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Who Was Worse?

Elgin Baylor should be saying thanks to Isiah Thomas… because Zeke has a firm grasp on the title of "biggest management disaster by an all time great player" Or… does he? After 22 years in the Clipper organization, Baylor is out as VP of Basketball Operations.  The Clippers have been consistently bad over his entire... [More]

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Don’t Expect Much Tonight

The Philadelphia 76'ers are sort of where the Celtics were last year in terms of what needs to be accomplished in the preseason.  They've got Elton Brand… and they need to figure out just how well he really fits in with the rest of the team.  Sure, there's very little doubt that he'll have a... [More]

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Knicks Sign Oliver Miller

Oh… wait… no…. That's just Eddy Curry. Sorry.... [More]

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Walker Fits The Bill

I really wanted to take a crack at one of those bad pun headlines that the Globe likes to use.  Gotta say… I feel like I need a shower. I don't want to build expectations up beyond Bill Walker's ability to fulfill them… but he's going to be the best player the Celtics ever had.  Or,... [More]

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Full Atlantic Division Previews

Coming soon… we'll share a massive NBA/NBA Fantasy preview that we were part of along with Yardbarker.com and FantasyInsiderOnline.com.  It's still under construction… but Red's Army provided the entire Atlantic Division season and fantasy preview.  Until then, a bunch of us bloggers got together and we each previewed our own teams.  Here's the list so... [More]

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Will The Ticket Bubble Burst?

Ticket prices are out of control.  The average Celtics ticket price last year was in the $50-something range.   Since winning it all, the average price has jumped to $65.  Nowhere near the Lakers $89… or the Hornets $24 (source).  And while the Celtics have generally been pretty good about their ticket prices… ticket prices at... [More]

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C Ya Newport

The Celtics are wrapping things up a day early… choosing to give the team Monday off rather than put them through one more day at Salve Regina University.  Marc Spears has the update: [Doc] Rivers said starters Rajon Rondo, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce, reserve guards Tony Allen and Eddie House and newcomer... [More]

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Set Your TiVo’s

NBA TV is re-airing the Boston Celtics "Real Training Camp" episode tonight at 8.  I missed it yesterday, but I keep hearing how great it was.... [More]

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Right Where We Left Off

Week one of training camp is in the books… and by all accounts, the Celtics have picked up right where they left off.  Yes, it's early… but there are a lot of positive things coming out of camp.  Here's a sampling: Dime Mag on the team and Paul Pierce:  In between college football on Saturday... [More]

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So Far, So Good

Making it to work four days in a row isn't a big deal - unless you're Darius Miles. "I usually go two or three hard days and take a day off, just to be real cautious with the knee," Miles said. "I wanted to practice every day, if I can. I don't want to miss learning... [More]

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