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After two days off, the Celtics return to practice today. Phil Jackson had his boys on the court yesterday. Everyone's curious about the matchups. Here's something I dug out of the Orange County Register: The Lakers likely will start out with Vladimir Radmanovic on Paul Pierce — with Luke Walton, Trevor Ariza and Odom as other options. But if... [More]

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You Got Rondo’d

Rondo'd (rŏn'dō'd) v.: moving smoothly between larger objects, being able to remove an object quickly and efficiently, or creating a distraction with a swift change of direction That's the Reebok definition anyway. Its part of an ad campaign that Reebok will be debuting online and in The Garden for the Finals.  Reebok filmed three commercials... [More]

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Paul Pierce Is A Hall of Famer

If Paul Pierce, Mr. Los Angeles, managed to make his way onto the Lakers instead of the Celtics… and Kobe Bryant were the long-suffering player who is making it to his first Finals…. the media would be blowing Pierce while we sat here and made "he's a Hall of Famer" arguments for Kobe. Unfortunately for... [More]

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Who’ll Guard Ray?

I've been harping on matchups everywhere when it comes to the Lakers and Celtics… so let's just dive into my biggest question: Who will guard Ray Allen? The Lakers have been starting Derek Fisher, Kobe, Odom, Gasol and Vlad Radmonovic.  Will they go with Fisher/Rondo, Kobe/Pierce, Odom/Ray?  That puts Gasol on KG… and me just... [More]

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A Lot Of People Will Be Wrong

Ladies and Gentlemen… the picks are in.  Not a lot of green in there, huh?  So there it is… the Celtics are officially the big underdog.  The 66 win, #1 in defense, 3-headed offensive threat Celtics are expected to be a mere speedbump to the one-man offenisve show that plays mediocre defense.  A lot of people are going to... [More]

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“When Did They Flip You?”

“When Did They Flip You?”

(NSFW language in clip) I thought long and hard about how to approach the latest Bill Simmons column.  If you haven't read it… spare yourself.  The man who gained national fame as the world's biggest Celtics fan has written this: Nobody is beating the Lakers this season. Not Boston, not Detroit, not anybody. They have... [More]

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Just Like (Very) Old Times

Over the next five days we'll be beaten over the head with stories of this renewed rivalry. Magic vs Bird. McHale's clothesline of Kurt Rambis. Henderson stole the ball. Magic's baby sky hook. Some will reach back even further to the 60s. For an old bastard like myself, this is heaven. But I also realize a... [More]

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More Photos

More photos from your EASTERN CONFERENCE CHAMPION BOSTON CELTICS!!!!!! This is so awesome.  A year ago we were praying for Greg Oden.  Now Paul Pierce is kissing trophies.  You fans deserve this moment.  You also deserve a parade.  I'll see you there. (all photos courtesy AP / Getty Images)    ... [More]

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B-B-Bye Bye, Dee-troit

I must admit, after Detroit dropped 31 on the Celtics in the 3rd quarter and Bennett Salvatore robbed Paul Pierce of a 4-point play by calling the worst offensive foul in the history of the NBA, I started preparing some negative rants for this blog. While I may have quit, the Celtics surely didn't. A 23-6... [More]

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KG and Russell

The Garbage Time All Stars have done it again… with their cartoon take on KG's conversations with Bill Russel.  It's currently up on Yahoo's Ball Don't Lie Blog.... [More]

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