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Well… at least SCAL approves

I was reading this piece about how only about 9 or 10 NBA teams consider themselves potential title contenders this year… and have approached this season this way… when I was hit with Brian Scalabrine's assessment of the offseason. “I’m loving Rasheed Wallace,’’ Scalabrine said last week at a State House presentation for the team’s... [More]

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These Anti-Celtics Leon Posts Are Ridiculous

Via Ball Don't Lie: Then there's Leon Powe, who apparently is "way ahead of recovery" while coming back from another torn ACL, and could be off to Cleveland. There's your perfect fit. Powe can play, and while I don't really want to touch too much on the Celtics refusing to even offer the guy a... [More]

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The Week in Review

We started the week with John trying to capitalize monetarily on Stephon Marbury's insanity. But that was kind compared to the butcher job Yahoo! Sports did on Steph. The Bruce Bowen to Boston rumors surfaced, as did the news that the Marquis Daniels sign-and-trade hit a snag. Growing a bit impatient with the Daniels situation,... [More]

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Might as well stockpile the hate

We all know the Celtics are disliked, hated, despised, reviled with a white-hot passion of a thousand suns. But that's because everyone who isn't a C's fan is a neanderthal douche with genital warts. Anyway… as part of my "embrace the hate" campaign… I will now start openly campaigning for the signing of the recently... [More]

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Sporting News Screws Red Auerbach

The top 10 coaches of all-time, according to the Sports News: 1. John Wooden, college basketball2. Vince Lombardi, NFL 3. Bear Bryant, college football 4. Phil Jackson, NBA 5. Don Shula, NFL 6. Red Auerbach, NBA 7. Scotty Bowman, NHL 8. Dean Smith, college basketball 9. Casey Stengel, MLB 10. Knute Rockne, college football Stop... [More]

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A HUGE thank you to our readers

Chuck and I wanted to quickly pass along a HUGE thank you to all of you for our best month ever.  We are honestly blown away.  Here we are… in July after the C's disappointing playoff loss… and our readership is up something like 35% from the month the C's won the title… and from... [More]

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See Ya, Gabe Pruitt

Pruitt is being waived     After spending two seasons with the Celtics, point guard Gabe Pruitt will be waived by the team tonight, according to a league source.     The Celtics had until tomorrow to pick up the option on the final year of his contract worth approximately $900,000, but declined. Pruitt, a highly skilled... [More]

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No chance for Powe’s return

David Aldridge reports (Via CelticsBlog) The Cavaliers are [Leon] Powe's first choice for a new team, according to a source, with the Orlando Magic second. Dallas and the L.A.Lakers have also made inquiries about Powe . . . There is no chance that the Celtics would re-sign Powe, or match any offer, said another source.... [More]

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Introducing… your “All-Celtics team”

Yeah, it's a little slow around here.  But that just gives us a chance to get creative.  And one thing that I know we always like debating is "All-Time" teams.  So I'm going throw out my "All-Celtics" team. PG:  Bob Cousy – The "Houdini of the Hardwood" set the stage for all future point guards. ... [More]

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Marquis Daniels needs a number

If you don't know by now, I'm a Twitter freak.  But that's a good thing right now, because that's the only place I'm finding any Celtics news right now. Last night, Marquis Daniels (by the way, pretty sure it's him, but not 100%) put out this tweet: What number should I wear next year in... [More]

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