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“Split The Show”

If you heard any of the post game comments last night… you heard people talking about Paul Pierce "splitting the show."  That video is the perfect example of what they are talking about. In the play… LeBron James is guarding Paul Pierce… and PJ Brown sets the pick.  Zydrunas Ilgauskas comes out to "show his... [More]

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The Ray Allen Question

I keep hearing the question "Is Ray Allen done?" And I keep thinking "are you nuts?" Just because a guy has gone cold doesn't mean he's done.  Ray has taken a drastically reduced role than what he's used to… and in case you haven't noticed… the questions we all had in the pre-season are now surfacing... [More]

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What’s Up With This Guy?

That's what I'd like to know.  And so would the folks over at The Sports Hernia.. who passed that along… and suggest we all wear a wig like that at game 1.  How funny would that be?  I'm calling on some wig company to step up with wig night so we can freak out the... [More]

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Appreciating Our Captain

It's the morning after… and its still soaking in. Did I see what I think I saw? “I think the second round of the postseason, Game 7, these fans finally have an opportunity to forget a little bit about what Larry Bird and Dominique Wilkins did and remember what Paul and LeBron did,” said LeBron James. “Two... [More]

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The Truth Hurts

The Truth Hurts

Paul drops 41 on the Cavs… and makes Tayshaun Prince mess himself a little "Oh… I've got to guard THAT now?  Thanks"... [More]

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Bring on Detroit!

It wasn't easy, but the Celtics are now 4 wins away from the Finals. Hail to the Truth (41 pts, 4-6 3FG)  who single-handedly lead the Celtics to victory over Cleveland…97-92. Props to PJ Brown for two huge buckets in the final 3 minutes. As the playoffs approached, we were constantly reminded about LeBron's epic... [More]

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King vs The Truth

This one has become an old fashioned duel. Pierce (26 pts) and LeBron (23 pts) are doing it all for their teams. We are up 10 and 24 minutes away from the Eastern Conference Finals.  ... [More]

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Pre Game: Eddie’s Focused, Team Is Loose

The Globe is at the Garden… and has provided us with a couple of interesting tidbits.  First… Sam Cassell is acting like he's expecting another DNP Not sure how much to read into this, but Eddie House stayed on the court after the Celtics' walkthrough and took jumpers (he looks locked-in). Sam Cassell stood on... [More]

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Today’s Crew

Your officiating crew this afternoon… since it seems to matter.  Click on the name for the gambling stats of game in which they've officiated.  Click on the photo for their National Basketball Referees Association bio Bennett Salvatore: Ken Mauer: Eddie F. Rush:... [More]

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More Of The Same

A lot of people are looking for something big to happen this afternoon. LeBron's big break-out game… Ray Allen's big break-out game… something. But its been 6 games now.  So you can expect today to be more of the same:  Pierce and LeBron knocking the crap out of one another… Ray Allen struggling to get... [More]

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