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Your Morning Dump… Where the Rondo-ing of Smart has begun

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

“I thought he was a different type of guy. I saw in him as a young player last year, a leader to be, a real team leader type of guy. Not an agitator,” said Ryan. “He plays hard. We know that. But there’s a big difference than playing hard and being a jerk. He does have a disturbing tendency. The shot isn’t improving. I’m very disappointed because I was very much, as you say, an officer in the fan club.”

CSNNE: Bob Ryan disappointed with how Smart’s turning out

Here we go again. I’ve seen how this movie ends.

Once again a young Celtics point guard with a strong attitude is starting to turn some observers (and subsequently, some fans) sour. If the esteemed Bob Ryan is calling Marcus Smart a jerk, then he must be a jerk, right?

Yes, Marcus Smart has had his composure issues on the floor. There’s no denying that his frustration and griping with officials is an issue. Grabbing your junk in response to a discussion with a referee is not a good look. On that I’ll agree with anyone.

But focusing on that part of Smart’s game, especially at this point of his career, grossly overshadows what he is doing, and what he can do in the future.

Chris Forsberg has a great look Smart’s non-shooting impact today:

But dismissing his offensive production based on his shooting stats alone is simply lazy. It ignores the fact that, in that same 16-game span, the Celtics are averaging 105.1 points per 100 possessions with Smart on the floor, which is 2.6 points better than Smart’s offensive rating in 34 appearances before the All-Star break.

What’s more, Smart’s post-All-Star net rating of plus-2.7 ranks second on the team behind only Jae Crowder (plus-5.1), a player whose shoes Smart has tried to help fill while Crowder has been sidelined the past five games due to a high ankle sprain. As spectacular as All-Star Isaiah Thomas has been recently, even he’s only plus-2.1 in net rating since the All-Star break.

Smart has a lot left to learn in the NBA. We’re talking about a 22-year-old who has missed significant time in two straight seasons. He’s also had 26 different teammates in those two seasons, which in turn means many different roles. He’s started, he’s come off the bench, he’s finished, he’s not finished… all in just 121 total games. That’s basically a season and a half.

So with all due respect to Bob Ryan, a legendary writer and basketball mind, but to hop off the bandwagon so quickly is very short-sighted. And to call him a jerk? That’s unnecessarily inflammatory.

But it’s out there, and now the talking head jagoffs who don’t watch more than 3 games a season will latch onto this and spread the word… “Bob Ryan, one of the most esteemed basketball minds to grace our generation has deemed Smart a jerk, thus it must be so… time to go FULL RONDO and run him out of town!”

This is like dropping a lit cigarette in the forest. We’ll see if this burns into a wildfire, or if we get lucky and it goes away.

Page 2: Keep fighting, Craig!

“I’ve already had two stem cell transplants. Very rarely does somebody have a third,” Sager told HBO. “So I have to maintain my strength, so I can go through this.”

“…I’m not going to be that 3–6 months. I‘m going to be that five years. I’m going to make medical history. … I’m fighting this thing to the end. I have too much to do.”

SI: Sager says Leukemia no longer in remission

This is devastating news. We hope you beat the odds, Craig, and make it longer than anyone thinks.

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  • Curt Hays

    Develop Rozier to outdo/replace Smart, and then trade Smart for something nice.

    Edit: If he continues being a db.

  • DRJ

    Ryan may have overstated the case, but he’s basically right. It got blatant in the ORL game, where Marcus didn’t like one no-call (in an otherwise excellently officiated game — an uncommon thing in the NBA) as he was fouled shooting a corner 3, and bitched at the refs to the point where he Stevens had to take him out of the game. I don’t like calling any player a “jerk,” but if your attitude starts to hurt your team then you’re on the wrong path. Every NBA player MUST grow thick skin when it comes to the refs, because they’re imperfect and always will be.

  • DC Swish

    He’s young, he’s not going to be perfect. Give the kid some time to mature, people can’t praise his competitive nature and love the bulldog without expecting some bite during his growing years. That being said, he absolutely needs to work with IT this offseason on finishing at the rim, as well as learning to resist taking the 3.

  • Cleangreen

    At what point do we stop calling Smart a PG though? IT and Turner play point, smart is a shooting guard that plays great D and can’t shoot. Smart does not look quick or athletic with the ball in his hands and I’m not sure that will change. Solid guy to have on your team that looks a whole lot better when he’s matched up against the opposing teams second unit.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Offensively, Smart is a train-wreck…..nobody would object to his so-called “strong attitude” if he wasn`t so inept at shooting a basketball.

    With the #6 pick…Ainge got nothing more than a tenacious defensive guard, who is gets no respect from the refs due to his quick emotional trigger.

