a bruise and KG will probably wear some sort... [More]

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The Blueprint?

Gotta say… I don't like this quote from Ray Allen today: “That’s now the blueprint on how to beat us, so we just have to counter that,” Allen said. “Put a big guy on (Rondo) and just force him to shoot.” I'm not sure if Ray is doing this as a way to send Rondo... [More]

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That Was Embarassing

Another horrible loss to a crappy team. For those who are counting, that's 4 losses in the last 6 games. The Celtics shot a hideous 6-25 from 3 FG. Ray Allen was 0-9 from three. Kevin Garnett had 6 pts on 1-6 FG. Looks like he suffered some type of calf injury in the second... [More]

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Washed Up But Still A Good Guy

Found this blurb on Antoine Walker in Newsday: Antoine Walker's greatest impression with the Grizzlies was made in the seat cushion at the end of the bench. But there are some in Memphis who miss the chunky forward since his buyout in mid-December. Walker, 32, who reportedly walked away with about 95 percent of his... [More]

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Hard To Find Good Help

Cruise around the web today for Celtics news and you'll find a lot of stuff about the Celtics search for bench help. From the Globe: Despite their recent losses, the sky hasn't fallen. The Celtics won't make a kneejerk move to add a veteran big man or a veteran guard with scoring skills off the... [More]

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Celebrate The Cobra

People are really hating on Kevin Garnett… and "The Cobra" is part of the reason why.   Well, I say they can go screw.  Celebrate "The Cobra" with our latest shirt.  Click on the photo, or visit our store for more versions featuring this design.... [More]

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Ray Feels for Steph

After practice today, Ray Allen commented on the mess that is Stephon Marbury and the New York Knicks: "It’s somewhat disappointing watching what happened with Stephon,” Allen said after Saturday’s practice. “He and I grew up playing together, against each other [in] high school basketball and then being drafted together, we got traded for each... [More]

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