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Pierce Pulled Over; TMZ Goes Overboard

Paul Pierce was pulled over in Vegas.  He was given TWO field sobriety tests… AND a breathalyzer.  He passed all three.  Then he decided to take a cab home afterwards.  Yet TMZ.com (and its idiot readers) decides there is still something fishy about it.  So three DUI tests, not cited for erratic driving, decides to take... [More]

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Stick It To Lakers Fans

Sick of Lakers fans who still talk trash even after losing the championship? Then stick it to them… with one of these.  Bonus points for those of you out in Los Angeles who wear one of these around.  As always… photographic proof will make it onto the front page.  If you don't want this shirt... [More]

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The Greeks Want LeBron

Everyone knows LeBron James becomes a free agent in 2010. In fact, some teams (the Nets) are already clearing cap space to make a run at King James. You can add Olympiakos to the mix. According to SI.com's Ian Thomsen, the popular Greek team has interest in LeBron. Before you laugh them off, consider this:... [More]

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JR Giddens Is REALLY Happy To Be Here

JR Giddens hasn't even officially been signed yet… but he's thrilled to be part of the team.  Not only that… he knows what its going to take to make an impact: NBA.com: So what’s the new move coming out for this year? J.R. Giddens: The new one coming out, it’s gonna be called [Here he... [More]

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Pierce Not Backing Down

Paul Pierce created a firestorm of controversy earlier this week when he confidently stated that he was the best player in the NBA. Comments of this nature didn't surprise us, considering the Celtics capped a dominating season by thrashing the Lakers in the Finals, Pierce was named Finals MVP and world class athletes are generally... [More]

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That’s Our Guy

Recognize #9… the guy barely caressing LeBron's elbow in Team USA's 114-82 blowout win over Turkey? It's our guy…. #86 in your program… but #1 in our hearts…. SEMIH ERDEN!! Nice D Semih.  Why don't you work on that a little, huh?... [More]

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Start The Crazy Train!

The Houston Rockets must be sooooooo thrilled they traded for Ron Artest.  Today's episode starts with Yao Ming reacting to the trade thusly: "Hopefully, he's not fighting anymore and going after a guy in the stands" Ok.  Not exactly the best opening line.  Luckily… Ron took it all in stride.  Oh wait: "I understand what... [More]

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“Hey Kobe… Tell Me How My…”

“Hey Kobe… Tell Me How My…”

Yea…. you know the words. Michael Jordan… you know… the guy Kobe desperately wants to be like… ALSO has a message for one Mr. Kobe Bean Bryant. "Not even a contest" My message to Kobe:  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!  Look Kobe… you're never… EVER going to be MJ.  You're never going... [More]

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Our System Is Broken

I've said it before… and I'll say it again.  The United States' decline in the world of basketball… despite having superior athletes and coaches… is a problem of its own making.  We let our most talented kids flounder in a system dominated by shoe companies and agents.  Camps and tournaments like this, where kids play 100 games... [More]

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Lakers Fans Need A Little Refresher

(NSFW Lyrics) We've dealt with Hawks fans… Cavs fans… and Pistons fans.  They all had the good sense to go away after the Celtics beat them in the playoffs.  But not Lakers fans.  They, for some reason, seem to think games 7, 8, and 9 still have to be played.  Hey LA fans:  You lost. ... [More]

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