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Your Morning Dump… Where the Celtics are just like us

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Every morning, we compile the links of the day and dump them here… highlighting the big story line. Because there’s nothing quite as satisfying as a good morning dump.

They were the Celtics when everything is going right. A little undersized and a little under talented, they make up with effort (which is admirable) and with defense (which until eight games ago was withering). They are fun to watch in part because their shortcomings are obvious, and the struggle to overcome them is one we all know in life.

There are only a few LeBrons in the world. The rest of us are Avery Bradley or Jared Sullinger. We’ve got some upside and we’ve got some downside and the fight to excel, and at times just to survive, is ongoing. If you wear Celtic green on game nights, you live with this. Like them, you live on the edge.

Boston Herald (photo from this tweet)

There have definitely been better Celtics teams than this one. But as far back as I can remember (1985 or so), I can’t recall a more relatable one. It’s a team full of life long fans of the game like ET here, who thoroughly enjoy playing basketball. It’s a team of mensches who own up to their mistakes for the most part and who win their games by outworking their opponents.

The funny part about all this is that people wondered whether what Brad Stevens accomplished at Butler would translate to the NBA. And here, with everything that’s different about the pro game, this team looks a lot like Stevens’ best Butler teams: A bunch of overlooked guys doing stuff nobody thought they could do.

It’ll be interesting to see what this team does when they get another star player.

Page 2: Jared Sullinger plays for the best team in the NBA. Just ask him.

Sometimes you just don’t want a change of scenery. When you play for the greatest franchise in the NBA and you see all those banners and all the fans, you don’t want to leave that place, because it’s a special place in your heart. It’s the first team I’ve played for in the NBA — hopefully it’ll be my last.


I like you Sully. But if Ainge is still the GM when you’re in your late 30s, you’re probably not going to spend your whole career playing for the Celtics. But that’s not going to stop you from being a Celtic for the rest of your life.

Page 3: Dickerson and the other guy stir the pot.

In case you missed it, Greg Dickerson and Gary Tanguay decided to generate some controversy last night by spouting off on Isaiah Thomas. Insisting that your unpopular opinions are facts is the media equivalent of ramen noodles: cheap, easy, and unsatisfying.

These guys used to get paid to talk rationally about the Celtics. Now they get paid to be shouty and obnoxious about them. It’s a job that they’re far more qualified to perform.

Finally: Let’s take a peak at the 1954 edition of Tommy Heinsohn


In 1954, Holy Cross made another strong run to the National Invitation Tournament (NIT) and defeated Duquesne in the finals to take home the crown. Since the NIT actually meant something back then, Heinsohn and his teammates received a pretty awesome honor: getting introduced on the famous “Ed Sullivan Show.”


The rest of the links

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  • Jake Gruber

    Though I certainly agree that for the most part this team is full of a bunch of over achievers that play hard, I must say that I do not like what I have been seeing since right before the all star break.

    When the Celtics were playing excellent basketball, guys were not getting in the paint against this team. The Celtics were forcing turnovers on seemingly every possession with crowder, smart, or Bradley getting in the passing lanes and starting fast breaks and olynyk and Johnson tipping away passes. Since then, we have seen much less of that, much more fouling and much more opponent scoring in the paint.

    I worry sometimes that teams like this one will forget what got them where they are. They are not here because they are a bunch of exceptionally skilled players that can walk through the motions. They are here because they were playing hard every single possession and executing.

    What I saw, even against the Bucks, was very interesting. With 2 minutes left in the 3rd and the Celtics up 17, Amir Johnson missed his first FT and air balled his second. After the air ball, sullinger could be seen hysterically laughing on the bench with a towel over his head. After that play I texted my friend and said “the bucks are about to make a run”. Next thing we knew, the Celtics had their lead cut to 6. My friend asked me why I said that. It was the demeanor of the team. The laughing on the bench, etc.

    What sullinger needs to realize is that he, and this team, is not good enough to be laughing hysterically about a missed free throw with 2 minutes left in the 3rd. That’s when you step on the other teams throats and put them away. Those missed free throws resulted in a 4 point swing and got the bucks back in the game. It’s not funny, Sullinger.

    Something about that kind of behavioral is just not respectable for me. I know it is harsh, but I just don’t want a guy on my team who thinks like that. If you’re the 2016 warriors, do whatever you want. But you’re not.

  • Sean

    Big 3 teams much more relatable. Except ray allen hes a scumbag.

  • Sean

    Is tanguay the game guy who whined about rondo forever

    • forever_green

      Yes, same A-hole.

  • Vivek Vikram

    nice use of ramen noodles here Jensen. after Rondo left, Tanguay was not scolded by Celtics fanbase now he is rearing his ugly head only to be shouted down. He thinks he is mainstream?

  • Eisenhorn1976

    Tanguay is a douche king. Why any real Celtics fan should listen to him is beyond me. He hated Rondo and now he hates Isaiah. I think he secretly believes that he should be playing point guard for Brad Stevens. Can we *please* trade Tanguay to the Lakers for a bag of chips?

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