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Don’t Expect Another Laugher

The result of Game 3 was actually pretty easy to predict.  You have a young, emotional team like Chicago coming off two very tight games against the defending champs.  They had stolen home court and they were returning to a city, hell… a country, that thought they were going to knock off the big, bad... [More]

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New Commenting Feature

We've added a new feature to RedsArmy.com… upgraded commenting. It actually brings back a good aspect of the old site.  The name of the commenter is on the top, and it comes with a customizable image. If you sign up for a free typepad.com profile, you can customize your photo. One new feature that I... [More]

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I Wonder What Sam Smith Thinks Now

So much for the 'Paul Pierce is hurt' theory.  Paul Pierce woke up, smoked the Bulls early, and watched from the bench as the the last 5 players mopped up a blowout win that reclaimed home court for the Celtics.  But the Captain isn't content with just holding serve for the rest of the first... [More]

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NBA All Ugly Team

It's awards season in the NBA… and I'm putting a team together of a bunch a guys who ain't got no alibi… They ugly. But this isn't just a bunch of pictures of ugly NBA players.  There are some uglier guys out there… but these guy have pretty games.  This is a good team.  A... [More]

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Public Enemy #1

Rajon Rondo remains the focus of the Chicago Bulls. If they have any shot of winning this series, they have to slow down Rondo. Here's the latest out of Chi-town: The Bulls won't win another game in this best-of-seven playoff series with the Boston Celtics if they can't contain Rajon Rondo. The Celtics point guard... [More]

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Wings Actually Slow Rondo Down

Rajon Rondo is so fast, wings would ruin his aerodynamics and slow him down.  But he’s growing them anyway, thanks to a sponsorship with Red Bull.  They were so happy to have him, they gave him a ride to Game 1.  2 observations in that photo: 1:  Ring on the middle finger.  Just how it... [More]

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Nominate Us For “Best Celtics Blog”

TruFan.com is holding the first ever "New England Sports Blog" awards.  It's got some pretty big names behind it, so we think this is kind of a big deal. They've got categories for Best Celtics, Red Sox, Patriots and Bruins blog.  There's also a "Best New England Sports Blog" category… so feel free to nominate... [More]

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Tony Allen Has to Go

This Tony Allen death threat story is the final straw for me: …sources say (Allen) has made a very bad enemy in his hometown. Allen had been the target of alleged death threats for several months now, sources told Yahoo! Sports, and the Celtics’ visit to Chicago is now blanketed with around-the-clock protection. “I wouldn’t... [More]

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Doc Pulling For Powe

Very interesting item in the Herald: “Oh, I lobby all the time. I just don’t do it publically,’’ he said. “I lobby for all my guys. Any guy that has your team at heart, I’m lobbying for him. It’s good to have soldiers in your locker room. “Forget the basketball. For me that’s a huge... [More]

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Rajon Rondo Is Fine

I said somewhere to someone that the Celtics can withstand losing KG better than they can withstand losing Rajon Rondo… and I stick by that comment.  So watching Rondo get carried off at the end of the game, after everything seemed fine, was a bit scary.  We've kinda gone through it in some of the... [More]

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