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Talk of Durant/Horford coming to Boston makes me tingle


I guess it’s time to address the speculation that Kevin Durant and Al Horford are options for the Celtics this off-season.

Before you fall off your chair laughing, follow the logic. Let’s start with Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski (via NESN) on Al Horford:

“But then in summer free agency, part of the reason sources tell me that Boston didn’t make an immense offer to Atlanta for Al Horford was because Horford is a free agent this summer. Boston feels like it’s got a real chance to get Horford in free agency. I think Danny Ainge’s patience is going to pay off. They’re going to get a chance to better this team, and I think the opportunity is coming either around the draft or after in free agency.”

When you add in Isaiah Thomas lobbying on behalf Boston during the All-Star break, it’s fair to think there’s some interest on Horford’s end.

So how does Durant fit in all of this? Insert ESPN’s Zach Lowe: (around 33:16 mark)

I had two really powerful guys in the league tell me today, now you can take this for what it’s worth because all the noise around Durant is mostly just noise… Two really powerful guys who normally don’t BS around said they have heard that Horford is on the short list of guys Durant would really want to play with.

To be fair, this was in the context of Orlando pursuing Horford (and subsequently Durant). Lowe also said he thinks KD will sign a one-year contract with a player option with OKC.

I suspect – like every team – the Celtics will pursue Durant in the off-season. That’s not breaking news. It’s due diligence. Whether Durant’s even willing to listen is another story.

Yes, any scenario where the Celtics land Kevin Durant is crazy. Nevermind, Durant and Al Horford. But if these two guys are set on playing together, why not Boston? I’m pretty sure they are in a much better position than Orlando, the Lakers and any other second or third tier team with the cap space.

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  • Curt Hays

    When we said we want Kevin and Al as Celtics at the same time, we meant Garnett and Jefferson. Durant and Harford…well, that’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

  • Adam Stark

    I think we can do better than KD and Horford…. Just think both of them plus Ben Simmons. Thomas, Bradley, KD, Simmons And Horford would be better than GSW. They would still have Smart, Crowder and Olynyk. Resign Sully and Turner.

  • IanD

    This is prob such a pipe dream, but add KD and Al to this current team? That is a championship squad.


    Young, Rozier, Hunter, 2 off season big men fillers.

    • C M

      Well, I love your line up but heck, let’s get Whiteside. He will make a big difference even if we don’t get KD or Hartford.

  • RedsLoveChild

    Agreed….”any scenario where the Celtics land Kevin Durant is crazy”.

    Nice thought, though.

  • wil

    Cs are a very logical destination. Though i doubt KD will leave OKC. I am pretty certain we can get Horford though, but is he worth the money.