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Screw Bill Plaschke

All of Boston held its breath.  I sat there and thought "we've come this far… only to have it fall apart."  Paul Pierce didn't just go down… he needed to be carried off.  His return has people making "Willis Reed" comments.  They're talking about Larry breaking his face against the Pacers.  And others, like Bill... [More]

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   If all the games are like this one, I might not survive the series. Paul Pierce took this game over in the 3rd quarter scoring 8 points in a 90 second span including a 4-pt play. He then went down in a heap with a knee injury and had to be taken off the court in... [More]

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The Truth Hurts

Yes…we all thought Paul Pierce was done. But the Truth made it back into the game after this horrible injury (knee sprain  replacement) and dropped 15 pts in the 3rd quarter.... [More]

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Bird/Magic Ad

Bird/Magic Ad

goosebumps... [More]

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Gotta Beat LA

God damn, I am jacked up. Let's do this! Our forums are already packed….  ... [More]

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You’d Think We’d Learn Something New

We are in a serious calm before the storm right now.  We're a few hours away from the tip off of Game 1… and all the added media attention has only served to rehash old stories that we've all heard before…. rather than give us something new.  I know what Ubuntu is.  That's why we... [More]

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I took a lot of heat around these parts for suggesting in my series preview that Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers were "Even." Well – I am not alone. Herald basketball guru Mark Murphy shares my sentiments. Pure logic says that the old Auerbach argument about Jackson — that he picks his spots and only... [More]

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Its Here!!!

What the hell is KG doing to Gabe Pruitt?  Somone help me figure things out… because my brain is not working right now.  All that's going through my head is "Oh my God… The Celtics are in the Finals…. and they're playing the Lakers… and its happening tonight!!!" (hyperventilating) "GAME 1 IS TONIGHT!!!!!!!" Seriously. I'm giddy. I've got butterflies.  I... [More]

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Rondo’s New Website

Rajon Rondo has launched his new website… and it looks pretty cool.  Of course… Rajon still has his Yardbarker blog (where the official announcement of the new site was made) Some features:  A photo gallery, form to send Rajon a question, buddy icons and wallpapers… and Club Rondo (which, much to my chagrin, did not feature... [More]

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“I Thought My Days As A Celtic Were Pretty Much Over”

Scott Souza has a few notes coming out of what is becoming a growing media circus… which is to be expected.  The one thing that stuck out to me was Paul Pierce… talking about the offseason conversations he had with Kobe. “Neither of us thought we’d be back on our teams. … I thought it... [More]

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