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Hitting the Gym

Last month I blasted Paul Pierce for his extended celebration of the NBA title. It's good to see the Truth and company working out in Waltham several weeks before the start of training camp. "This is the same commitment we had a year ago when everyone got in early," Pierce said. "Just because we won... [More]

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Gotta Go To Mo’s… Say… Around 3 PM

Do you need sneakers?  Maybe a hat?  Some socks? It might be worth your while to purchase said items at the Modell's on Alewife Brook Parkway in Cambridge.  I'd say head down there around… oh…. 3pm or so.  Word is… someone we all know is going to be there today. And let me just say... [More]

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Another Reason This Was Awesome

Another Reason This Was Awesome

Saying Game 4 of the NBA Finals was awesome… is like saying Megan Fox is attractive.  But Game 4 just keeps getting better and better… because every time another team gags… someone's going to bring it up.  So maybe we should thank the Milwaukee Brewers for going into the tank.  Keep sucking Milwaukee… and maybe... [More]

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Partying In Burlington

Hey… how about some actual players showing up in Burlington, VT for a big championship celebration?  Red's Army reader Roman was there today… and sends along this email: Just got back from the trophy tour celebration in Burlington, VT, attended by a pretty good crowd for a weekday.  TA, Rondo + Perk were there, plus... [More]

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Is Michael Beasley Too Full Of Himself?

I watched Dwyane Wade run roughshod over international competition just a few weeks ago.  He said it loud and proud to everyone in the world:  "I'm 100%"  The Miami Heat are hoping a healthy Dwyane Wade can help what might be a pretty talented team back from the ugly, 15-win abyss of a year ago.... [More]

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“100% By Christmas”

A lot of people were surprised when Darius Miles' name kept popping up this offseason.  Forget the issues with his personality and play… this guy's career was supposed to be over.   But apparently, according to one guy who should know, it's far from over.    "He is going to Boston a little sooner than... [More]

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Hot Sportscasters

While John refuses to believe anyone is sexier than Tommy Heinsohn, I remain obsessed with ESPN's Erin Andrews. And once I caught wind of Spike.com's Sexiest Sportscaster Poll, I finally had my excuse for putting Erin's (yes, we are on a first name basis) picture on this site. Granted all those models-turned-sportscasters like Lisa Guerrero... [More]

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Ummm…. Really?

I've tried to write these words without going into violent dry heaves… so I'm going to just let Sam say it: "This is my last year playing with the Celtics," he said. "Next week, I'll sign the contract." After finishing the 2008-09 season, he plans to exercise an option to join the coaching staff. "I... [More]

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Kobe Ready to “Punch the Clock”

Remember Kobe Bryant's badly injured pinkie? That severe injury he was playing thru? Turns out the Black Mambass is passing on surgery. "When the doctors told me recovery from a procedure could be 12 weeks, I just decided now was not the time to have surgery," Bryant said on the Web site kb24.com. "What it really... [More]

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Doc Rivers Isn’t Going Anywhere

The man who outcoached and embarassed the legendary Phil Jackson in the NBA Finals will be with the Celtics for the next three seasons, according to Yahoo Sports. After winning the NBA championship, Doc Rivers and the Boston Celtics have reached agreement on a contract extension through the 2010-2011 season, a league source familiar with... [More]

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