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Suns GM admits Ainge robbed him blind on Isaiah Thomas trade

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This time last year Celtics fans were getting acclimated to Isaiah Thomas. Danny Ainge acquired Thomas from Phoenix for Marcus Thornton and a 2016 1st round pick (via Cleveland). One year later, Thomas is thriving in Boston while Phoenix is sitting near the bottom of the Western conference.

The trade has been universally accepted as a heist for Boston. Even Phoenix GM Ryan McDonough admits he f-ed up:

“I think in retrospect trading Isaiah Thomas when we did was a mistake,” he said of last season’s trade deadline deal with the Boston Celtics. “I think sometimes in the recruitment process things sound better in July (luring Thomas in free agency) than they do in November.

“He wanted more, he wanted a bigger role and I understand why: He’s a talented player,” McDonough added. “In retrospect, we should have carried him into the summer. If there’s one (decision) that stands out, if I could get a mulligan, that’d be it.”

McDonough spent 10 years in the Celtics organization working for Danny Ainge. He should have known better.

(h/t Slam)

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  • BigHog

    Trader Danny!!!

  • Dave

    Trader Danny be like:

    • Curt Hays


  • RealCelt

    Surprised hes not getting the same criticism McHale got in Minnesota for “gifting” Ainge with KG.

  • art

    Well, Danny recognizes talent better than most. This article makes it sound like Danny is the bad guy when Phoenix has nobody to blame but themselves. It’s also a case of hindsight. If Phoenix feels this way now, why didn’t they value Thomas more prior to the trade?

  • Sean

    Danny is heartless but I love it am I a bad person

  • tvor03

    Phoenix still has Eric Bledsoe, Brandon Knight, and now Devin Booker in their backcourt. I think they’ll be alright without Thomas.