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Shaq & Kobe Might Be Working Things Out

I remember when I was young… I'd write songs for girls I liked.  Oh man… that was so corny.  I always thought "Brenda, tell my how my ass tastes" would work.  But I kept going to those dances alone. I hope Shaq has better luck. (Just in case Kobe is bitter about this… Shaq takes... [More]

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Categorically, Positively, Unequivocally, Undeniably…

  The classic words uttered by Matt Damon in one of the most awesome acts of public trash talking… is now a T-shirt (By request, no less… you're welcome Papa Irish).  Each picture above is a link to that particular product.  Those, and more styles with the same design, are available in our championship gear... [More]

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Play Hard, Really Hard

The roster for the U.S. Olympic Men's Basketball team is set: MVP Kobe Bryant will be heading to his first Olympics, and he'll have LeBron James and Dwyane Wade with him. They will lead a U.S. Olympic basketball team that was announced Monday — one that hopes to capture the gold medal in Beijing in... [More]

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Sam’s Coming Back

I don't know if it will be with the Celtics, but Sam Cassell says he's coming back for another season. I'm playing next year, playing my 16th year," Cassell said without hesitation.  "After winning a championship, it's just so hard to walk away from that.  Certain guys did it, but as I tell the guys,... [More]

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What About Grant Hill?

Grant Hill is hungry for a ring.  Starving for one.  Desperate for one.  He has also made plenty of money.  He's a respected guy who can still play 20+ minutes of good basketball in every game.  He just finished a season with the Phoenix Suns in which he played 70 games, at 31.8 minutes per,... [More]

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Paul Pierce Damn Near Killed Himself

I happened to notice a couple of things going through about a thousand different post-championship pictures.  Paul Pierce damn near killed himself… twice. First… when he stood up to celebrate getting the MVP.  Check out the look on Doc's face.  Now check out all the NBA lackeys holding that table together while Paul goes mental. ... [More]

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In Appreciation Of… Danny Ainge

Over the next two weeks, we'll be looking back at the Boston Celtics championship season in an effort to truly appreciate the efforts of those involved.  This is the first installment of the series. The 5th pick. After all the Celtics had been through, the Celtics had gotten the 5th pick.  Now what? Danny Ainge had... [More]

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You Know Its Bad When….

You Know Its Bad When….

… even Jay Leno can absolutely wreck your franchise.  Hah…. suck it Lakers fans.   WORLD CHAMPS! (By the way… this is one of the men crying Leno was talking about) This gets more fun every day!... [More]

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Money Will Be Spent

Wyc Grousbeck isn't the only guy with a financial stake in this team, but he is THE owner.  And while Wyc did a great job of making sure the rest of the ownership team tagged along when the cameras were on… It's Wyc that we look to when we think about ownership. And its Wyc that... [More]

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Paul’s First Pitch

Paul’s First Pitch

This is part of the pregame celebration of the Boston Celtics World Championship (I'll NEVER get tired of writing that).  It starts with the team sprinting out of the center field doors… then there's Paul Pierce whipping a pitch that would have been 3 feet over Big Papi's head… and then the guys all head... [More]

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