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Tony’s Thumb Could Be Bad

Like… torn ligaments bad Tony Allen didn’t accompany the team to New Orleans today after injuring his left thumb in practice, but contrary to a team report that X-rays taken on the thumb were negative, a Celtics source said today that the guard has actually suffered torn ligaments. It was unclear how much time he... [More]

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Tony Allen Injures His Thumb

According to the Herald, he's out through the All Star break. Though he showed up yesterday with the intention of practicing, Tony Allen suffered a thumb injury on his left (non-shooting) hand. He will not join the team until after the all-star break in Utah, and didn’t accompany the team on its trip to New... [More]

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Meet Alison Preston

Celtics dancer Alison Preston is featured in the new Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition. There are 31 photos in her slideshow. But realizing how busy everyone is, I scanned them all and posted the best on this site. I'd love to do some more "research" but my lunch break is over. Enjoy.... [More]

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How to Dress – By KG

How to Dress – By KG

KG and I have something in common. We both lay out our clothes for the next day prior to going to bed. (This video was reportedly made back in 2001, courtesy NESWsports.com) Danny Ainge tells Mark Murphy there's nothing imminent on the trade front, yet he did try to talk Alonzo Mourning out of retirement.... [More]

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Big Al Tears ACL

He's out indefinitely. Al Jefferson, the Timberwolves' best player, will likely miss the rest of the season with a torn knee ligament. He suffered the injury Sunday night in New Orleans near the end of the Wolves' 101-97 loss to the Hornets. This really does make me sad.  Big Al is not just talented, but... [More]

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Just a quick break from the Celtics to announce that A Rod just admitted to using steroids. That is all.... [More]

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Power Rankings

I've decided (on a whim) to do a weekly Power Rankings. While I will take into account how a team is currently playing, the final ranking involves more "big picture" thinking. 1. Lakers - You can't deny their dominance. In fact, I'm starting to worry that it may be their year. 2. Celtics – Need... [More]

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Being Us vs. Being Them

Can we really beat the best teams in the league? That seems to be the question circulating around anything Celtics right now.  Celtics fans and writers are bemoaning two losses to Western Conference powers… and a split against Cleveland.  But what does that mean, really?  Being us, we'll over-analyze everything about those 4 losses to... [More]

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Matt Bleepin Bonner?

For as bad as Ray blew it at the end – coughing the ball up on an inbounds pass with 20 seconds left – you have to hand it to the Spurs' Matt Bonner (23 pts, 8 reb). The dude killed us today. However, the Celtics were able to overcome, cough, Bonner's greatness, and still... [More]

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Finals Preview?

The San Antonio Spurs are in town today to take on the defending champs.  The Spurs have a defensive mentality, dominant big man, quick-as-lightning point guard, and a wing that is capable of scoring in bunches.  So they're exactly the kind of team that can make it through the west and come back here in... [More]

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