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The Preservation of Kevin Garnett

The Celtics need KG for more than defense.  They need him for energy… so sitting out the last three 4th quarters will go a long way to making sure he has the energy to give. It's part testament to his greatness, part over-reliance on him to carry the team emotionally.  But that's where the Celtics... [More]

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How’s Our Ass Taste?

With Phoenix playing back-to-back road games and their 4th game in 5 nights, we knew the Celtics had a very good chance to win this one. But I didn't expect Phoenix to lay down quite like this. Boston College would have put up more of a fight. The Celtics led by 15 after 1, 30... [More]

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Are We Playing NJ Again?

Holy crap – the Celtics are kicking the crap out of the Suns. They are doing everything right. Phoenix might set a record for most turnovers and offensive fouls in a game. Celtics up 64-34 at the half.... [More]

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The All Star Jerseys

Apparently… these things are hi-tech (a.k.a. "ugly") From Men's Fitness: Together, the jersey and shorts are 31% lighter than the typical NBA uniform. Before, layers of twill were sewn together, bogging down the garment. Now added elements, like conference names and player numbers, are bonded on with a heated glue. From a comfort standpoint, the... [More]

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The Nudist Is At It Again

Celtics-hater and assumed-nudist Charley Rosen is at it again… this time as he hands out his "mid term grades." BOSTON tried to run a marathon like it was a sprint. Anyway, their frontcourt subs are still too short, and if James Posey is sorely missed already, wait until the playoffs arrive. Grade: C-minus The Celtics... [More]

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Q & A With Ben’s Suns Blog

Q & A With Ben’s Suns Blog

The Suns are in town today, and in advance of the game, we exchanged a set of questions with Ben's Suns Blog.  Here are the questions we answered.   He also has this reminder of how physical a Celtics-Suns game can be: Red's Army:  How have the Suns changed their game to accommodate Shaq so successfully?... [More]

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New Rondo Wallpaper

We love Rondo… so we thought it would be only fitting to make a new Rondo wallpaper.  Click on the above image for 1024 x 768.   Below is the 800 x 600: And here's the 640 x 480... [More]

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Rondo’s Dunk

Rondo’s Dunk

... [More]

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This Is Why Ray’s Hot

When the Celtics offense is REALLY humming, Ray Allen is really scoring.  In the Celtics funk, Ray was ice cold.  In the past 5 games, he's been really hot.  And I'm not sure if anyone else noticed, but the past 5 games have also involved a lot more 2-point shots than he usually takes. Ray's... [More]

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An Execution

The Celtics leveled the Nets….again. They lead this one 68-39 at the half and ended up winning 105-85. This game was over in the first five minutes as the Celts surged ahead 18-2. They had 28 assists on 36 baskets. Rondo nearly had a triple double in 28 minutes – 8 pts, 9 reb, 14... [More]

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