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Only a Muscle Strain

Apparently, the Celtics didn't want to wait until today for KG's MRI. Why rush a player worth $100 million whose shoulders carry the hopes and dreams of an entire franchise, city, region and two guys who run this web site? The diagnosis: a posterior muscle strain which will keep Garnett out of action for 2-3... [More]

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I’ve Got Good News and Bad News

I'll start with the bad news… or at least potentially bad news.  It comes to us from CelticsBlog… which found this little tidbit about the Celtics and their finances. And I heard Thursday that the storied Celtics, they of the 17 championships and top-five in attendance, may nonetheless be one of the teams that partakes... [More]

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MRI For KG Tomorrow

Marc Spears reports Celtics president Danny Ainge confirmed that injured All-Star forward Kevin Garnett was sent back to Boston for evaluation on his injured right knee and is expected to miss the final three games of a six-game West Coast road trip Garnett is slated to see Dr. Brian McKeon tomorrow at New England Baptist... [More]

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Why Barkley is Cool and A-Rod Sucks

Why Barkley is Cool and A-Rod Sucks

Charles Barkley says a lot of crazy stuff, but at least the guy speaks with some sincerity. His apology last night on TNT for the DUI arrest should serve as an example to all athletes who screw up in the future. Do not read from a piece of paper Never try to force yourself to... [More]

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KG Flying to Boston for MRI

UPDATE: Danny Ainge confirms KG is back in Boston and will miss remainder of the trip. Our favorite ESPN blowhard has this on KG: Boston forward Kevin Garnett was headed back to Boston after straining his right knee in the Celtics' 90-85 loss to Utah on Thursday night. ESPN The Magazine's Stephen A. Smith reported... [More]

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What Do You Mean “Couple Of Weeks?”

KG's knee scares the hell out of me.  To see someone pull up lame with no contact is frightening.  And one side note is not sitting well with me.  Danny Ainge told the TNT crew at halftime: "He's resting right now… It's been bothering him for a couple of weeks." Hey Danny, you know what... [More]

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That Was Ugly

It is safe to say there wasn't anything pretty about this game, especially the fact that it ended at 1:30am.  The inability to grab the rebound off of Kirilenko's second foul shot destroyed any chances of sending the game into overtime.  KG going down in the first half put pressure on the second unit to... [More]

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KG Strains Right Knee

Kevin Garnett left the game late in the first half with a right leg injury.  He attempted a halftime warm-up but made his way back to the locker room before the beginning of the second half.  The extent of his injuries are unknown, but we do know it is his knee and he will not... [More]

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“Bango” Tears ACL

“Bango” Tears ACL

After laughing my ass off for good 5 minutes, I realized that things were serious and Milwaukee's mascot "Bango" tore his ACL while falling through the hoop.  So I watched it again and, as we all would, laughed my ass off some more.  On top of tearing his ACL, he gets hit in the nuts... [More]

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Is Solomon a Celtic, or a King?

The Herald says he's a King: SALT LAKE CITY — The Celtics have traded Patrick O’Bryant to Toronto for Will Solomon, but they will still get the roster spot they desire. Solomon is being sent to Sacramento for a conditional second round draft pick (similar to the Sam Cassell trade). That gives the Celts two... [More]

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