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Report: Pagliuca Running for Senate

Via Celtics co-owner Stephen Pagliuca has assembled a team of experts and is plotting to announce a run for the US Senate seat of the late Senator Edward M. Kennedy. For those who follow politics and the Celtics, this is quite the story.... [More]

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Lester Hudson Working Hard to Impress

We've got a status update on rookie Lester Hudson, courtesy CelticsTown. The finger is healed and he's working out with the team in Waltham, still without a contract. Here are some excerpts from the interview. On learning from the veterans: Even playing with those guys in Waltham (at the Celtics' practice facilities), I am trying... [More]

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We’re on Facebook!

  In case you haven't noticed, Red's Army is on Facebook. We've been up for a few months now, but the page remains a work in progress. I'm no Facebook expert, but the page will only be as good as our readers make it. So feel free to become a fan, interact and post your... [More]

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Ric Bucher Calls Out Paul Pierce

ESPN's Ric Bucher sets his sights on the Truth in his Offseason Buzz: He has — or should have — the most tread left of the Big Three, but he had their same worn-down look in the playoffs, simply unable to summon the necessary energy every game to get the job done. Granted, he played... [More]

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Erden Dominates Gasol in Eurobasket

Via Jess Camerato's Green Street Blog: The Boston Celtics 2008 second round draft pick Semih Erden has yet to play in an NBA game, but he has already defeated one of the Los Angeles Lakers. On Saturday he helped Turkey defeat Pau Gasol and the Spanish team in the EuroBasket 2009 Group F qualifying round.... [More]

September 13, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 12

The Week in Review

Ray Allen made plenty of headlines this week. First he was called "sneaky dirty" by Dime Magazine. Clearly upset by that label, Ray unleashed his "eye of the tiger." Then he planted old sneakers across the greater Boston area. And what better way to finish off the week then with talk of a contract extension.... [More]

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Michael Jordan tells it like it is

The reactions by all my fellow bloggers, sports writers, and basketball fans on Twitter during Michael Jordan's speech last night were priceless.  A constant stream of "this is awesome!"…. "this guy's an a-hole"…. "he's sparing no one!".  MJ broke out both barrels and unloaded on all of the people who motivated him throughout the years. ... [More]

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Ray wants to stay

If this is indeed Ray Allen's last year with the Celtics… it won't be because he chose to leave. He's looking to stay. “Of course, but it will be dealt with in its time,” said Allen, when asked whether he would like to play more years in Boston. “My job doesn’t change. I gotta go... [More]

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Cameron Diaz Teams Up With Bill Walker, JR Giddens

We all know how much charity work Bill Walker does around town. Today, Walker and teammate J.R. Giddens got some help from Cameron Diaz. Via the Boston Herald: Hollywood honey Cameron Diaz surprised Boston Celtics J.R. Giddens and Bill Walker this morning when she turned up to get her hands dirty at the team's beautifying... [More]

September 11, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 3

Ray Allen Giving Away Old Shoes

Via Ray's Twitter page: I just finished workin out and realized I have so many shoes that I don't wear anymore so as I am driving thru Boston I decided I'm gonna leave a pair of shoes somewhere for whoever to have. When I find a good place I'll tweet the address. The shoes aren't... [More]

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