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Look At The Box Score

"Oh my God… the Celtics took 38 free throws to the Lakers 10.  They got SCREWED!!!" There you go.  All the proof you need right there that the refs were in the Celtics pockets.  How can you go to the line 28 more times than a team WITHOUT the refs in your pocket… right? Unless... [More]

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Now on Barstool

One of the biggest disappointments in this series has to be the coaching (or lack of ) by Phil Jackson. This dude is the greatest of all time, how can he let his team fall behind 2-0? Here's my rant on Barstool: It was supposed to be the biggest mismatch of the series. Basketball guru,... [More]

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Making His Point

We've caught some crap recently for various statements.  One being the coaching matchup is overrated… yet we're still waiting for Phil Jackson to start out-coaching Doc.  Another is that Rajon Rondo needs to be in the Chris Paul/Derron Williams conversation when you're talking about great young NBA point guards. I'm willing to admit that Rajon doesn't have... [More]

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Powe Posterizes Lakers

That's fun to say… And more fun to watch: But wait… there's more! And for those of you who like the mix thing:  ... [More]

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The Vaunted Lakers Defense

I've been driving the Leon Powe bandwagon since day 1… but even I can acknowledge his limitations.  For instance… there's no way in hell that Leon Powe should go coast-to-coast, untouched, when 3 Lakers are already on the defensive end of the court. Leon got the ball about 90 feet away from the basket.  Notice... [More]

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No Sweat

Whoa. Does it really matter that the Celtics let a 24-point lead evaporate in the fourth quarter? Nope – because they still lead the series 2-0. So we'll ignore the fact the C's played zero defense in the final 7 minutes and focus on the positives, starting with Leon Powe. Our favorite bench player dropped 21... [More]

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Looking Good

Here's the latest from the Globe's Gary Dzen: Pierce is moving around the court very well. He’s going through his normal routine of moving around the perimeter and shooting three-pointers. He seems to be getting good elevation on his jump shot. He hasn’t limped once in the 15 minutes or so I’ve been watching him.... [More]

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Plaschke Got Plastered

Bill Plaschke made a total fool of himself by suggesting Paul Pierce faked his knee injury.  We were not happy… and a lot of people let Plaschke know about it. "You're a moron." Of the thousands of words that have filled my e-mail inbox in the last two days, those were three of the nicest.... [More]

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Celtics To Honor Lester

BostonSportz passes along word that Jon Lester will be honored tonight as a "Hero Among Us".  That will be one hell of a moment.... [More]

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Just Some Neighborly Conversation

My neighbor and I sometimes talk Celtics.  Rajon Rondo does the same… which is nice… because his neighbor happens to be Kendrick Perkins. This morning we had practice at the Garden, so I rode down with Perk. He's my neighbor so we sometimes ride together. Once I got down to the Garden, I watched some... [More]

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