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John Wall doesn’t sound overly thrilled with Washington

Chuck - Red's Army February 24, 2016 Celtics News Comments Off on John Wall doesn’t sound overly thrilled with Washington


In a new interview with The Vertical, Wizards guard John Wall expresses frustration with his lack of playoff experience and relatively low profile in DC:

“I know what our goal is, to try to go after Kevin, which is not a bad situation. But my ultimate goal is this year. I ain’t trying to waste a season,” Wall recently told The Vertical. “I’m in my sixth year. Time don’t wait for nobody and I’ve dealt with it my first three years of not being in the playoffs. I know how it feels to have a longer summer, a longer vacation. I don’t want that. I want to be seen on TV. I know the city wants to see that. And as a point guard, you get known as being a winner in this league, not being a loser. And that’s something I never want to do. Since I’ve been in the playoffs, I want to finish my career making the playoffs every single year if I have the opportunity.”

Having established himself as one of the best players in basketball, Wall has grown frustrated with his relatively low profile nationally and in Washington. Wall has few endorsements and became a sneaker free agent when his contract with adidas expired last September. He feels the limited exposure contributed to him finishing sixth in All-Star voting for Eastern Conference guards one year after finishing first.

“The type of player I am, and person I am, character I have, I should be seen on commercials, in the nation’s eyes and the people’s eyes. And I haven’t,” Wall told The Vertical. “I want to leave a legacy and you can’t leave a legacy hiding behind the doors, and I think that’s what I did my first six years really. It ain’t like I want to be bigger and better than anybody, I just think it’s an opportunity to be seen. Where’s my little share?”

For Wall, the change is startling considering his popularity after one season at Kentucky, where “I was everywhere,” Wall said. “I ain’t got no billboards in D.C.”

While I’m always wary of athletes who complain about fame, I’d make a move for John Wall in a heartbeat.

While Boston doesn’t have the glitz and glamour of NY, LA or Miami, Wall could certainly expand his brand in the city with the greatest basketball tradition in the world.

Wall is under contract for the next 3 years (at a ridiculously low $16 million AAV). Washington would only move him if he a) threw a tantrum and refused to play for them or b) received an offer they couldn’t refuse.

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