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Bring Zo to Boston

The Celtics need a backup center, preferably a veteran who can play defense. According to the Herald's Steve Bulpett, Alonzo Mouring is on their radar. And don’t be surprised if the C’s, based on their success with P.J. Brown, go the veteran route again. It’s expected that they will touch base with a crew that... [More]

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Celtics Vs. Team USA

BrewHoop asked question last week:  How would the Celtics do vs. Team USA?.  In our post-championship exuberance, I said Celtics in 7.  WhatIfSports ran it through their computers 1,000 times, and got a slightly different result: Using 1,000 separate simulations of a seven-game "NBA Championship"-esque series, we determined the most common result to be a... [More]

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I Like Our Draft

I'm not going to speak for Chuck here, but the more I read about the guys we picked up, the more I like what Danny did.  Maybe part of it is "In Danny I Trust"… because I know I didn't watch any New Mexico games last season. But to hear the JR Giddens story told…... [More]

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In Appreciation Of… Leon Powe

We are spending some time looking back over the Boston Celtics championship season… in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved.  In our fifth installment of our series, we continue our appreciation of the players. There aren't many of us who got excited about Danny Ainge acquiring the rights to second round draft... [More]

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Antoine On The Move Again… Oh Yeah… Other Big Names…. Blockbuster Deal… Blah Blah Blah

In what is sure to go down in history as "The Antoine Walker Trade"… Minnesota and Memphis have swapped 8 players in a blockbuster deal that also involves relatively unknown guys named Mayo and Love: Two league sources told ESPN.com that the Wolves have reached an agreement in principle with the Memphis Grizzlies that will... [More]

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Draft Night Wrap Up

Draft Night Wrap Up

As you've seen already, the Celtics picked up JR Giddens with the 30th pick.  Here's Doc's take: "We think he has a chance to fight for minutes right away because of his defense.  He's got incredible wingspan, great feet, and we feel that defensively he can be an NBA player right away. The other things we'll... [More]

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With the 30th Pick…..

The Celtics have selected J.R. Giddens,  a guard from New Mexico. The 6-5, 208 lb. shooting guard averaged 16 pts, 8 rebounds and 3 assists in 33 games last season for the Lobos. Welcome to the defending champions!!!! According to Draft Express, Giddens was stabbed during a bar fight back in 2005 and needed 30 stitches... [More]

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Draft Night

The first round is more than two-thirds over and the Celtics still hold the 30th pick. Comcast's Greg Dickerson said Danny Ainge is feverishly trying to trade the pick with Chicago and Seattle being potential partners. In Chad Ford's latest mock draft, the Celtics select Memphis swingman Chris Douglas-Roberts.  The biggest surprise so far has to be the freefall... [More]

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Green Is A Pretty Color

Which is probably why its plastered all over Sports Illustrated lately. No… wait… it's because THE CELTICS ARE WORLD CHAMPS!!!!  WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Sorry… it's still hitting me.  And if you think I'm kidding… just ask the person driving next to me on Rt. 128 this morning as I pumped my fist out the window.  I just... [More]

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Pierce On Kimmel

Great stuff here.  Pierce coming out on a wheel chair…. then getting his balls busted by Kimmel for being an LA guy playing for the C's. He also mentions a party in Vegas in the coming weeks.  FYI to anyone out there in Vegas… I want to hear how these guys roll in Vegas. (Thanks... [More]

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