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Your Morning Dump… Where we stop to appreciate Sully… and thank his mom??


Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

During Saturday’s game, Sullinger grabbed an absurd 42.9 percent of all available defensive rebounds during his 24 minutes, 31 seconds of floor time. That’s only slightly above his norm over the past seven games, a span in which Sullinger has reached double figures in rebounding six times while posting five double-doubles.

Sullinger has grabbed 35.8 percent of all available defensive boards in that seven-game span. That’s a number that, if maintained, would rank Sullinger among the NBA’s elite defensive rebounders. For comparison’s sake, rebound magnet Andre Drummond leads the league with a defensive rebound percentage of 34.3 and only four players are north of 30 percent.


The No. 21 pick in the 2012 draft will turn 24 next month. He’s still maturing as a player and person. But he seems to be embracing his role and his body — especially his backside that’s helping him on both sides of the ball lately.

“That’s a blessing my mom gave me,” Sullinger said. “She gave me her booty, so I can give all the credit to my mama.”

ESPNBoston – Jared Sullinger working his backside off on the glass

I’ll never think of a Jared Sullinger rebound in the same way again – Nice rebound, Sully — Thank your mom’s butt for me! 

This seems like an opportune time to stop and appreciate Sullinger (CSNNE did the same thing on a slow news day in between home games) seeing as the Celtics have felt and needed his presence more than usual in the wake of Kelly Olynyk’s shoulder injury.

Remember — in September, we were writing Sully’s obituary. After a summer spent in Houston under the tutelage of John Lucas, Sully came back looking pretty much the same and found himself buried on a front-court depth chart behind Tyler Zeller and David Lee. Zeller’s name was the one engendering hypothetical extension talks as a 2016 restricted free agent. Sullinger? Most would have been cool jettisoning him out of town.

Now? In order to keep Sullinger long-term the Cs will have to shell out a pretty penny. It’s hard to ballpark exact numbers given the meteoric rise the salary cap will take, but the price should be well over $10 million per year. Sully is a versatile offensive big — comfortable stepping out to the three point line to help stretch the floor, but just as willing to bang down low and score in the paint off post-ups and put-backs.

His biggest skill, as Forsberg points out, is his rebounding ability. He is one of the few Celtics I remember that can make me audibly excited when he comes down with a rebound. His technique is flawless and as was the case on Saturday with Hassan Whiteside, he is able to to erase most second chance opportunities for far taller, longer players.

So, from 12th man -potentially- this fall, to starter throughout much of the season, it’s well past time to give Sully his due. He might not be around next season for us all to do the same.

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On page 2, expect a strong effort tonight with the Jazz in town

Marcus Smart nodded at the mention of the loss to the Jazz.

“It’s still fresh,” Smart said. “We understand what’s at stake, and we’re all competitors, so this is a game we really want.

“We’ve just got to get ready to make Gobert guard and make all those guys guard. We have to move the ball better on the offensive end than we did out there.”

Jared Sullinger is confident things will be different this time around.

“The big thing is we’ve got our legs back. We’re done being on break,” Sullinger said. “It’s kind of hard when you come off break and you’re on the road and . . . There really ain’t no excuses. They really outplayed us, but we know what we have to do.”

Herald – Payback opportunity comes quickly

The Celtics are red hot at home. The Celtics were dominated in Utah just a week and a half ago. The Celtics still seem angry about it. The Celtics should win by double figures tonight.

Last time the Jazz visited Boston, it was Brad Stevens’ wizardry that won them the game on a Tyler Zeller lay-up with little time left. Let’s hope they save the drama this time.

And finally, air Stevens (presented without comment)


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  • MikeABQ

    Forget Sully is still only 23,love how young this team is. Have been really impressed with him this year. Even though he doesn’t have length to block or bother many shots, he seems like he is almost always in position on defense. Also- tons of rebounds that he does not get to himself but is boxing out other teams center/best rebounder. Against the Clippers, happened a bunch of times against DeAndre Jordan

  • NE_Celt

    Brad is so happy how this team is playing right now he is dunking…im hoping the C’s keep up the good play and makes Brad so happy he throws down a tomahawk dunk next time.

  • Curt Hays

    More attention needs to be paid to the emergency of Kelly’s shoulder. He’s not going to contribute again this season. He’ll have surgery during the Summer, and we can only hope that he’s usable again a year from now.

    • NE_Celt

      You really think? Hope its just a strain or bruise, and it will only take some time to heal up.

      • Curt Hays

        As I stated on another post, when ligaments stretch (i.e. from a dislocation) they don’t shrink back down. This means that his shoulder is less stable and more likely to dislocate again. He’s lucky that it didn’t tear his labrum (cartilage), but the only solution right now (short of surgery) is rehabbing and strengthening the muscles in order to compensate for the loss of stability.

        It isn’t a very serious surgery, but it takes time to get the range of motion back. He SHOULD have surgery on it this year so that it isn’t a worse problem in his 30s.

        • NE_Celt

          Bwah…if that is the case, you make a very good point. He doesn’t need this to be a lingering ailment that bothers him throughout his career and limits his growth…just when he was starting to get in a good swing too!

  • KGino

    Brad Stevens #thebounceisfake

    • Curt Hays


      • KGino


        • Curt Hays


  • Rod Shaftwell

    Air Stevens is ripe for Photoshops.

    I want to see the Celtics practice with Brad shopped/gif-ed into the background nonchalantly dunking from the freethrow line.

    Or how about Rudy Gobert shopped into this pic trying to block Brad’s dunk, and failing miserably?

  • zippittyay

    I am fine with Sully’s body. I don’t expect him to ever be a 20 ppg scorer, but he can do just fine being a 14-10 guy in 30 minutes. I’m OK with Sully shooting pretty much any wide open shot. The sad part is we are facing a numbers crisis. We are eventually going to have to choose between Sullinger and Olynyk. Before this season, I would firmly in the Sully camp. After the first third of the season, I switched over the pro-Kelly side. Now I can’t decide.

  • Sean

    I’ve heard enough about sullys fat ass and what satch thinks too