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I Can Get Used To This

That was one of the big highlights last night…. but the man of the hour, really, was Tony Allen. The big thing for TA:  16 free throws.  The aggressive Tony Allen is the good Tony Allen.  As for Walker… he played 21 minutes and led the team with 6 rebounds.  Box Score  |  Recap... [More]

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CSN Drops Cousy

Comcast SportsNet has let Bob Cousy go.  There's no doubt in my mind that this is some kind of cost-cutting move… because the 3 or 4 games he worked a year must have REALLY been a strain on the budget.  Said Cooz about the move: “Some low-level executive called me,” Cousy told the newspaper in... [More]

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Doc Rips Big Baby

Here's the only negative thing Doc had to say about Wednesday night's preseason opener against Philly: “I didn’t think anybody played poorly,” he said before pivoting. “Well, actually I did. I thought Baby (Glen Davis) played poorly, honestly. I thought he turned the ball over, was going too fast, didn’t set a lot of picks.... [More]

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Perk Might Return Next Week

According to Julian Benbow at the Globe, Perk could be back on Thursday: Rivers said [Perkins] would sit out the next two preseason games. He expected Perkins to practice on Monday but doubted that he’d play in next Tuesday’s game against Cleveland in Pittsburgh, even though Perkins said he wanted to be on the court... [More]

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Leon > Paul?

ESPN's John Hollinger has put forth another confusing way of ranking players in the NBA. It's called PER or Player Efficiency Rating. Hollinger uses a complex series of formulas "that include positive accomplishments, such as field goals, free throws, 3-pointers, assists, rebounds, blocks and steals, and negative ones, such as missed shots, turnovers and personal... [More]

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Really Darius? Still??

So there I was… watching my DVR'd version of last night's preseason game… when Patrick O'Bryant made a nice pass from the top of the key to Darius Miles under the basket.  Darius isn't quite as explosive as he once was… so instead of a 180 dunk… it was a bit of a soft lay... [More]

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“I’m a Finisher”

You certainly are, Bill Walker. Anyone who saw those two nasty dunks in the first half of tonight's game against the Sixers can attest to that. Walker followed up his energetic 6 minute first half stint with this line: "Gotta be aggressive, passive guys don't make it in this league." It's taken me one preseason game... [More]

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Pruitt Getting A Chance To Play

The Globe's Frank Dell'Apa reports Sam Cassell will miss tonight's game because his grandfather suffered a heart attack.  First… we wish his grandfather well and hope he recovers. But basketball-wise, this will be an opportunity for Gabe Pruitt.  Gabe has had a lot of success in the NBDL, but he seems to be in a tough... [More]

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Who Was Worse?

Elgin Baylor should be saying thanks to Isiah Thomas… because Zeke has a firm grasp on the title of "biggest management disaster by an all time great player" Or… does he? After 22 years in the Clipper organization, Baylor is out as VP of Basketball Operations.  The Clippers have been consistently bad over his entire... [More]

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Don’t Expect Much Tonight

The Philadelphia 76'ers are sort of where the Celtics were last year in terms of what needs to be accomplished in the preseason.  They've got Elton Brand… and they need to figure out just how well he really fits in with the rest of the team.  Sure, there's very little doubt that he'll have a... [More]

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