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Lessons Learned From China Thumping

One game into the Olympics for the "Redeem Team" (I know, I'm sick of that name too)… and I think the consensus out there is 'not too bad.' Hey… it's basketball… and we love basketball… so why not break it down, right? First thing's first:  LeBron James is just a beast.  That's not breaking news…... [More]

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Happy Birthday Cooz

Bob Cousy turned 80 yesterday… and we'd like to wish him a happy 80th birthday. For the young and uninitiated, Cousy made all that fancy point-guard play happen.  He was pulling fake-pass/layup moves before Rajon Rondo's PARENTS were born.  He was benched because he was so nasty. Think about the marketing possibilities.  Why Reebok hasn't already... [More]

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U.S. vs China

With outfits like that, how can the U.S. lose? Seriously, I was digging the Ralph Lauren white hat, blue blazer, white pant combo. In fact, that's what I'll be wearing today when I leave for my weekend on the Cape. I heard that about a billion people will be watching Team USA take on China tonight (or... [More]

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Ranking the Eastern Conference

Barring a season ending injury to either Paul Pierce, KG or Ray Allen – I find it highly probable the Celtics will repeat as Eastern Conference Champions. With a rookie head coach (Michael Curry) and virtually the same roster (unless you count Kwame Brown), the Pistons won't pose much of a challenge. Hoopsworld Jess Camerato... [More]

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Arrivederci, Kobe

Our favorite fraud, Kobe Bryant, now says he's open to playing in Europe – specifically Italy. “I’d go. I’d probably go,” said Bryant, during a USA Basketball press conference on Friday morning. “Like Milan or something like that, where I grew up or something like that… Peace out.” Bryant continued: “Do you know any reasonable... [More]

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That’s Right… “World” Champs

When the Celtics raise the banner in 2 and a half months, it will look just like the other 16 hanging from the rafters (and just like the one Wyc is holding)… in that it will say "World" Champions… not "NBA" champions.  I've been told by people who have spoken to the team that the Celtics... [More]

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Kobe Suddenly a Lockdown Defender Again

I haven't watched much of Team USA during their pre-Olympic tune-ups, but the one time I did tune in, I was immediately repulsed by the Kobe Bryant love. The announcers were debating whether "Mamba" or "Dobermann" was the more appropiate nickname for the most overhyped, overrated player on the planet. Apparently, Kobe is playing defense... [More]

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Early Bulletin Board Material

On October 28, the Boston Celtics will be on national TV hoisting a banner, getting rings and playing the team that gave them the most trouble in the playoffs. On October 28, the Lakers will be playing the Portland Trailblazers… and… well… that's it.  That's not stopping the perfectly sane, always well spoken Lakers Fans from... [More]

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Noteworthy Games

Minutes after my previous post, I find the entire Celtics schedule. I'm taking a quick scan through the list of games, and here are some of the good matchups: Tuesday, November 4th at Houston – Our Big 3 against the Rockets' Big Three Sunday, 11/9 at Detroit - Rematch of the Eastern Conference Finals Friday 12/12 vs... [More]

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Mark Your Calendar

We've learned the Celtics season kicks off Tuesday, October 28th against the LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. That's the night Banner 17 will be hoisted to the rafters. We're still awaiting the release of the remainder of the schedule. Here's the latest from the Globe: The Celtics will open the defense of their 17th NBA championship with a... [More]

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