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Our System Is Broken

I've said it before… and I'll say it again.  The United States' decline in the world of basketball… despite having superior athletes and coaches… is a problem of its own making.  We let our most talented kids flounder in a system dominated by shoe companies and agents.  Camps and tournaments like this, where kids play 100 games... [More]

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Lakers Fans Need A Little Refresher

(NSFW Lyrics) We've dealt with Hawks fans… Cavs fans… and Pistons fans.  They all had the good sense to go away after the Celtics beat them in the playoffs.  But not Lakers fans.  They, for some reason, seem to think games 7, 8, and 9 still have to be played.  Hey LA fans:  You lost. ... [More]

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Rockets Steal Artest From Kings

Crazy Ron-Ron is taking his act to the Houston Rockets. The Kings agreed to trade away their volatile yet talented swingman for Donte Greene (the 28th pick in this year's draft), Bobby Jackson and a first round pick in 2009. Wait, there must be more. Nope. This ranks right up there with the Pau Gasol... [More]

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Donaghy Gets 15 Months

Disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy was sentenced to 15 months in prison Tuesday after pleading guilty last year to taking thousands of dollars in payoffs from a professional gambler for inside betting tips. The sentencing of Donaghy closes a chapter in a scandal that convulsed the NBA, which has angrily denied Donaghy's claim that corruption... [More]

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The Spanish Interview

Paul Pierce was in Spain for the past few days and everyone's buzzing about what he said over there.  I think it's a big pile of nothing… but since there seems to be some reaction to it… here it is. First… a bunch of Spurs fans are all hot and bothered by this. Q: Is... [More]

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Kwame Brown or Patrick O’Bryant?

The Detroit Pistons – the Celtics number one threat in the Eastern conference – have signed Kwame Brown to a 2-year, $8 million deal. The good folks at Hoopsworld think this is a bargain for the Pistons. But when you compare this signing to the 2-year, $3 million deal the Celtics gave Patrick O'Bryant, you realize the Pistons are pissing away $5... [More]

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We’re Experiencing Technical Difficulties

They say you learn something new every day.  Today I learned that laptops don't like wine being dumped on them.  Who knew? So while we deal with that… here are a few links to tide you over.  Sorry.  On the bright side, at least it didn't happen in the 3rd quarter of game 6. WhatifSports... [More]

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Missing Reggie Lewis

'Not again.'  Those were among the first words to tumble awkwardly off the quivering lips of Celtics fans on this day 15 years ago.  We had only just started to get past the loss of Len Bias.  And then we heard the news. Reggie Lewis was dead. The Celtics had just come off a 48... [More]

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Tony Allen Ready To Move On

We're looking for every sign we can get that Tony Allen is turning some kind of corner and can be the player we think he can be.  Here's one. He said it starts with ditching the cumbersome knee brace once and for all. "I took it off because I ain't wanting to wear it anymore,"... [More]

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In the admittedly way too early look at the upcoming season, Ian Thomsen has the Lakers and Celtics as the top seeds in each conference. No other team in the East appears capable of matching Boston in focus. The Pistons or Cavaliers may yet improve in that area, but — provided they remain healthy —... [More]

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