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Stop Talking, Stephon

From the NY Post: The banished Stephon Marbury acknowledged for the first time yesterday he has a verbal commitment from the Celtics – and accused the Knicks of not accepting his latest buyout offer because they don't want him winning a championship in Boston. Can't imagine that Danny Ainge is thrilled with Marbury's comments to... [More]

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“Man, the Celtics really want to rub it in”

That quote didn't come from anything the Celtics did during the game.  It came from what the Celtics did AFTER the game. The Celtics were Midas without the final act where lunch turns into an inedible precious metal. The Mavericks were wondering what hit them even after the game when their complementary beverage chest had... [More]

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Paul Pierce’s Journey

Paul Pierce’s Journey

This is the great halftime piece on Paul Pierce. I'm so happy this guy is going down as an All-Time Celtics great… because he truly deserves it.  His road there might not have been like the others… but he's still there.... [More]

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Adidas Can’t Be Serious…

From the official NBA store: You'll love this adidas Originals Los Angeles Lakers super-soft, short-sleeve t-shirt. The high-quality cotton shirt is decorated in St. Patrick's Day colors and designed with the distressed team logo screen-printed on the chest for a vintage look. Is there a Lakers fan alive who would be caught dead in this... [More]

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Suck on That, Cuban

SOS for the Celtics. Torrid shooting, stellar defense = blowout.The Celtics dropped 38 in the first quarter and finished with 74 in the first half – a season high in the NBA.* The lead reached a high of 35 points early in the 3rd quarter. How's this for a team assist/turnover ratio – 34 to... [More]

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Offensive Clinic

Celtics lead the Mavs 74-47 at halftime. That's an NBA season high for points in the first half. C's got 19 assists and 4 TOs. Ray's got 20. See the post below to join our live blog…we are having some fun.... [More]

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C’s-Mavs Live Blog

Alright, we're live bloggin' again.  It goes live at 1pm straight up. Click Here to join... [More]

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Rajon An All Star Too?

In an argument that sounds amazingly like the one we've been making for months, Steve Bulpett says in today's Herald that Rondo's importance to this team makes him even-money to make the All Star team. According to the numbers, you could make an even stronger case for Rondo as the Celts’ MCP – most critical... [More]

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Smile Pretty For The Camera

The NBA took a bunch of photos of Kevin Garnett in his All Star uni at practice today.  Here's a look at them.  All photos come courtesy of NBAE via Getty Images.... [More]

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Bill Russell’s Wife Passes

Bill Russell has lost his wife, Marilyn, to cancer.  Our thoughts are with you, Bill.... [More]

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