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Another Kings Blowout?

The Celtics absolutely pummeled the Kings (108-63) in Sacramento last month, holding them to 28% shooting. But Doc Rivers is warning the guys about overlooking the 10-36 Kings tonight: “Because you beat them by 45, they’ll know that,” Rivers said. “People have memories in this league, and they absolutely will be ready. I don’t care... [More]

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Blogger MVP/ROY Voting: The Red’s Army Edition

We bloggers have come together again to show actual MVP and Rookie of the Year voters how it's done.  This is round 6… and we're hosting this sucker right here (you can find past votes here).  Joining me in the voting are these fine folks: David Arnott:  Rufus on Fire Rob D: nbamate.com Andrew Feinstein: ... [More]

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Scal Out At Least A Week

After taking an elbow to the chin from Dirk Nowitzki… Scal took another shot from Patrick O'Bryant today in practice.  Now he's out with a concussion. "He got hit in the head and just had a mild concussion," Rivers said. "I don't know if he is out, but it's close. He'll be out probably for... [More]

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Luckiest Shot Ever

This shot (courtesy of SI.com) happened in a high school basketball game in Oklahoma. The dude who made the shot doesn't even crack a smile. It's quiet out there on the Celtics front, which is why I had to time to post these pictures of Jessica Alba at last night's Clippers game. Ok…so this last... [More]

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House Party

I've had enough of the Marbury talk today… although you can get more if you'd like it from the Herald and Globe. Today, I'd like to have a little Eddie House party.  The idea comes from Josh Q. Public… who also posted a video of Eddie going nuts. And Jim Fenton has a piece on... [More]

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Still Not Miller Time

From the Globe: Former NBA shooting guard Reggie Miller admitted earlier today on the Dan Patrick Show that he received calls from both the Celtics and Cavaliers earlier this season asking if he would be interested in playing. It was the second inquiry in the last two years that the Celtics have made into the... [More]

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Was Marbury Lying?

The Herald makes it sound like he was. Knick guard Stephon Marbury told the New York Post that he has a verbal commitment from the Celtics on a contract should he get free from his deal in New York. However, a source close to the situation said today there has been absolutely no such guarantee... [More]

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Stop Talking, Stephon

From the NY Post: The banished Stephon Marbury acknowledged for the first time yesterday he has a verbal commitment from the Celtics – and accused the Knicks of not accepting his latest buyout offer because they don't want him winning a championship in Boston. Can't imagine that Danny Ainge is thrilled with Marbury's comments to... [More]

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“Man, the Celtics really want to rub it in”

That quote didn't come from anything the Celtics did during the game.  It came from what the Celtics did AFTER the game. The Celtics were Midas without the final act where lunch turns into an inedible precious metal. The Mavericks were wondering what hit them even after the game when their complementary beverage chest had... [More]

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Paul Pierce’s Journey

Paul Pierce’s Journey

This is the great halftime piece on Paul Pierce. I'm so happy this guy is going down as an All-Time Celtics great… because he truly deserves it.  His road there might not have been like the others… but he's still there.... [More]

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