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The Celtics may have lost Game 3, but I remain supremely confident they will win this series. In fact, my confidence level is higher now than it was prior to this game. Why? Because Paul Pierce (6 pts, 2-14 FG,)  just played the worst game of his career and the Lakers barely won. Kevin Garnett (13 pts,... [More]

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Tell Me This Isn’t True

Tim Donaghy is talking… and he's either exposing what, up until now, has been a conspiracy theory…. or he's grinding a serious ax to make the NBA look bad. Ex-NBA referee Tim Donaghy told the feds two refs fixed the outcome of one playoff series - and that officials were told not to eject star players... [More]

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Let’s Do This

Paul Pierce needs to save some intensity for the court. Let's take it to the Lakers early. Be aggressive and force the refs to blow the whistles on both ends. That's my pep talk. Our game forums have been rockin' in the playoffs, let's keep it that way tonight.... [More]

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Whitlock Blasts KG

In Monday's column praising the play of Paul Pierce, Jason Whitlock also took several shots at Kevin Garnett. In the lowest of low blows, he actually compared KG to Ralph Samspon: If there was any doubt left about whom the leader of the Celtics is, game two gave us the smoking-gun evidence that it is... [More]

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Protect This With Your Lives

Before the series started, I told Around The Spectrum that I thought the Celtics would win games 1,2, 4 and 6 (prediction at the 83:00 mark).  But now that we're here, I want this win.  The Lakers want to open up their offense and run.  They want easy buckets… transition 3's… opportunities to force the... [More]

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Top 10 Plays of the Season

Top 10 Plays of the Season

... [More]

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The Story Of The Truth

This is a very worthwhile read about Paul Pierce in today's New York Times. “It’s a cliché in Inglewood: you either bang or ball,” said Carlo Calhoun, a high school teammate of Pierce. “As a basketball player you might be able to walk down a street that you might not be able to walk down... [More]

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Paul Pierce > Kobe Bryant

This is always a fun one for Lakers fans.  We've been saying this for a while.  In fact… here's a little something from 2 years ago.  The simple fact of the matter is that Paul Pierce is, was, and will continue to be better for an NBA team than Kobe Bryant.  Sure, Kobe's more explosive,... [More]

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The Bandwagon Is Looking A Little Empty

The Celtics are in Los Angeles… up 2 games to none.  It's what some might call a commanding lead… but it's certainly not insurmountable.  The Lakers have been dominant at home… Phil Jackson's griping about the calls will certainly pay off tonight… so Lakers fans have plenty to cheer about. If there are any Lakers... [More]

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Schilling Not Impressed with Kobe

Curt Schilling sat courtside for Game 2 at the Garden. He was seated about 3 feet from the Lakers bench which provided for some fabulous insight into one Kobe Bryant. Here's what Curt had to say on his blog, 38pitches.com: From the first tip until about 4 minutes left in the game I saw and heard this... [More]

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