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What’s Wrong With This?

We live in a land of hypersensitivity.  So it's no shock that Nike's new ad campaign that, among other things, features a player getting a mouth full of scrotum is pissing a few people off.  Apparently, the phrase "that ain't right" while the red dude is sniffing jock strap is being misinterpreted as homophobic.  If anything, it looks... [More]

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Everyone *hearts* Doc Rivers

Doc Rivers has had a wild ride in Boston.  He's 180 degrees away from where he was last year.  A year ago, Chuck and I did a call in show where the big debate was whether the Celtics should extend Doc for a year to give him some security heading into this year…. and we... [More]

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“He ’s Going To Have A Breakout Year”

Let's hope so. I'm not sure what can be said about Tony Allen that hasnt' been said.  He's getting $5 mil. over 2 years… and he's either going to be a steal or a bona fide bust by the time the contract is over.  I don't see any real middle ground, because we've all seen his... [More]

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RMV FAIL! (a.k.a. Business As Usual)

So Big Baby… of the BOSTON CELTICS… showed up to promote the new Boston Celtics plate at the Watertown Mall.  Some genius at the RMV decided "I know… I'll put out some completely unrelated promotional material!" “Finally, someone from the state noticed it and hauled it off,” said Someone Who Was There. The next time you're... [More]

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Larry Bird: Still A Total Badass

Larry Bird generally takes crap from exactly no one.  And while he hasn't exactly been the most successful executive around… the only way he's getting soft is a lack of sit ups.  Take, for example, the tale of Shawne Williams… who has been a pain is LB's butt.  But pain or not… there's no way... [More]

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So… We’re Done… Right?

Now that we've got TA and EHouse back in the mix… Patrick O'Bryant to back up Perk… and just some housekeeping to finish by signing our draft picks… then that's it, right? We'll be heading into camp with 14 guys (once Walker and Giddens are locked up).  That means one or two NBDL'ers… and then 12... [More]

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Rick Mahorn Fights Chicks

You knew this was eventually going to happen. A full-fledged catfight during a WNBA game. But wait, there's more. Rick Mahorn got involved. He pushed Lisa Leslie so hard, she fell to the ground. Then he put his hands on an assistant coach before getting whacked in the back by DeLisha Milton-Jones. The BS was... [More]

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New Celtics Plates Available

For those of you looking to pimp your ride (I don't know what that means… I heard a young kid say it once.  I hope it applies)…  the new Boston Celtics license plates are available.  It's different than the other one because it says 17-time world champions on it.  It costs $40, and the money... [More]

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David Stern Just Had A Heart Attack

Because the newest Ron Artest rumor has him going to…. Detroit. Granted… the rumor is a bit on the vacuous side… but it's just too delicious not to pass along. I'll tell you one person who doesn't want Ron… this rabid Lakers fan. And speaking of losers… its nice to see national publications are FINALLY... [More]

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James Posey: Head (And Wallet) Trumped Heart

Not that I blame him… because I would have done the same thing if I was James Posey.  But PoZ says leaving Boston was very hard to do. From a personal and professional standpoint, leaving the Celtics was one of the toughest things I’ve ever had to do,” Posey said yesterday from his home in... [More]

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