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How the Celtics got Paul Pierce

How the Celtics got Paul Pierce

The Sporting News' Baseline blog passes along an interview in which Larry Brown explains why the 76'ers passed on Paul Pierce. Basically, they made a promise to Larry Hughes… whom they selected with the #8 pick.  Since the Bucks had worked out a trade with Dallas… that left Paul Pierce just hanging out there at... [More]

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Will the C’s be players in the 2010 sweepstakes?

Wyc Grousbeck seems to think so. Speaking with “Dale & Holley” Monday, Grousbeck did not give specifics, but he reiterated this fact by saying “there is a situation under which we could do that.” Several high-profile players who would command a max contract are currently set to become free agents in 2010, including LeBron James,... [More]

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Red’s still better than Phil

Red’s still better than Phil

I'm not just saying that because our site's named after him.  I'm not saying Phil's a bad coach.  He's a great coach.  But he's not the greatest coach.  Red's the best ever… and it's not even a discussion. We've heard the arguments before… but they're worth reiterating.  Phil Jackson had two players in the NBA's... [More]

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The Favorites for Next Year?

Here are the current odds to win the 2009-2010 NBA Championship: Lakers: 5-2 Cavaliers: 3-1 Celtics: 5-1 Magic: 7-1 Anyone who'd place a bet now on next year's champion is a moron, because there's a ton of uncertainty surrounding all four of these teams. Let's take a look: Lakers: Two key role players, Trevor Ariza... [More]

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Congrats to LA

Congrats to Kobe, Pau and company. Bryant's performance and hunger reminded me of Lisa Leslie's first WNBA championship with the LA Sparks. We'll be taking the trophy back next season. I couldn't stomach the last few minutes of this game, but I gotta know one thing; did Kobe fake cry during the post game interview?... [More]

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Eddie (Wants More) Money

  Eddie House's future with the Celtics has flown under the radar as we debate contracts (for Big Baby Davis and Rajon Rondo), free agent targets (Marcin Gortat, Anthony Parker, Matt Barnes to name a few) and trade rumors (Ray Allen). But it looks like Eddie is going to pass on the $2.86 million player-option... [More]

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How About Anthony Parker?

During our call-in show, I mentioned Raptors guard Anthony Parker as a potential free-agent target. He's a veteran guard (33) who can shoot the ball (10.7 ppg, 39% 3FG). I'm not sure how the Celtics view his defense skills but he averaged 4 rebounds and 1.2 steals per game. At 6-6, he's capable of playing... [More]

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Rumor: Tyreke Evans, Adriana Lima to Boston?

  Finally, a legitimate reason to post pics of Adriana Lima. There's a rumor that involves her husband – the Grizzlies' Marko Juric – coming to Boston. It all revolves around Danny Ainge's love for Memphis guard Tyreke Evans. Chad Ford of ESPN has the details (courtesy Celticsblog): While the Celtics have shot down a... [More]

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Courtney Lee is off the hook. Dwight Howard is the new goat of this series. Yes, I know he sucks at free throws. But if Howard makes one of the two freebies with 11 seconds left and Orlando up 3, the Magic win this game. There's no second-guessing Stan Van Gundy for not-fouling the Lakers.... [More]

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Doc on PTI, and other assorted stuff

If you read this before 5:30 pm, The C's just announced that Doc Rivers will be on PTI tonight.  Should be interesting to hear what he says. Other assorted stuff out there to check out: Brian Scalabrine had a big pizza party with some local school kids. Tommy Heinsohn won the NBA's first ever lifetime... [More]

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