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Are the Pacers, Nets & Celtics Ready for a Three Way?

Via the NY Post: If the Nets want to pursue Celtics restricted free agent power forward Glen "Big Baby" Davis, they may have to do so in a sign-and-trade scenario that involves a third team and helps the Nets alleviate their logjam of 15 guaranteed contracts…The Celtics' proposed sign-and-trade to land free agent Marquis Daniels... [More]

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Vegas still likes the Lakers

Saying Vegas doesn't know something about gambling is like saying Stephen Hawking doesn't know something about physics.  Not very likely, even when you think something is obviously wrong. But I can't help but argue with the men behind some of Vegas' biggest sports books… who currently have the Lakers installed as the favorites next year…... [More]

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Big Man Swap, LA’s Reduced Offer to Odom's Marc Stein says a Tyson Chandler for Emeka Okafor deal is in the works: Although Chandler ($11.7 million) and Okafor ($10.6) carry similar salaries for next season, New Orleans' apparent willingness to take on Okafor's contract — with four years remaining after next season — is a marked departure from the Hornets' recent cost-conscious... [More]

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Daniels deal hits a snag

The Celtics are trying to bring Marquis Daniels in by working out a sign-and-trade with Indiana.  That's not going so well. The Pacers are reportedly dissatisfied with what the Celtics are offering – with the primary bait said to be guard Tony Allen and possibly Gabe Pruitt. As a result, according to a source close... [More]

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Rodney Stuckey slams Rasheed Wallace

(Image courtesy Ok, not really… but its hot, I'm hungover, and Chuck is making me dizzy because he's turned that Celtics 17 headline into a speedo and he's dancing around the office pouring champagne over his head. But Stuckey did take a subtle dig at his former teammate. "I'm just happy that we're a... [More]

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Best Headline Ever

Celtics17 is my favorite site. Forever. On a serious note, it's about goddamn time someone else recognized my intellectual superiority. Memo to John, this might be a difficult time for you. Don't worry, no matter how big a star I become, I will never leave you behind.... [More]

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Will the Celtics Ever Finalize Marquis Daniels?

Last Friday, Marc Spears reported the Celtics and Pacers would resolve the Marquis Daniels situation by the end of the week. The week ended without a resolution. Mike Wells of the Indy Star has a different take on the situation: The Pacers are expected to resume talks with the Boston Celtics about a possible sign-and-trade... [More]

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Remembering Reggie Lewis

Remembering Reggie Lewis

Boston lost Reggie Lewis 16 years ago today.  I still see the video him crumpling to the floor against Charlotte running through my mind.  The pain of Len Bias was still fresh.  And every time I see a story of the NBA giving a team cap relief for an injury, I think about the Celtics... [More]

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Has Marbury Cost Himself Another Job?

Yahoo! Sports Adrian Wojnarowski lays into Stephon Marbury and the behavior exhibited during his 24-hour Ustream: As Stephon Marbury clung to that camera for most of those 24 hours, a lost soul spiraling within a voyeuristic ‘net culture, one longtime associate kept logging in and out of the video chat Friday and into Saturday morning.... [More]

July 26, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 3

Rumor: Bowen to Boston

Via CelticsBlog: A source (preferring to remain unnamed) has indicated a serious flirtation between Bruce Bowen and the Boston Celtics. This may have something to do with the Marquis Daniels delay but it wouldn't be an either/or thing. Boston would like to get both of them. The Bucks are trying to trade Bowen before his... [More]

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