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Thoughts On Fixing All Star Saturday

So I processed what I saw from Phoenix yesterday… swished it around a little… and came up with a few thoughts that might help fix All Star Saturday. H-O-R-S-E 1:  Take the referee out of it Put a mic on all the contestants, let them explain what they're doing, and let them do it.  There's... [More]

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Origins Of The “Big Balls” Dance

Origins Of The “Big Balls” Dance

Basketbawful has uncovered the origins of the Sam Cassell "Big Balls" dance.  And it comes from the movie "Major League 2" I think the most disturbing thing in all of this… is that Sam saw Major League 2.... [More]

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Ugly Day

Imagine the personal ad said "brunette, huge boobs, totally into leather and MMA".  Sounds OK so far.  So you think "what the hell… I'll give this a chance." Now imagine walking into that. That was my level of disappointment with All Star Saturday.  The H-O-R-S-E game had no energy and very little creativity.  It really... [More]

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Finals MVP Named After Russell

The man is the greatest champion in all of sports.  He is the best player in Celtics history.  He and Red Auerbach are THE reasons why the Celtics are "The Celtics" (and why Chuck and I ignore our families to dedicate a site to this team). And now, the NBA Finals MVP award will be... [More]

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“This Must Be The Champions’ Section”

A few more photos from All Star weekend are coming out.  So we're sharing.  I really like these photos because they kind of give you a taste of the camaraderie.  But I think the picture you guys might like the best is the last one of Pau Gasol.... [More]

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KG Defends Rondo… Payton Crumbles

Chuck mentioned this in his post this morning, but here's the video.  KG went on NBA TV with Craig Sager and Gary Payton and almost immediately called Payton out for his constant ragging on Rajon Rondo.  By the end of the interview, GP had crumbled and was talking about how he "tried to light a... [More]

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Pre-All Star Photo Gallery

That's David Stern taking the opportunity to molest Paul Pierce as he and Shaq plant a tree in Phoenix.  I mean honestly Mr. Stern.  To cup Paul's left breast like that is abhorrent. You know.  You could have just tried a bottle of wine and some flowers.  Maybe he would have said yes.  Freak. More... [More]

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Cavs + Amare = Title?

Looks like the Cavs are making a run at Amare: Cleveland general manager Danny Ferry offered the expiring contract of Wally Szcerbiak, rookie J.J. Hickson and a first-round pick for Stoudemire earlier in the week, sources said. Anderson Varejao was mentioned in a possible scenario too, sources said. Stoudemire on the Cavs scares me. Especially... [More]

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Wow, Scal Made The All Star Game!

Holy CRAP!  When the hell did Brian Scalabrine make the All Star game?  And how come I didn't know he was friends with Harry Belafonte?? Huh?  Michael who? Celebrity game? Who the hell is Michael Rapaport?  And why is he in the celebrity game?  C'mon.  Chuck and I have got to be at least as... [More]

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Gee… I Wonder If They’ll Get In

The Hall of Fame nominees have been announced.  And what a lame class it is. Michael Jordan, John Stockton and David Robinson were among the 16 finalists for the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame announced on Friday. Who?  Some white guy, a guy from Navy, and that old dude from the Wizards?  That guy... [More]

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