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Perkins Out

The Celtics will not have Kendrick Perkins for tonight's game against the Lakers. Perk told the Globe's Gary Dzen that he's hurting pretty bad. "If somebody bumped me right now, there's a lot of pain in there," said Perkins. "So I knew I couldn't go tonight. I felt that yesterday. But hopefully we can close... [More]

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Let’s Get Jemele Hill Fired

For those who don't know, Jemele Hill is a horrible sports journalist. I once watched her host Jim Rome's show and thought to myself, "A high-school kid could do a better job." She's attacking the Celtics in her latest ESPN Page 2 column…but here's a line sure to piss some people off: Rooting for the Celtics is... [More]

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Vegas Must Be Crazy… Or Are They?

For the third straight game, the Lakers are favored in Los Angeles.  They didn't cover in game 3.  We know what happened in Game 4.  Now Vegas has the Lakers -7 in game 5.  I don't think the Lakers win by 7.  I don't even think the Lakers are going to win…. which makes this a great line for Vegas.  They'll... [More]

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Who is Hotter, Part II

For all the success Red's Army has had over the past year, I'm embarassed to reveal that our most popular post continues to be - Who is Hotter. Yes, I posted pictures of Brandi Garnett, Julie Landrum (Paul Pierce's girl) and Shannon Williams (Ray's chick) and asked you for feedback. Now we're taking this to the next... [More]

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It Ends Tonight

This is it.  A win… and one of the most magical season in Celtics history will come to an end.  Paul, Ray and KG will get that ring they've been desperate for their whole careers.  They've all been so unselfish with the ball all year, I wonder if the one time they'll fight over one... [More]

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Viewing Party?

I'm heading into the city to watch tomorrow night's game… with obvious hopes of hugging and crying in front of strangers. Anyone else want in?  I'm thinking a place on Canal st.  Maybe Boston Beer Works?  Ideas will be heard in the comments section.... [More]

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Bring This Guy To Boston

This guy needs to be in Boston if we throw a victory parade.  He's Gabriel Mendivil… and he's the guy that got jumped at the Staples Center.   The Boston Herald tracked him down and he's dreaming of coming to Boston to witness a parade.  If anyone is interested in helping out, email me.  In the meantime,... [More]

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The YouTubery continues today (the brain is fried… actual writing hurts right now) with a classic Celtics Pride Song courtesy of BostonSportz (Hey Scott… where the HELL did you find this?).  I think the basketball had to be awesome… just to balance off the songs.  If that doesn't do it for you… then you can see... [More]

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This Is Exactly How It Happened

This Is Exactly How It Happened

That, dear friends, is the story of the KG trade through the eyes of YouTube user "NorthMass."  I find this video (and the other two dozen similarly trippy cartoons) oddly hysterical… but they might be funnier to any of you who…. ummm…. how should I put this?  Let's just say Josh Howard would REALLY enjoy... [More]

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Not Quite Done

Not Quite Done

(NSFW Language In Clip) Just because no team has ever come back to win after being down 3-1 doesn't mean no team ever will.  I don't think there's a reasonable person who expects it to happen… but I'd rather not screw around with giving anyone a glimmer of hope.  As much as I would like... [More]

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