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Where’s Rondo?

Notice the empty seat next to Ray Allen. Rajon Rondo got caught up in traffic and was late for the team photo. But when you see the official photograph, Rondo will be there. His picture was taken afterwards and will be superimposed in the final version.... [More]

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The Only Thing Good About The Lakers

That is Bonnie-Jill Laflin.  She is a former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader… and current SCOUT FOR THE LA LAKERS! She's also the only female scout in the NBA… and the only redeeming quality in the Lakers organization.  And, being a scout for the Lakers, news about her is completely relevant to post on a Celtics site. ... [More]

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Go To The Truth

This came courtesy of Red's Army reader "Above The Rim", who says… and I quote… holy sh!t Red, check out the matchups for tonight but get a load of the picture of Nicolas Batum who’s matching up against the Truth tonight. It looks like he’s in junior high!! This guy clearly can’t handle the Truth.... [More]

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Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year

When you aren't voting to put Rajon Rondo on the All-Star team, why don't you check out Playboy's Sexiest Sportscaster of the Year contest (OBVIOUS WARNING – While the sportscasters are fully clothed, you may find NSFW images on that site) and cast some votes there. Like most male bloggers, we here at Red's Army... [More]

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Now THIS Will Be A Test

I'm psyched to pack up the Red's Army Blog-o-tron 3000 and head to the Garden tonight.  It's a matchup between the two hottest teams in basketball (Portland is on a 6 game winning streak), and it's a potential statement game for the Blazers.  All 6 of their losses have come on the road… but they're... [More]

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You Gotta Spend Money To Make Money

It's the oldest cliche in business… but so many people forget it. They're the people that fail. If you spend your money on the right things, the return will be huge.  It's why the Celtics are the Champs… and why Wyc Grousbeck is the 6th best owner (according to Forbes in a ranking based on... [More]

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Fastest Trip-Dub Ever??

Someone made this comment on Rajon Rondo's blog.  It came from a user called Fitzy 1522. Rajon! Congratulations on recording THE FASTEST triple double ever in NBA history!!! That's pretty awesome…you did it in a little under 24:40 of playing time, blowing away Marcus Camby's record of 26:20!!! I have ZERO clue if this is... [More]

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“I Just Call It Like I See It, Dog”

That's what KG said after last night's game when he said he felt like there were 3 Rondo's out there.  It's a philosophy that applies to everything, apparently, as FanHouse points out: Last week, Edwards keyed us to Garnett's outside opinion on the status of Chris Bosh's mind, in which KG suggested Bosh looks frustrated... [More]

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This Just In: Rondo Is Good

Wow. Not much more I can add to the Rondo lovefest taking place in Celtics nation. I had the fortune of witnessing the triple-double in person last night and I echo the sentiments of KG – it felt like there were three Rondo's on the court. However, being the cynical one around here, I must... [More]

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After a tight first half… the Celtics pulled away in the 3rd quarter before watching their 24 point lead get cut to 8.  The starters then returned and put the dagger in the Pacers and win 114-96. There, that's your generic recap to explain this game.  Now let me gush. Rajon Rondo is a killer!! ... [More]

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