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Just Because

I miss KG.  We're such a different team with him around.... [More]

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KG Sighting

Garnett was spotted on a treadmill in the last few minutes of practice yesterday. Rivers said he had no timetable for his return. "He's moving a little better," Rivers said. "He's jogging now. Other than that, I just ask how he's doing." Progress. Thank God. I know Garnett will be back to normal soon. And... [More]

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Gooden, Smith Find New Homes

Gooden is apparently going to San Antonio… … and Smith is going to Cleveland. Does this scare you… or are we overrating Joe Smith?... [More]

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10 Things During A Transition

The following is a guest column.  Guest columns are always welcome at Red's Army. To submit one, email John:  john@redsarmy.com or Chuck: chuck@redsarmy.com.  Please note, submitted columns are subject to review, and are not guaranteed to be published. 10 things during a transition by Gant 1) Above All Else… Don't panic. Lemme take you back... [More]

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Scal Out For March

Via the Globe: Celtics forward Brian Scalabrine is slated to be out the remainder of this month after being diagnosed with post concussion syndrome. Scalabrine suffered his third concussion this season against the Nuggets on Feb. 23 and has not played since. He is currently resting and won't begin monitored basketball workouts until he shows... [More]

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Doc Is Crazy

Via the Herald: “That was a bad job by me,” Rivers said the day after exposing Pierce to all but 18.5 seconds against Detroit. “I’ve got to get him out no matter what, even if we’re losing the lead.” Depending on which newspaper you read, expect more/less minutes for Paul Pierce. I'm going to ignore... [More]

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More Minutes for Ray, Paul

Via the Globe: Coach Doc Rivers said Pierce and Ray Allen will be candidates for added minutes as the Celtics await the return of Tony Allen (thumb surgery), Kevin Garnett (knee strain), and Brian Scalabrine (concussion, scheduled for more tests). Pierce played all but the last 18 seconds in Sunday's loss to Detroit. Great news.... [More]

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Power Rankings

I apologize – it's been a few weeks since my last Power Rankings. For the thousands of readers who emailed me demanding updated rankings – here goes: 1. Lakers – Still on top despite the two-game losing streak (PHX and DEN). Phil Jackson needs to be careful with Pau Gasol's minutes. Road games against POR,... [More]

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Pruitt Returns

He practiced today, and is available on Wednesday.   He also talked about his arrest. "This is the first time anything like that has happened to me and it was scary," Pruitt said. "It's not like I'm an alcoholic or anything, it's just an individual experience, of one night. I just made a bad decision... [More]

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Did Danny Blow It?

Danny Ainge pulled some genius moves last year to get the Celtics Banner 17.  But that magic hasn't quite carried over to this year.  The Patrick O'Bryant signing was a total bust.  Sam Cassell never got off the bench.  We'll have to wait and see how the Stephon Marbury deal works out.  And now with... [More]

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