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I Owe Reggie Miller An Apology

A few days ago I took a shot at Reggie Miller upon reading a report that he was harassing this attractive and soon-to-be-marreed fashion designer named Ali Kay. Well, Miller and his attorney are pumping the media with their side of the story. Turns out, this chick sent Miller a couple of sexy pics (see... [More]

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Gasol has finger surgery

Minor note on Pau Gasol… who had surgery on his non-shooting hand.  I bring this up to keep in the back of your minds… just in case it comes up during the season.  It shouldn't, but because Pau is as hard as a half-cooked marshmallow, I expect it to be played up somehow, some way... [More]

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Great Debate: Which 10 to add to the “50 Greatest” list

The Hoop Doctors has a great debate going on right now on the site.  Since the NBA… at least as a brand name (explanation on the site)… turns 60 this year, which 10 players should be added to the "50 Greatest Players" list. Here's the original list.  Now… you CAN'T pull anyone off the list. ... [More]

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Behind the scenes at the C’s Dancer finals

Since I'm pillaging ComcastSports Net's website for content… might as well go for the good stuff.  You know… like when you raided your parents liquor cabinet.  Sure, you could get whatever was up front… but why not go for the bottle of Glen Grant in the back, right? So with that, I present to you... [More]

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Danny & Baby discuss their new looks

One thing we noticed yesterday was Danny Ainge’s new stressed out distinguished grey look.  I was so distracted by that, that I didn’t notice how much thinner Glen Davis looked (although many of you mentioned it in the comments). Gary Tanguay noticed that stuff too… because he talked to Danny and Baby about their new... [More]

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Is this REALLY Ray Allen’s last season in Boston?

It all started with the almost immediate trade rumors involving Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo.  And it has continued through the offseason as people start to evaluate all the moves and put early previews of the season together.  It's the notion that once Ray Allen's contract ends, so will his tenure in Boston. But will... [More]

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Powe close to signing with Cleveland

According to Adrian Wojnarowski on twitter. If Leon Powe's rehabbing knee checks out with team doctors Tuesday in Cleveland, he will sign a 2-year deal with Cavs, source tells Y! Spts I find it interesting that his knee would be healthy enough right now for a team to sign him.  Credit to Leon for working... [More]

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The two most recent Timberwolves coaches

I don't know.  Maybe this photo is symbolic of something in Minnesota.  Or maybe it's just an odd coincidence.  Whatever it is… I'm glad I have an excuse to post it.... [More]

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NBA Tough Guys (according to a nudist)

The latest offering by admitted nudist Charley Rosen of is this article – Who are the NBA's tough guys and softies? Since tough guy can be interpreted many ways, it's important to reveal the criteria: The criteria here include a player's willingness to initiate contact, even when confronted with bigger, stronger adversaries. Another qualification... [More]

August 10, 2009 Chuck - Red's Army Uncategorized 3

Wow, Danny… under a little stress? has this photo posted from today's news conference… and my honest-to-God first reaction to seeing it was… "who's the old guy at the end?" Holy crap, this summer has not been kind to Mr. Ainge.  I bring this up not to bust on a guy who's going grey (hello kettle?…. this is the pot…). ... [More]

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