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Walker getting knee MRI

Here's our first bit of negative news out of camp. Swingman Bill Walker left practice Wednesday and is headed for Boston to get an MRI on his surgically repaired right knee. Walker tore his left ACL while at Kansas State and then hurt the right knee in a workout with the Golden State Warriors in... [More]

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Tony Allen practices

Doc's evaluation: "I thought he looked good…he went 80% of practice; tomorrow we'll have to see how he feels." I'll always be more worried about Tony's head when it comes to injuries and coming back.  I don't care how he looked on the floor anymore.  I want some kind of Wonderlic test.... [More]

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“The best first days of camp that I can remember”

That's what Paul Pierce says. "These first two days have been the best first days of camp that I can remember." I know… I know… it's only been 2 days.  The ultimate goal is 9 months away.  But this is good stuff.  At least we're not prancing around with baseball masks on our heads. For... [More]

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No one has been better than KG

Ball Don't Lie has been ranking the best at each position for the past decade.  And when it comes to power forwards… none had a better run than Kevin Garnett. Despite the hype, the yelling, the commercials, the fawning on-air tributes from Bill Russell, and (a second time, just to be sure) all the yelling.... [More]

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Oh, you want some of this Lakers fans? We’re right here

That's a pretty spectacular video, despite it being made by LD2K of TheLakersNation.  The message is obvious:  They're not going to be happy unless they beat the Celtics.  To quote the infamous Scott Hall… Don't sing it… Bring it.  And make sure you bring your retarded cousin too… Oh… I'm sorry… that's Ron Artest?  My... [More]

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Rondo is making himself better

Rajon Rondo's jumper is a little bit of a mess.  We all know that.  It was a little better last year but still not close to where it needs to be. Enter Mark Price, who apparently spent this offseason working with Rondo on keeping his elbow in.  Price, for those of you who don't know,... [More]

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“I’ve never seen anything like this before”

Buckle up kids.  This year is going to be a great one.  We're 1 day into the pre-season and everyone is walking around in amazement after seeing how well everyone is working together.  The quote in the headline comes from a guy who probably won't even be around much longer to see everything really come... [More]

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Ray Allen’s Replacement in 2010?

I know training camp just started and we're all pumped about grabbing the title back from the Lakers, but indulge me for a moment and jump ahead to 2010. If the Celtics are unable to pull off a blockbuster move and get D-Wade (am I the only one who finds this realistic?), Joe Johnson will... [More]

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‘Sheed Expects Same Ole Awful Calls

Have you been wondering what Rasheed Wallace thinks of playing with replacement referees? Gary Washburn of the Globe found out: "I know there’s going to be a lot of stupid star calls like it is with the old refs, so I don’t there’s going to be too much change." You won't find a more honest... [More]

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“Marquis looked good, Rasheed looked good”

Paul Pierce says so. “It is like first day of school," said Pierce. "You’re excited. You got your new lunch pail, new clothes, showing off. It’s the same thing. You come out here you got new teammates you’re excited about to get back on the court and show it off. It was good to see... [More]

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