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Rasheed Wallace Is Slightly Upset

Then again… I might be wrong.  I'm rusty on my morse code.  You can judge for yourself from his postgame comments last night. I'm sure he's already written the league a check for the fine. UPDATE: Wallace was fined $25K for using profanity and criticizing the refs. That's $15 to you and me.... [More]

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Theo Ratliff… Meet KG

Theo Ratliff… Meet KG

Ouch, baby.  Ouch... [More]

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Fines For Flopping: Bad Idea

The NBA is going to start fining players for flopping.  NBA executive vice president of basketball operations Stu Jackson confirmed the new policy Wednesday night saying: "What was clearly expressed to the committee is that we would begin imposing fines next season for the most egregious type of flops. When players are taking a dive, for... [More]

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I Wonder What Bill Sees In Her

Linda Holliday, girlfriend of Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, laughs as she hides two basketballs from her favorite Celtic, Ray Allen. By the way… I'm well aware that I said this about guys wearing those shooting sleeves. They don’t make you shoot better.  They only make you look like a giant douche.  “Hey… look at... [More]

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I Got A Tingle

I'm going to admit a little something here. I had to listen to the last two excruciating minutes (which took about 30 minutes of actual time to play) in my car.  And at the end, when I heard "… and the Celtics are now just one win away… from the NBA finals"… I got a... [More]

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Feeling Good?

Because Rip Hamilton is always flopping around and flailing, I didn't believe he was really hurt in the final seconds of last night's game. But he apparently hyperextended his right elbow. X-rays were negative but Rip had the arm in a sling as he was leaving the Garden. "It's sore a little bit," Pistons coach Flip Saunders... [More]

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I don't have the energy to summarize that game. It's tough to blog after you suffer two strokes and rip out your own prostate. Imagine what I would have done had they lost. Memo to Doc Rivers: Please teach the guys how to pass out of a trap.  Box Score | Recap... [More]

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Perk's got 12 pts, 13 boards….at the half. Celtics up 52-46 and if the second half is anything like the first, I'll be as crossed-eyed as Stuart Scott.... [More]

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Get a Clue

Dan Shaughnessy is the latest media member to "call-out" Kevin Garnett for his inability to take over games. Here's a bit from his column: But it was hard to watch Kevin Garnett at the Palace of Auburn Hills Monday. The Celtics were struggling in the fourth quarter of a game that was still winnable .... [More]

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At Least They’re Loose

These pictures show two things:  (1)  Leon Powe still exists… and (2) the mood at practice seems to be loose. I think Poze was checking out Leon's butt in the first picture.  Then that might be him doing 'The Robot.'  Nice to see Leon still keeping sharp.  You never know when Doc might pull a... [More]

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