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And the Biggest Loser is…

…the Chicago Bulls. After such a disappointing season, the Bulls landed the top pick in the lottery. Too bad for Kevin McHale and the T-Wolves. As we can attest, tanking the season isn't always enough. Here are the first 5 picks:  1.Chicago 2. Miami 3. Minnesota 4. Seattle 5. Memphis Now let's get this goddamn playoff game... [More]

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Celtics In 6

Its official prediction time for me… and I'm saying Celtics in 6. (Chuck is going with C's in 7. He went on the record Monday on BarStool Sports. Sometimes he forget he also writes for this site.) I know I tend to be more optimistic then some people about our Celtics chances… but I think we're... [More]

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Hate Me and I’ll Hate You Back

The World Of Isaac is a generally fantastic blog… but good ol' Isaac has been bitten by the bug.  You know… the "I hate Boston" bug.  But that's OK… because I love the hate.  I cut slices off other peoples' hate, top it with whipped cream, and eat it as dessert.  I gather up everyone's... [More]

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The Key Matchup

The Celtics and Pistons are remarkably evenly matched teams.  Only at 1 position is there a stark contrast in the style of play:  point guard. Not to over simplify things… but the chances are very good that whomever wins this battle… will be on the winning team.  I find it almost impossible to believe that Chauncey... [More]

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Rested Vs. Still Playing

One big storyline in this series the rested Pistons versus the still-playing Celtics.  Paul sure looks like crap in that picture… but that was 20 minutes after going toe-to-toe with LeBron James.  By all accounts… he was moving pretty well in practice yesterday. Is the rest better… or is being in a routine better?  You... [More]

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Is It Something We Said?

The folks at Waiting For Next Year posed a question to Cavs fans:  will you be rooting for the Celtics… the team that just beat you?  Or will you be rooting for Detroit… your hated rival? Kevin Says: ANYONE but Boston… I don’t hate the Pistons or Detroit nearly as much! I don't think they... [More]

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Lester No Hits Royals

We take a break from the C's coverage to congratulate Jon Lester… who no hit the Royals tonight.  Great story for the kid who beat cancer.  Congrats. By the way… Jason Varitek became the first catcher to ever catch 4 no hitters.  Not bad.... [More]

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“Split The Show”

If you heard any of the post game comments last night… you heard people talking about Paul Pierce "splitting the show."  That video is the perfect example of what they are talking about. In the play… LeBron James is guarding Paul Pierce… and PJ Brown sets the pick.  Zydrunas Ilgauskas comes out to "show his... [More]

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The Ray Allen Question

I keep hearing the question "Is Ray Allen done?" And I keep thinking "are you nuts?" Just because a guy has gone cold doesn't mean he's done.  Ray has taken a drastically reduced role than what he's used to… and in case you haven't noticed… the questions we all had in the pre-season are now surfacing... [More]

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What’s Up With This Guy?

That's what I'd like to know.  And so would the folks over at The Sports Hernia.. who passed that along… and suggest we all wear a wig like that at game 1.  How funny would that be?  I'm calling on some wig company to step up with wig night so we can freak out the... [More]

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