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Vandals in Denver are Cool

You gotta love the stencil job. Go Nuggets! (Courtesy Deadspin via 9News.com)... [More]

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Why The Olympics Are a Pain

One thing that's caught my attention in the conference finals (aside from the dramatic finishes and clutch shooting) is that LeBron James and Kobe Bryant are exhausted. LBJ had to be helped off the court after cramping up in Game 1. Kobe looked like he was going to pass out during last night's post game... [More]

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Happy birthday, “Beat LA” chant

Jess Camerato reminds us that 24 years ago tonight, the now famous "Beat LA" chant was born. On May 23, 1982 the Philadelphia 76ers were on the verge of eliminating the Celtics in Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals. Rather than cheer against the victors, the Garden crowd bellowed “Beat L.A.” as encouragement for... [More]

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We Greeks are a crazy bunch

If you think just because you've seen a few fights in the stands that you've seen fans get out of control when emotions run high… then you need to see this video from game 1 of the Greek league finals between Panathinaikos and Olympiakos. Yes, that's a flare being thrown at the :08 mark.  It... [More]

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The difference maker in the Nuggets-Lakers series?

That there is Trina.  She's a rapper.  She's also Kenyon Martin's fiancee.  And last year, Trina put out a song with the following lyrics. This n***a thinkin' I’m sweatin' his Rolex watch You need more than that, to get in my thighs A car that's fly, maybe a house in the sky I know you... [More]

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Offseason Questions: Gabe Pruitt

The Celtics have turned to Sam Cassell and Stephon Marbury to back up Rajon Rondo during the Big 3 era.  Meanwile, Gabe Pruitt has pretty much just hung out on the bench.  He did have a stretch through January and February where he got some playing time… and his best game of the season was... [More]

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Chris Ford interviews with Philly

Here's a name we haven't heard in a while.  Former Celtics player and head coach Chris Ford has interviewed for Philadelphia's head coaching job.  Ford was the head coach in Boston from 90-91 to 94-95.  He was here for the tail end of real Big 3's time here.  And a funny thing happened as time... [More]

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Which One of Us Works for the Celtics?

Deadspin has this story of the stealth Warriors PR director who's been spreading cheer on the blog - Warriors World. It got me thinking – which one of our readers is a spy for the Celtics? KWAPT? Danno? Flavio? Come to think of it, the most optimistic guy on this site is….John!... [More]

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Reassessing: Brian Scalabrine

Chuck's Take:I've finally come around on Brian Scalabrine. First off, I give the guy a ton of credit for coming back and playing after suffering 3 concussions. He could have easily packed his bags and called it a season without any criticism. But he strapped on that (goofy, yet fitting) headband and became a valuable... [More]

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Chauncey makes a fool of Kobe

Chauncey makes a fool of Kobe

That’s first-team all defense in action right there. (Via TheHoopDoctors)... [More]

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