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Joe Johnson getting buyout, Celtics are interested

John - Red's Army (@RedsArmy_John) February 25, 2016 Celtics News, Rumors 16 Comments on Joe Johnson getting buyout, Celtics are interested

johnson and crowder

The Celtics have done pretty well this year, but, like all teams not named the Warriors, Spurs, or Cavaliers, they can use a little help. And it turns out they might be looking for help from a soon-to-be former Brooklyn Net.

Well then… this is an interesting development. If it happens, it’ll be the first time in 14 years his Basketball-Reference page is accurate.

johnson bbref

The first thing to keep in mind is that the Celtics will likely add Johnson the same way Dallas added David Lee: with their $2 million room exception. So his salary, for once, would not be an issue.

Johnson’s biggest value to the Celtics would be as a three-point threat. For all of his faults, he’s still shooting 37% from 3 this year, which ranks him ahead of Jae Crowder percentage wise. I think having a 6’7″ guy in the mix that shoots 3’s at a slightly better rate than Crowder would be helpful. To that end, he could be helpful to a lot of teams that need that level of production.

It’s an interesting scenario to say the least, but I’m also betting it’s an unlikely one. Why wouldn’t he go to OKC, where he could get some of Dion Waiters’ minutes? Or Cleveland where he’s almost guaranteed a trip to the NBA Finals?

I think all things being equal, Johnson would prefer one actual legitimate shot at a ring. We can argue about whether he’d help or hurt Boston, but I don’t really expect it to become a reality.

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  • Curt Hays

    Maybe…for the vet minimum or the exception or whatever. He has been overpaid for far too long.

  • AP

    My guess he is going to the Cavs.


    It would be a surprise if Johnson goes to the C’s; I see him chasing a ring with Cleve or OKC. Hopefully he does leave the Nets and the Nets plummet into the abyss of horribleness. I would love to see a nice 0 – 10 streak from the Nets.

  • fannak

    Celtics won’t get him and I agree with BIG HITTA1 about the Nets going into a power dive into horribleness. In other news Dallas is inching towards the bottom 8 in the West. Been hopefull all year that they miss the playoffs. There is a real chance! David lee Starting to pay-off for the Cs!

  • MJ

    I bet my life on him going to the Cavs after he gets released. Better chance for a ring and teams who will have money will get an extended look at him as the Cavs go on their playoff run. It’s a shame because I think Johnson would be a valuable commodity off the bench for the Celtics if he were to sign here. I think him and Turner would play well together.

    I’m stoked if Brooklyn does buy him out because their offense goes from subpar to disastrous when he comes off the court, which shows he still has some game left. That really makes the pick a lot better.

    • Curt Hays

      MJ, don’t bet your life on basketball…unless it’s the Cs!

      • MJ

        Good advice. Especially now. My life is over.

  • RedsLoveChild


    Now we can say we had him BEFORE he became Joe Johnson, and AFTER he was done being Joe Johnson.

    Shame we missed out on the middle 10 years of his career.

    • Curt Hays

      but we didn’t miss out on paying him $30 million per year…we won a banner during those years

  • KGino

    No matter where he goes, Celtics are better off for it. If we get the number 1 or 2 pick I’m going to need a change of underwear, stat

  • Curtis Monroe

    I live in ATL and one of the local sports radio guys used to call him the “Hamburglar” because he was stealing money.

    He also has a penchant for disappearing at crunch time.

    No thanks. Let the Cavs waste their money o0n him.

  • swissflix

    This is great. Might actually help the Suns beat the Nets tonight!

    • zippittyay

      Huge Game!

      • swissflix


  • zippittyay

    I still got at least 4 other guys on the Celtics I’d rather take the big shot.

  • Jester00