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“You’re on borrowed time”

That's Ray Allen's approach to appreciating whatever moments he's got left in the NBA… and tuning out talk of the contract extension he wants. “It’s interesting how I approach training camp as an older man in relation to my career,” Allen said. “I think Kevin (Garnett) takes the same mindset and Paul (Pierce) has the... [More]

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Wow, Perk really did slim down

He looks really skinny in this picture.  You could see in the training camp broadcast (for the short time he was on) that he's moving around well… especially laterally.  That could be a big help in preventing some fouls. By the way… how about Sheed playing in sweatpants with the pockets inside out and the... [More]

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Sheed Embraces His Grumpy Persona

Via “A lot,’’ was his response when asked how many people believe he is a grouchy dude. “But that’s how I like it though, honestly. It keeps the riff-raff away. It keeps all the negative people away. “[People think] I’m off the rocker, that’s how it is,’’ he said. “I have no problem with... [More]

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KG sets the record straight about his knee

I don't know how you can get any clearer. "I don't have any knee problems. I don't have any knee problems. I'm not trying to get in depth with my injury and all that but the things are bothering me are secondary and not even primary. So I'm excited about that because it's nothing be... [More]

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Real Training Camp sucks beyond suck

It's 7:30 pm and I've tuned into watch the Real Training Camp live stream of the Boston Celtics scrimmage.  In half an hour, I've seen about 4 or 5 plays in their entirety.  The rest has been 2 shots of Cedric Maxwell and Andrea Aldridge… 2 minute long cutaways of guys on the bench when... [More]

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Watch practice live tonight

So all this talk about KG's knee and Doc not limiting minutes already can be a little disconcerting.  So why not watch practice for yourself and see what's really going on? Tonight, you can.  At 7pm, is streaming the C's practice live as part of the 2K Sports Real Training Camp coverage.  They did... [More]

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Doc’s starting this crap early

Camp is not even a full week old and Doc Rivers is already forgetting to limit KG's minutes. "Today was a day I probably should have taken him out more." That would explain the video we just saw of KG moving around stiffly.  Doc said he was starting and stopping the guys a lot and... [More]

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KG isn’t exactly fluid out there yet

This video from yesterday's practice shows KG running around… and not exactly looking fluid.  I guess that's to be expected and if he had a serious problem… he'd be sitting on the sidelines.  So it's just something he's got to work through.  (Thanks Jose3030 for the vid). If that's not unsettling enough… check out what... [More]

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NBA to teams: sit down

"I'm gonna have a seat or else the NBA is gonna fine me… cuz they've got nothing better to do." The past couple of seasons, one of the hallmarks of the unity on the Celtics bench has been how they stand until the C's score a basket.  They're among the standing-est teams around.  But the... [More]

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“I think I’m probably one of the smartest point guards in the league”

“I think I’m probably one of the smartest point guards in the league”

That's what Rajon Rondo said when he was asked about his strengths.  Of course, I did the classic media thing and pulled one 5 second quote out of a 6:25 interview and ran with it.But I like it.  I think Rondo knows what he's good at.  He knows he's fast and he knows he can... [More]

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