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Report: Daniels will sign tomorrow

The Herald has the scoop: The long wait for Marquis Daniels is nearing its end. According to sources, the Celtics expect to sign the 6-6 swingman tomorrow to a contract for the biannual exception. The delay in getting Daniels officially into Green was caused by the team trying to work out a sign and trade... [More]

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File Under: No Chance in Hell

ESPN assigned a crew of writers/reporters/editors to forecast which team LeBron James would play for in 2010 and beyond. While a majority selected Cleveland, one idiot staffer picked the Celtics: And one hunch has King James in Celtic green, which is theoretically possible: Boston could give LeBron a max contract if Paul Pierce, Ray Allen and... [More]

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The Celtics are a stylish bunch

At least Ball Don't Lie thinks so.  Kelly Dwyer put the C's at the top of the list of NBA uniforms. It's green and white. When they're at home, they wear white. When they play on the road, they wear green. It looks fantastic, and it's been around for about a trillion years. Or 63... [More]

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Amare Stoudemire really isn’t very likeable

There are certain things you don't really find out about other players in the league when you live more than half a country away.  At first with Amare Stoudemire… you saw "S.T.A.T."  You looked at him as Phoenix's franchise player.  Then you started to notice that for a big guy, he's not really grabbing as... [More]

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Baby: “It’s the perfect situation”

We've been wondering just how Glen Davis was going to get the minutes he's used to now that he's back with the C's.  Apparently, he's not concerned.  Either that, or he's learning to say the right thing. "The situation with the Celtics worked out perfectly," said Davis yesterday after throwing out the first pitch in... [More]

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This is why he’s called “Larry Legend”

This is why he’s called “Larry Legend”

Our boy Jared Wade dropped this gem on Both Teams Played Hard last week.  Larry Bird scored 47 in this game, mostly left-handed.  Oh, and he also finished with a triple double, the game tying shot in regulation and the game winning shot in OT.  And I’m pretty sure he inspired this movie scene.  ... [More]

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Player Projections: Tony Allen

Tony AllenLast year's stats:  19 mpg, 7.8 ppg, 2.3 rpg, 1.4 apg, 1.2 spg, fg% 48.5, ft% 72.5% Projected Stats: John:  9 mpg, 7 ppg, 1.5 rpg, 0.5 apg, 1 spg, fg% 45%, ft% 75Chuck:  6 mpg, 4 ppg, 0.9 rpg, 0.7 apg, 0.8 spg, fg% 45, ft% 77 What will help him the most?... [More]

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Red’s Army… The home of champions

Or at least the place where people win free stuff.  Remember when we let you know SLAMonline was giving away Chelsea gear signed by KG?  Well, the winner was Red's Army reader Shawn Simpson. We love you too, buddy.  See how easy it is?  You read Red's Army and you get free stuff.  And that's... [More]

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HoopsWorld is Setting the Bar Ridiculously Low

HoopsWorld puts out some questionable content, but its latest offering has me scratching my head. Writer Luke Byrnes lays out "what is reasonable to expect from each team in the NBA for the upcoming campaign and examine what would classify as a failure for each squad." The Boston Celtics season would be a bust if… ... [More]

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Will Carlos Arroyo Be Our Back-up Point Guard?

Via ESPN: According to several sources, Arroyo, represented by Leon Rose, is in talks to join either the Boston Celtics or the Milwaukee Bucks. However, both teams told's Chris Sheridan that they have had no contact whatsoever with Arroyo or his representatives. On Saturday, El Nuevo Dia, a newspaper out of Puerto Rico, reported... [More]

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