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Starting To Pay Off

Glen Davis has taken a lot of crap for all the jumpers he's been taking.  At least he used to take a lot of crap.  The criticism has quieted down lately… because he's been making them.  Here's his "hot spot" chart from the last 5 games. Over the last 5, Baby is 10 of 20... [More]

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The KG Playoff Promo

The KG Playoff Promo

Can you believe the playoffs begin in less than a month?... [More]

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Dancer Madness Round 3

Time for our 3rd round of dancer madness.  First, here are yesterday's winners. East:  Amanda – Cleveland Cavaliers West:  Julie – Houston Rockets And now for today's contestants. East: Melanie – Philadelphia 76'ers vs. Angela – Chicago Bulls West: Kayla – Phoenix Suns vs Erica – Oklahoma City... [More]

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Enjoying A Sunday Off

Enjoying A Sunday Off

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the fact the Celtics finally have a Sunday afternoon off.  Also, enjoy Glen Davis demoralizing Darko Milicic and Bill Walker flying past Darrell Arthur for the slam. While we're at it, why not enjoy the Garnett Effect… even if it involves him slamming the ball and swearing as he was... [More]

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Big Baby!!!

I didn't see a second of this game – so I'll leave the analysis up to the Associated Press: Glen Davis scored 24 points on 8-of-11 shooting, and the Boston Celtics pulled away in the second half for a 105-87 victory over the Memphis Grizzlies on Saturday night. Ray Allen added 20 points and six... [More]

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Open Game Thread

This is one of those rare, weird nights where Chuck and I are going to have to leave the store unattended.  So here's the picture of Ray Allen in his retro Jordans some of you have been asking for… and a spot for you guys to talk about the game.  When one of us either... [More]

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More Red’s Army Dancer Madness

The Dance continues today, but first, here's a look at yesterday's winners. East:  Nikki (Miami Heat) West:  Harmony (LA Clippers) Here's today's matchups: East:  Amanda (Cleveland Cavaliers) vs. Samantha (Toronto Raptors) West: Stacey (New Orleans Hornets) vs Julie ( Houston Rockets)... [More]

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Our Savior

KG for MVP? Not a chance in hell. But you get what I'm sayin'. He's the Celtics leader, master motivator, the straw that stirs the proverbial drink. He has the same effect as those little blue pills John takes. The Celtics get up with KG around. Have you ever seen a player make this type... [More]

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Tony Parker Chokes Hard

Tony Parker (25 pts, 8 assists, 7 reb) killed the Celtics all night…until the final :50 of this game. That's when he missed four consecutive free throws. Throw in a Big Baby jumper with 5 seconds left and you get a 80-77 Celtics win. After a rusty first quarter, KG bounced back with a vintage... [More]

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Big Three Finally Intact?

51-18 @ 45-22 Friday, March 20, 2009 8:30 pm ET AT&T Center (San Antonio, TX) There is a lot going on in the basketball world right now, highlighted by "March Madness," the NCAA's 2009 tournament. The buzz around your place of business and/or amongst your group of friends is centered around bracket selections, upsets, sleepers,... [More]

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