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Watch Out For Vince

Got this weird feeling (I'm amazed I'm feeling anything with this damn weather – it's a balmy -7 this morning in God's country) that Vince Carter might go off on the C's today. He's been struggling – 18 points on 5-of-24 shooting in the past two games. But if the Celts play their game, like... [More]

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Lucky On Conan

Lucky On Conan

Here's Lucky's appearance on Conan last night.  He was there to spice up the monologue.  Check out Conan trying a trampoline dunk for himself.  Yikes. (Via Sox & Dawgs)... [More]

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I… Love… WALKER!

Dueling Bill Walker stories today in the Herald and Globe.  Here's the quote that should make every single one of us permanent Bill Walker fans: "Only the strong survive. This is a man's game. You want something, you have to go out there and take it. That's my mentality. [Defense] is the only way you're... [More]

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Watch Lucky Tonight

Lucky will be on Conan tonight… doing Lord knows what.   But if you're heading out tonight and getting hammered (or if you're like me and doing it at home…… alone….. in the dark…… sigh) then it might be a funny thing to watch after you stumble home. Get ready for some new Celtics Now promos... [More]

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Two Great Examples of Kobe’s Douchiness*

Two Great Examples of Kobe’s Douchiness*

We've been laying off the Lakers and Kobe for a few weeks now. In large part because they've been winning and the Celtics have been losing. But we just can't let Kobe Bryant slide on his latest transgressions. First, we'll start with his blatant rip-off of Sam Cassell's "big balls" dance after making a go-ahead... [More]

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Halfway There

If you got excited about this video, then congratulations… you're old like me and Chuck. I can't believe it… but the Celtics season is half over, and they're sitting there at 32-9.  That puts them on pace for 64-18 this year.  Last year they were 66-16.  Last year we were winning games by 10 points. ... [More]

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Thank You New Jersey

The New Jersey Nets came to town and essentially played one half of basketball.  It was the type of night off the Celtics REALLY needed.  So I thought it would be appropriate to thank them. Dear New Jersey Nets, I wanted to thank you for helping the Celtics.  I know you've been watching your division... [More]

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So That’s What Defense Looks Like

Loved the defensive intensity tonight. Absolutely loved it. KG set the tone in the first quarter with 8 pts, 3 reb and 1 block. Any thoughts the C's were going to have trouble with the size of Brook Lopez were quickly erased (especially after watching Scalabrine and Pierce each block his shot). The C's held... [More]

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Big Brook

For those who haven't noticed, Nets rookie center Brook Lopez (his brother Robin is the one with the crazy hair) has been tearing it up lately. He dropped 31 pts and 13 rebounds on OKC Monday night and is averaging 13 pts, 9 reb and 2 blks for the month. With Kendrick Perkins out, might... [More]

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Let’s Enjoy This Matchup

I didn't like the Jason Kidd/Devin Harris trade when it happened, and I think we're finding out now that Dallas made a mistake by letting this kid go. Harris is taking a team that was already making lottery plans this year… and led them to a .500 record.  It's a team with clear sights set... [More]

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