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Celtics pursued trade for Melo, but he said no

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Ian Begley of ESPN NY reports the Celtics had interest in Carmelo Anthony prior to the trade deadline:

But there is no indication Anthony has prepared to waive his no-trade clause and leave New York this summer.

He has said several times recently that he has committed to New York. And he has backed those words up.

Prior to the trade deadline, the Boston Celtics expressed interest in obtaining Anthony via a trade with the Knicks, according to league sources with knowledge of the situation.

It is unclear if there were any formal discussions between New York and Boston and if those discussions ever reached an advanced stage. But Boston was informed that Anthony had no desire to leave the Knicks via trade to play for the Celtics, sources say.

Poor Melo. He just doesn’t get it. The Knicks are garbage. The dog sh*t on the bottom of the NBA’s shoe. Despite having a filthy rich (albeit insane) owner and the shine of NYC, this franchise has won exactly ONE playoff series in 15 years. 15 years!

There was a time that I thought Melo could help the Celtics. He could be that go-to scorer late in games. The alpha needed in the playoffs. But now that his health and skills are receding faster than my hairline, I wonder how many good years he has left.

Meanwhile, the Knicks’ season continues to swirl the bowl:

Instead, in his first game back from questioning his teammates’ desire, Anthony deconstructed, suffering a meltdown on the court Wednesday at Indiana, shooting just 5-of-20 for 14 points and committing a costly technical foul with 1:29 left in the Knicks’ 108-105 loss to the Pacers at Bankers Life Fieldhouse.

It ended with Anthony shooting an airball from 3-point range on the right wing off an inbounds pass from Lance Thomas with 1.9 seconds left. Moments before rookie Kristaps Porzingis had a chance to redeem Anthony but missed a straightaway 3-pointer with a chance to win it.

“It was just a tough night overall, getting going period,’’ Anthony said.


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  • Paul

    The sad part is that a swap of Carmelo for Smart, Sullinger, a few non-Brooklyn picks and some cap filler/random young players (Young or Hunter) would work well for both teams. Oh well. Have fun Melo


    Melo’s best days are behind him…he’ll stay in NYC & have his number retired by the Knicks but will never win a chip. He’s too stubborn & his control freak wife obviously wears the pants which I believe is one of main reasons he won’t leave NY-she loves it.

  • RedsLoveChild

    As if acquiring a slow, aging, washed-up gunner, who has never led his team anywhere is a brilliant move.

    “In Ainge I Trust”…..At the end of the day, this is exactly why you can never trust him!

    • Curt Hays

      Don’t talk about yourself that way. We all know that this is merely what is made public. It was really a bid to get Melo and Zingis.

      • RedsLoveChild

        It`s been 13 years.
        I`m still trying to figure out what it will take for Wyc or Pags to fire me.

        • forever_green


  • KGino

    Thank you, Melo (assuming this is true)

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