    • Willowgreen

      stop being a douche bag. If Cs took Randle, youd say Ainge picks another undersized PF. Look at the draft. Stop being such an ass. Ainge got you Isaiah and Crowder for nothing. He got you nets lottery draft picks and you still whine about how bad Ainge is.

      • RedsLoveChild

        I wanted him to take Randle…and would still gladly take my chances with Randle over Smart any day.
        Ainge also passed on Zach LaVine that same day.

        You`ll see soon enough how Ainge will screw up the Net picks…he`ll probably select a 5`10″ guard from Rutgers, or a 6`7″ forward from Bridgewater State!

        • swissflix

          With all due respect, the comparison to LaVine is disrespectful to Smart’s impact. LaVine scores maybe 3 more points a game on an absolutely terrible team and he cannot/does not play defense. No clue of team defense (applies for the entire Minny team, though). The same goes for Randle-dude scores about 1 point more a game on a horrible team. I know Smart has a serious problem with his inconsistent shooting but he is still way better than most players in his draft. To me, even Wiggins does not have the same impact on his team despite the good numbers. The player with the most upside at this point seems to be Parker. And why does nobody talk about Gordon? He does not do anything down in Orlando.

          • RedsLoveChild

            You`re pretending that FG percentages don`t matter.
            LaVine makes .457% of his shots {.347% for Smart}…LaVine makes .381% of his 3`s {.258% for Smart}. Huge difference!

            With Randle, you`re pretending his 10 RPG don`t matter, to go along with his 11.6 PPG.

          • swissflix

            Please read my post carefully: Did i deny his shooting issues? Also, i did not mention Randle’s rebounding numbers.
            Again, i am merely saying that the aforementioned players play for bad teams and that’s why their numbers should be taken with a grain of salt and that in the end they don’t score a lot more than Smart.
            Mentioning only FG percentages is not entirely extensive either to evaluate a player, is it. There have been many Stackhouses and Harold Miners in this league.
            I expect Marcus Smart to be a bad shooter throughout his career. His defense is undeniable though and it’s a fully developed skill and it’s going to be useful for a long time to come.

          • RedsLoveChild

            Yes, I did read your post very very carefully.

            You chose not to mention Smart`s historically bad FG% and 3-pt% {the super athletic Zach LaVine has excellent percentages}.
            Basically, the Celts tanked 2 years ago so Ainge could draft the worst shooting guard ever!!!

            Also, you chose not to mention Randle averaging a double-double {PPG, RPG} in what is really his rookie year, unless you want to count the 12 minutes he played last year.

            If I were trying to defend one of Ainge`s many “lame-brain” selections on draft day since he took over in 2003, I would`ve neglected those facts as well.

      • Curt Hays

        Let’s not call names when @disqus_KXUUxqnj5U:disqus accurately and precisely describes a player.

        I am as excited as the next guy about having Marcus Smart on this team. Hell, I am from Dallas. I love watching the guy. My girlfriend went to his high school. However, RLC isn’t wrong.

        Name-calling should be reserved for when you are personally attacked on this site, not for when someone states their opinion of a player (especially if it’s accurate and not especially inflammatory).

        It isn’t as though RLC said that Smart will never be worth it.

        • RedsLoveChild

          Curt Hays—-a.k.a. “The Voice of Reason”

    • zippittyay

      Calling Buddy Hield or Kris Dunn….

      • RedsLoveChild

        I`m fearing Ainge will select Dunn, a “hometown” pick.

        Dunn is very injury-prone, too fragile in my opinion. Plus, I certainly don`t see “greatness” in him when he does play.

        Boston would be better off trading the pick, given what will likely be a 4/5th pick in the draft.

  • Willowgreen

    I really think Celtics are doing a bad job at developing talent. They are too lenient. They need to point smart in the right direction. This is as much on Smart as it is on the coaches.

    Smart affects the game in different ways because of his hustle and tenacity. But thats all he is going to be if he doesnt improve. They should really bring in some one to piece his game together

  • swissflix

    I love me some Smart. Don’t care what people say. And yes, his ballhandling has improved a lot. Still not excellent but very solid by now.

  • MadLad

    Im disappointed in Bobs comments. But Im just as disappointing in this article trying to make Smarts situation into the next Rondo. Their shooting isnt all that similar. Smart continues to improved and hes still better than Rondo. Their attitudes are light years we have plenty of Rondo to reflect on and draw conclusions. BTW, those conclusions have all been confirmed.
    And Rondo was “run out of town”?!?!? Please. Seriously? Did you just say that??
    Calling Smart the next Rondo, which imo is what this sly article does, is wrong on so many levels. And while i respect Reds Army for calling out Ryan, it also creates its own accusations of Smart which are inaccurate and unfair…just like Ryans opinion.

