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KG out tonight

KG will sit this game out as he has taken a step back in the recovery process.  Glenn Davis will be starting against Atlanta in KG's place.... [More]

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C’s Look to Bounce Back In A-Town

54-19 @ 42-30 Friday, March 27, 2009 7:30 pm ET Phillips Arena (Atlanta, GA) Coming off of a tough loss in Orlando, which handed away the rights to the Eastern Conference's second slot, the hobbled Celtics will look to bounce back against last season's first round playoff opponent, the Atlanta Hawks. Atlanta has had a... [More]

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Stan Van Gundy Won’t Shut Up

Magic coach Stan Van Gundy loves to open his fat trap. He's taken verbal jabs at the Knicks (about Patrick Ewing) and Shaq (called him a flopper) and now is targeting the Celtics: "I want to know how some teams get on the list, where they get excuses and other teams are not on that... [More]

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Rondo Expected To Play, KG A Gametime Call

According to the Celtics KG sits out shootaround and will be a gametime decision tonight in Atlanta. Rondo is expected to play. Marc J. Spears has more Garnett, who returned a week ago from a strained right knee, didn't do any physical activity in shoot around today. Rivers, however, said that Garnett hasn't had a... [More]

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Rondo Dismisses Hawks

“I don’t think much of it really,” he said. “I don’t like to talk trash, but in my eyes it’s not a rivalry. I don’t know if anybody else looks at it as a rivalry. People consider Cleveland a rival. We just went seven with Atlanta. That’s about it.” Suck on that, Hawks.  Just for... [More]

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Dancer Madness – Now It Gets Tough

Half the dancers have been eliminated after two dominating performances yesterday.  Here are our winners: Erin – Orlando and Alexis-Warriors Now we're moving on to our second bracket.  Here's where it will get tough. East: Allison – Celtics vs. Aminda – Pacers In the West, it's a battle of Texas: Jessica – Mavericks vs. Julie... [More]

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Tony Allen Is Frustrated

Tony Allen is apparently a couple of weeks away from returning.  And as usual with him, the injury that knocked him out came when he was playing well, which frustrates him. "My [left knee] injury was a freak accident," Allen said. "[The thumb injury] was a freak accident. The knickknack injuries, those are just regular... [More]

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Better Late Than Never, I Guess

Remember that Blazers game where they scored on a 6-on-5 play and got to keep the points?  The NBA got around to changing the rule. If a team is given a technical foul for having too many players, the non-offending team can choose to accept or nullify the action that took place before the whistle... [More]

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Magic Fans Feeling Their Oats

Oh, I just had to share this. We're used to some smack-talking fans coming around here.  It seems like we're a real destination when other teams' fans want to sound off.  And for the first time, we're starting to see Magic fans: Name one other Team who lost an All star Player for the year... [More]

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Did We Watch the Same Game?

Some dude named Tim Potvak of Yahoo! is giving a Jenna Jameson quality rubdown to Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic. The Orlando Magic didn’t just send a late-season message to the defending champion Boston Celtics on Wednesday night. They left them with a not-so-subtle reminder for their almost-inevitable second-round playoff matchup. Dwight Howard has... [More]

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