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Recap: IT, Crowder push Celtics past Bucks

Thomas Bucks

The Celtics started a 5 game homestand with an exciting, fast-paced 112-107 victory over the Milwaukee Bucks. The win was Boston’s 9th straight at the Garden.

Boston played fast in the 1st quarter. They jacked up 25 shots (I didn’t realize the Cs lead the league with nearly 90 FGA per game). Jae Crowder had 14. Amir Johnson with 9 points, 7 rebounds. Boston led 35-25.

The Cs stretched the lead to 17 midway through the 2nd, but their pace eventually slowed (hindered by  turnovers) and Milwaukee finally found a rhythm. The lack of 3s (0-9 in 1st half) didn’t help, but the lead stayed at 10 by the break. The officiating started to smell. Isaiah was taking contact at the rim but the whistles were silent. Smart, Crowder and Johnson each had 3 fouls for Boston. Hmmm…

Boston broke the 3-point seal when Crowder splashed one from deep early in the 3rd. The make was part of an 11-1 run that stretched the lead to 18. Both teams shared mini runs from there, but Boston maintained a cushion because they protected the ball (1 TO). The lead stood at 15 (88-73) after 3.

Slow pace and ice cold shooting allowed the Bucks to creep back within 5. Following a Brad Stevens timeout, the Celtics went out a quick 10-4 spurt – 7 of those points coming from Thomas. The turnover bug bit Boston again late in the 4th but Thomas found Crowder with a ridiculous behind-the-head pass and Jae buried the triple to push a 4 point lead to 7 with 50 seconds remaining. Ball game.


Jae Crowder had 20 points (8-10 FG) in 23 minutes. He might have surpassed his career high (27 vs Min. on Monday night) had he not picked up his 5th foul in the 3rd quarter.

Thomas led all scorers with 27 points and 7 assists. He made all the big plays down the stretch.


It’s hard to fault a guy with 18 points on 7-12 FG, but Avery Bradley had 2 of his 4 TOs in the final 2 minutes and that nearly cost Boston this game. I swear he was playing with vasoline hands.

Giannis Antetokounmpo and Amir Johnson each air-mailed a free throw attempt in the 3rd quarter.


IT finds Crowder in the corner

Amir Johnson put back dunk

IT behind the back to Amir


  • Boston’s starters scored 94 of 112 points
  • 1st made 3-pointer (Rashad Vaughn) came with 6 minutes remaining in the 2nd quarter
  • Both teams combined for 48 fouls. Boston ranks 1st in fouls committed, Milwaukee 8th

Box score

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  • Rod Shaftwell

    The past few games must have been extremely frustrating for IT. He’s playing very well, but the Refs have almost completely stopped calling fouls committed on him.

  • Adam Stark

    I swear I saw that pass before ‘Rondo to Ray Allen’

  • Sean

    Crowder needs a nickname

    • KGino


      • Dave

        That’s his hastag in all his Instagram posts too lol.

    • Curt Hays

      Clam Crowdah

      • Sean

        Banner Jae-teen

        • Curt Hays

          Bae Crowder

          • Dave

            Please no, currently the most overused and one of the most stupid sounding slang terms circa 2015.

          • Curt Hays
          • Dave

            I remember that, perfect response lol.

  • zippittyay

    Somehow, 2 other plays from this game made the ESPN Top Ten but that play did not……