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Next Big Injury: Ben Gordon’s Hammy?

Bulls guard Ben Gordon will have an MRI today on his injured left hamstring. He tweaked it during the 2nd quarter of Sunday's game: "I was driving and I heard something pop," said Gordon, who incurred the injury while shooting in the second quarter. "It's sore; hopefully it's not too serious. I'm going to do... [More]

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Refs Spotted Wearing Bulls Gear

Live and direct from the "can't make this stuff up" club: At least one member of the Celtics entourage was taken aback at the sight of the officiating crew exiting the United Center. Two of the three members of the group, which consisted of Danny Crawford, Bill Kennedy and Marc Davis, were spotted with their... [More]

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Perk’s Wasted Day

Lost in all the madness of yesterday's double OT loss was the fact that Kendrick Perkins had a fantastic game, and may have been the reason the Celtics even had a chance. It wasn't just the 15 points, 9 rebounds and 3 blocks.  It was when he made the baskets.  It seemed like every time... [More]

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Pierce Postgame

Does anyone realize Pierce had a game high 29? Didn't feel like it, did it? Personally, I think Pierce is tired. The mistakes he's making are sloppy. Very unlike him. I think he might just be worn down. Via ComcastSportsNet... [More]

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All Tied Up

What can you say? The Bulls made the plays in the 2nd OT and the Celtics did not. Decimated by injuries, playing in a hostile environment against the Bulls and the refs, the Celtics showed us all why they are the defending champs. Just a gritty, gutsy, ballsy effort by the boys in green. Up... [More]

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Live Blogging Game 4

The people have spoken… and you want a game 4 live blog.  So here it is.  Starts promptly at 1.  Go C’s. Celtics-Bulls Game 4... [More]

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Celtics Look to Take Control In Game 4

Celtics Look to Take Control In Game 4

2 @ 1 Sunday, April 26, 2009 1:00 pm ET United Center (Chicago, IL) Coming off of a convincing Game 3 victory to give Boston a one-game series advantage, the Celtics will revisit the United Center this afternoon with hopes of improving to 3-1. Should they find success, Doc Rivers' gang would have a chance... [More]

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Don’t Expect Another Laugher

The result of Game 3 was actually pretty easy to predict.  You have a young, emotional team like Chicago coming off two very tight games against the defending champs.  They had stolen home court and they were returning to a city, hell… a country, that thought they were going to knock off the big, bad... [More]

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New Commenting Feature

We've added a new feature to RedsArmy.com… upgraded commenting. It actually brings back a good aspect of the old site.  The name of the commenter is on the top, and it comes with a customizable image. If you sign up for a free typepad.com profile, you can customize your photo. One new feature that I... [More]

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I Wonder What Sam Smith Thinks Now

So much for the 'Paul Pierce is hurt' theory.  Paul Pierce woke up, smoked the Bulls early, and watched from the bench as the the last 5 players mopped up a blowout win that reclaimed home court for the Celtics.  But the Captain isn't content with just holding serve for the rest of the first... [More]

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