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Jet Lag, Vegas & Jemele

As if a cross-country flight isn't bad enough, we've learned the Celtics flight out of L.A. was delayed some 6 hours today due to mechanical issues with the plane. So instead of them landing around 5pm EST, they won't get back until 11pm EST. On the bright side, the Globe's Marc Spears reports that Ray... [More]

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Now on Barstool

On Barstool today, I'm making the case for Eddie House to start Game 6: This "comeback" thing is getting old. Aside from the obvious notion of playing better 1st quarter defense, Doc Rivers should shuffle up the starting line-up for Game 6. Play Eddie House. Rajon Rondo (ankle injury or not) has become completely ineffective on the... [More]

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The Machine

These things are just hysterical.  Of course… I find them hysterical because we're up 3-2 and I have every confidence in the world that 'Celtics in 6' will come true.  More "machine" videos can be found here.  The Machine vs. Spurs is my favorite one… because it includes a song.  ... [More]

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Jemele Hill Story Picks Up Steam

The Boston media is starting to go with this (video version here) At the very least, ESPN was forced to respond: "the column as originally posted made some absolutely unacceptable comparisons. It was edited to correct those and we will continue to look into the issue." Here's hoping more outlets pick this up. ... [More]

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Credit Where Credit Is Due

The Celtics did what would normally have been enough to win that game last night.  But let's give credit where credit is due: Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom didn't let that happen. "Gasoft" smartly took it right to KG for most of the night… taking advantage of his foul trouble.  And as good as KG... [More]

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“…Keep That Mother#*%!@$ Rocking”

The Boston Celtics did not finish off the Los Angeles Lakers in 5 games like I hoped.  Yes, they squandered some opportunities… but they were really trying to win that game… and they didn't.  The Lakers Kobe Bryant came out ridiculously hot… and the C's could never recover.  I'm OK with that.  I would have... [More]

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Not Yet

Chalk this loss up to another slow start. After falling behind by 19 points in the 1st quarter, the Celtics rallied but never fully made it out of that hole. The play of the game came with :40 seconds left in the 4th, the Celtics down 2 with the ball – Kobe Bryant managed to... [More]

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Mano e Mano

This game has turned into Kobe Bryant vs Paul Pierce. Kobe (15 pts) carried the play in the 1st quarter as the Lakers surged to an 18 point lead. The Truth (21 pts) dominated the 2nd as the C's sliced the lead to just 3 at the half. ... [More]

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Perkins Out

The Celtics will not have Kendrick Perkins for tonight's game against the Lakers. Perk told the Globe's Gary Dzen that he's hurting pretty bad. "If somebody bumped me right now, there's a lot of pain in there," said Perkins. "So I knew I couldn't go tonight. I felt that yesterday. But hopefully we can close... [More]

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Let’s Get Jemele Hill Fired

For those who don't know, Jemele Hill is a horrible sports journalist. I once watched her host Jim Rome's show and thought to myself, "A high-school kid could do a better job." She's attacking the Celtics in her latest ESPN Page 2 column…but here's a line sure to piss some people off: Rooting for the Celtics is... [More]

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