    • 76th

      Have you read it?.. this article above?

      • MadLad

        what article?

    • Curt Hays

      Smart is better than Rondo? Look at the stats before saying something like that. It’s wrong. Rondo has more points, a higher True Shooting, and beats him in almost every stat.

      No one is comparing them other than the situation that their attitudes are putting them in with fans. They both do things to make fans become perturbed. That was the point. The only comparison was “Once again a young Celtics point guard with a strong attitude is starting to turn some observers (and subsequently, some fans) sour.”

      If you’re disappointed, then it’s probably because you are one of the fans that was “turned sour” toward Rondo, and now you see his name in the same article as Smart.

      Even if Reds Army DID compare them, Smart was drafted to replace Rondo. You can’t compare a guy to his replacement?

      • MadLad

        I said, or meant to express that i think smarts shooting is better than Rondos. At the very least, his shooting is much better than Rondos at this point in his career. That counts for something.

        Smart does dumb things on the court. Rondo does dumb things on the court, off the court, with the press, with players, with coaches, with other teams players and coaches, ect.

        I like your quote of “once again a young,,,,”. thats very accurate and true. My biggest issue is the last paragraph. A fake quote, from a fake person, using a fake ideology. His last paragraph justifies the article, but its made up! Im in the Northeast, I read and listen to the media too. Whos saying this stuff? And whos saying that Rondo got run out of town? At this point, it would take a miracle to convince any knowledgeable (unbiased) Cs fan that Rondo was a victim and should still be here. Its just crazy. He was run out of town??!? Really!??

        I guess when your forced to take a dump every morning, sometimes you just gotta push real hard till something comes out….even if its just another stinky turd.

        • Curt Hays

          I have to read the thing again, but I’m driving today so I won’t be able to for a while. My comment came off kind of do she, and I didn’t really mean it that way. Sadistically, Rondo is a better shooter. Even if it’s merely the result of shot selection comma Rondo is still a better shooter. I guess I’m not sure I ever felt that Rondo being hated on by former fans has anything to do with him being traded. It just seems like nobody wanted him to stay in Boston because they thought he was a jerk. The article today seems like it suggest that Marcus Smart could end up in the same position. I merely flew through Boston on a layover, and I wore my Rondo jersey because the Celtics are playing the Wizards and I was on my way to DC. I had no fewer than four people talk trash on Rondo to my face in that one visit. It seems to me that that happened because of Rondo’s activities that makes him seem like a jerk. If people wanted to complain about guys missing shots I’m going to be honest Paul Pierce missed a lot of them at the end of the game that Ray Allen probably would have made more of. But Paul is a nicer guy than Rondo. I hope any typos are not too bad, as I am using Speech-to-Text right now. 🙂

  • zippittyay

    “Punk” was the word that came to me.

  • TinyCornbread

    I pull for every guy that the Celts draft including Smart and Young. I can’t comment on whether Marcus is a jerk or not. I don’t know him and I choose to believe that he’s a good guy who’s just ultra competitive. However, everyone is judged by their actions and Marcus has created a reputation that he now has to deal with. Refs see him as a flopper and an instigator. He’s the guy whos going to pull down the opposing player and try and make the ref think it was the other guy. He’s the guy who punched another player in the balls. Sooner or later that stuff catches up to you and it’s caught up to Marcus big time. So now he doesn’t get a single call. Not one. He got beat up and mugged on several plays last night with no call. Its hard enough to compete when you’re as challenged offensively as Marcus is but add in the lack of calls and that’s a bad situation. Now, he also has to deal with Rozier coming on. The fact that Marcus buried his head in a towel last night after another brutal shooting night ( plus a stupid call on Rozier and a non charge call) shows you that he’s not feeling so great about himself right now. Marcus can still help the celts but he needs to mature and earn a better reputation for himself as a player. Stop gambling so much on D. take the ball to the hole. etc

    • Curt Hays

      I’m with you, Cornbread. This is just the type of situation that Smart needs to help him mature. Brad will get him through it properly!

  • Andre

    I’m obviously quite late to this party, however, something needs to be mentioned. Jared Sullinger. Do we all recall how he was an injury-prone 2nd year player who was wildly inconsistent, and all over maddening? Smart obviously needs a bit more time to mature and if this crap continues next year, then we can say this. The same can be said for Mr. Young, at least with Marcus we’ve seen glimmers of brilliance and he brings significant value on the defensive end. The 3s Marcus has hit at the beginning of games is encouraging, but the train seems to derail not long after.

    The train seems to derail due to the defense tightening up on him, in my mind that may mean that Smart needs to quicken his release or find dribble moves to give him more room. More maturity will only improve Smart’s shot selection which is another large issue, and has been since college. Bottomline: Give the man a chance.

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