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New Celtics Highlights!!!

New Celtics Highlights!!!

Yes… this qualifies as Celtics content in September. Sometimes, covering the NBA in September can be a lot like Krusty the Clown broadcasting live from the civil defense shack in the remote Alkali Flats of the Springfield Badlands.  Today we were joined by Professor Gas Can.  Tomorrow, I hope to book former President Ike Eisenhower... [More]

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ESPN Doesn’t Get It, Part XVIII

Paul Pierce's dominating performance in the NBA Finals is already ancient history, at least to the scribes over at ESPN. A team of 25 morons experts rolled out their predictions for the upcoming season. Let's just say Paul Pierce and KG aren't MVP candidates. Here's how the voting breaks down: LeBron James (16 votes) Chris Paul (5... [More]

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Here’s $49… Sign Here Please

I don't know why things like this still tweak me… but they do.  Athletes show up at malls, stores, trade shows, flea markets… wherever… to sign autographs. And fans always line up to try to score one. But no one's scoring anything… unless they show up with some cash. Take, for example, a couple of... [More]

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Heh Heh… “Beaver Roundup”

Heh Heh… “Beaver Roundup”

That's VP candidate Sarah Palin… doing sports 20 years ago when she was Sarah Heath.  The "Beaver Roundup" happens about :40.  It's only notable to me because I'm ridiculously immature.  She's actually not bad at this.  I really got a kick out stories involving the "Big 8" conference and the Winnipeg Jets.  If any of... [More]

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The Rebirth of JR Giddens

For a team that is returning all but 1 of its key players from last year's regular season, the Celtics sure do seem to have a lot of question marks.  JR Giddens is one of them.  Or maybe he WAS one. Giddens was finally, officially, signed this week… and he came to town to start... [More]

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The Gambler

Former Boston Globe basketball guru turned Hoopshype blogger Peter May breaks down the genius that is Danny Ainge. May hails Ainge as a ballsy risk-taker, smart enough to cut his losses and creative enough to move them out of town. What stood out to me in this blog, was the negative aura surrounding Rajon Rondo prior... [More]

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Re-Live the Glory, on Blu-ray

Watching the Celtics win the championship was amazing. Watching in HD was even better. Now we'll get to experience the domination on Blu-ray. Warner Home Video has announced NBA Champions 2007-2008: Boston Celtics is coming to Blu-ray Disc on November 4, marking the first-ever Blu-ray release from a major sports league. Nothing beats a clear,... [More]

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… And On The 8th Day… Bloggers Will Rise Up And Smite Their Enemies!

Think owners don't pay attention to blogs? Then talk to the owner of SaveOurSonics who was served a subpoena by now Oklahoma City owner Clay Bennet. I got hit yesterday sitting in a meeting with my insurance company when a guy in a bright yellow shirt started hanging out, and eventually knocking on my conference room... [More]

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The Mighty Atlantic

With the Olympics over, tumbleweeds are blowing through the NBA. The Celtics "officially" signed J.R. Giddens yesterday, but that's something we knew a week ago. Fortunately, Marty Burns over at SI.com threw together some off-season report cards for the teams in the much-improved Atlantic Division. He gives the defending champs credit for resigning Eddie House... [More]

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Excuses Excuses

I hate people who make excuses.  Now we're hearing them from a couple of guys who felt the need to make them after the US won gold in Beijing. First up:  Larry Brown explaining why HIS team didn't win gold. "The thing is they got guys that are willing to make a three-year commitment, which... [More]

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