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Ray Allen Marries Girlfriend & Trophy

Ray Allen and longtime girlfriend Shannon Walker Williams finally made it official, tying the knot in an intimate ceremony on Martha's Vineyard over the weekend. Guests at the wedding, which was held under sunny skies at a private home in Oak Bluffs, included the couple's three children Tierra, Ray III, and Walker, fellow UConn alums... [More]

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Get Well Yaz

Carl Yastrzemski is in the hospital with chest pains.  Here's hoping he'll be ok. Yaz was my favorite player as a kid (followed very closely by Jim Rice and Dwight Evans).  I'd really like to keep him around for a while longer.... [More]

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Oh Antoine

Can you count how many things are wrong with this sentence? Chicago Police are investigating whether the Monday morning shootings of two men near the Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's resulted from a fight that spilled out of a club where there was a party for NBA player Antoine Walker, sources said. Shootings at a McDonald's... [More]

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In Your Face

That photo comes from Red's Army reader, and fellow Greek God Demetri.  It's of a gift shop… at LAX.  As he accurately noted in the email along with the picture… a store at Logan would be looted and burned to the ground if it displayed Lakers championship gear.  And after security was done with the... [More]

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Now’s The Time In Beijing When We Dance

Yes, I'm going for the gold today in mildly obscure German pop culture references which highlight my advanced age.  Why?  Because I'm desperately holding on to lost youth as I face my impending mortality… and because I need to do something to make a 106-57 thrashing of Deutschland interesting.  Dwight Howard had 22 and 10.  LeBron... [More]

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Oooh, Los Alemanes!

That's the Spanish-language version of this… which I thought would be appropriate as Team USA gets ready to face Los AlemanesThe Germans at 8 am.  I'm as unafraid of these Germans as Mr. Burns is of those.  Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman have led this vaunted squad to a 1-3 record.  'Oooh, the Germans' indeed.... [More]

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Kobe Still Thinks He’s a GM

  Everyone knows the Lakers flat-out stole Pau Gasol from the Memphis Grizzlies (Kwame Brown, Jarvis Crittendon, 2 first-round picks and the rights to Marc Gasol). But after playing against big, bad Marc Gasol, Kobe Bryant now thinks the Lakers gave up too much: "In hindsight, we probably didn't have to give him up to get... [More]

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Fall In Love With Big Baby All Over Again

One of the things that made this past season so enjoyable was that the players are so enjoyable.  Aside from Tony Allen, there was no one on this team that inspired any sort of angst on this team.  We all especially love Glen Davis… for things like the fro-hawk to riding a duckboat shirtless.  But... [More]

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This Guy’s Alright

So Michael Phelps won his 8th gold medal tonight.  And he did it in front of Kobe Bryant, who was in the stands.  Which means Kobe sat down and watched yet another domination and coronation. There, I tied a swimming post to the Celtics championship.  That's got to be worth a medal, right? Seriously… Phelps is one of the... [More]

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So Easy, Marc Gasol Can Do It

The commercialization of the Olympics simply must stop.  I get that Geico is sponsoring the coverage… to put the Geico Caveman on the Spanish National Team is going too far.  Seriously now… I don't get how a team that features this doofus, Pau Gasoft, and a 17-year-old is regarded as the most serious threat to... [More]

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